Rectify Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

When the episode begins, Daniel (Aden Young) walks down the street in a hurry. He waits outside of the pool supplies store, until it opens. After buying more paint, he heads back home. Amantha gets a visit from Melvin, who seems distraught. Inside, Melvin reveals some of the tenants want Daniel to leave. Melvin insists Daniel might have to leave, since he isn’t on the lease. Melvin takes up for Daniel, before he complains about the pool being ruined. Amantha tells Melvin it isn’t his fight and he shouldn’t lose his job over Daniel. Melvin reveals he has been reading about solitary confinement, before he breaks the news that Daniel is being forced out, by the end of the day.


Teddy (Clayne Crawford) returns to the therapist alone. He tells Rebecca that Tawney isn’t coming, before he explains the make out session. Teddy insists all of his fear was gone, but has returned. He speaks of his fear of losing Tawney and never getting her back. Teddy speaks about premonitions that Tawney might not be the right girl for him and vice versa. Rebecca speaks about Tawney’s childhood and suggests she might not know what she wants yet, since she is still developing. She tells Teddy that they’re all damaged, but Tawney got an extra dose. Next, Tawney is shown at Mitch’s house. She speaks with another guest. She talks about her future plans, which were never fulfilled.


Daniel finally arrives back home with the paint. Outside, he scrubs off the white paint, before Melvin approaches. Daniel refuses reimbursement and pay, before admitting to spilling the paint. Melvin insists the pool will look great, once Daniel is finish. Melvin leaves, without mentioning the lease, while Daniel goes back to work. After a break, Janet is shown at the restaurant getting coffee. She speaks about a former worker, at the restaurant, and her former husband, with Marcy. Afterwards, Sheriff Daggett visits Chris and speaks to him about George Melton’s death.


Chris insists he hasn’t spoken with any of his old friends, or Daniel, since high school. He gets caught in a lie, when his phone records insists he spoke with Trey a few months ago. He also admits that George called him around the same time. Chris confirms the call was about Daniel getting out of prison and suggests George was worried. The Sheriff questions if George was afraid Daniel might kill him, before he asks what George was really worried about. Chris insists George didn’t get into those details. Daggett brings up the DNA and confirms Daniel was cleared of the rape. Daggett attempts to coax Chris into giving up his DNA, but he refuses, without a lawyer.


Back at the restaurant, Janet finally orders and speaks to Marcy about her ex-husband, Lester, who died of a heart attack. After another break, Tawney cleans up her mother’s yard. Her mother insists she needs to get a degree and should stay with Teddy, until she does. Her mother invites her to stay for awhile. Daniel is shown finishing the pool, before a police officer arrives and tells him the sheriff would like to speak with him. Daniel gets a ride with the deputy and rides in the back. At the station, Daggett questions Daniel about what Trey was wearing on the trip to Florida. The Sheriff tells Daniel it was George’s DNA on Hanna. He tells Daniel he believes others also raped Hanna, including Trey and Chris.


Daggett (JD Evermore) reveals George attempted to speak with Daniel’s old attorney, but never did. He admits he believes Trey killed George. Daggett asks for Daniel’s help getting to the truth. Daniel admits Trey had a bag, before the commercial break. After the break, Janet returns home and shares some cookies with Jared. Jared finally questions what is going on with the family. Janet insists she just needs a couple of weeks. Afterwards, Daniel tells the Sheriff about getting into George’s trailer. He eludes to the fact that Trey might’ve planted evidence. Once the interview has concluded, Daniel departs the police station.


Tawney (Adelaide Clemens) receives a call from Teddy, who questions about her, before admitting he loves her. Teddy tells Tawney he wants her to come back and he’ll move out. Tawney refuses and confirms she is going to stay at Cathy’s for awhile. Back at the pool, Amantha approaches Daniel and admits the pool looks beautiful. She breaks the news that he is being forced out. Daniel confirms Sheriff Daggett doesn’t believe he killed George. Amantha insists it isn’t their problem. Daniel is adamant about finishing the pool, before he leaves. Meanwhile, Ted and Teddy Jr work on the Talbot’s kitchen.


Janet interrupts and insists Daniel is coming back and Ted can stay at Teddy’s, if he doesn’t want to stay there. Janet apologizes to Teddy and insists she is going to help Daniel, as much as she can. Jon Stern visits Daniel at the pool and complains that Daniel didn’t call him. Jon also brings over TN’s reporting information for Daniel. Janet and Jared arrive, before they join the party. While they drink, Daggett pays a visit to Trey (Sean Bridgers). Daggett delivers a warrant, before Trey is patted down and the house is searched. After the pool is finished, Daniel and Janet enjoy the night. Daniel questions if they could leave Paulie in the morning.


Janet insists she was going to have a party for Daniel, but he suggests they should both take a road trip and just go. Trey watches television with his family, while his house is searched. The police scour through the house and finally the outbuilding. They discover a hair bow in Trey’s toolbox, but the gun is gone.



Overall, the episode was very revealing and emotional, as always. The plot thickens, as Chris is brought into the picture and Trey’s house is searched. Was the hair bow Hanna’s? Will Daniel make it out of Paulie? Since Rectify has already been renewed for a 4th season, it is likely the extended finale is going to leave us salivating for more. This episode was great and deserves a 9 out of 10.

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