Rectify Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

Senator Floukes is shown in the hospital attempting to recover from his stroke. Next, Sheriff Daggett calls Tawney and informs her that he needs to speak to her, before Trey enters and is questioned about the color of his vehicle. After the quick question, he tells Trey that it was George Melton’s semen on Hanna’s underwear. Trey tells Daggett that Daniel was wearing an army-like coat on the way to Florida. Afterwards, Amantha meets with Jon Stern at a restaurant. Jon is questioned about leaving, but insists he isn’t ready to go yet.


Melvin brings the parole officer to speak with Daniel, who is painting the swimming pool. Daniel is ridiculed for not answering his phone and failing to get his sister to sign the housing form. Lourdes Williams tells Daniel how easy it would be for him to get locked back up. Tawney receives the voicemail from Daggett, before she runs into Teddy. The pair meet with the shrink together. Teddy (Clayne Crawford) tells about meeting Tawney, before the shrink questions about Teddy’s childhood. Next, Jon tells Amantha about Daniel’s trip to Florida.


Jon tells about the murder investigation and insists Daniel didn’t do it and won’t go down for it. Before they separate, Jon congratulates Amantha on her promotion. Teddy speaks about his mother, who his dad told him was an addict. He brings up Janet and insists his relationship with her changed significantly, after Daniel was released. Teddy flips out on Tawney and insists she is thinking about Daniel. After a little back and forth, Teddy finally gets what he wants, when Tawney admits she doesn’t know, if she wants to stay married to him.


After a break, Daniel heads to Thrifty Town, in order to get Amantha to sign the form. She signs the form and gives him the car keys, so he’ll make it to the office in time. Tawney (Adelaide Clemens) and Teddy exit the shrink, before Tawney apologizes. Teddy admits he asked for it, before Tawney admits she was thinking about Daniel and reveals Daggett’s phone call, before she learns about George Melton’s death. Tawney tells Teddy about the trip, before he tells her to tell the truth. Daniel arrives at the probation office and is forced to wait.


With time ticking down, he remembers his time in prison, before he is led to Lourdes’s office. She takes the paper and tells him she’ll see him next week. After another break, Tawney tells Daggett about picked up Daniel in Florida. The pair wind up speaking about sin, before the conversation turns to Daniel’s demeanor. Tawney insists he seemed sad and burdened, which is just Daniel. She insists God is testing Daniel. Afterwards, Daniel returns home and discovers the kitchen floor replaced. He falls asleep on the couch.


Trey (Sean Bridgers) sits beside him and speaks about Daniel’s prison stay. When asked, Daniel admits he was in deep. Trey speaks about the kitchen floor. He suggests it didn’t feel right to sit around and wait, before Daniel insists Trey should leave. Trey insists the hardest thing would be knowing you couldn’t get those years back. He speaks about the detectives cracking him up and making Daniel believe he did the crime. Tawney exits the police station and tells Teddy will never happen between her and Daniel. She insists Teddy needs to let that go.


The pair agree to drive around, before Tawney returns to Beth’s. Afterwards, DA and Daggett speaks about all of the suspects of Hanna’s murder and insists there was no mention of Christopher. Daggett insists Christopher was at the station, but suggests the questioning ended, after Daniel confessed. He also turns over George’s credit card records, which confirms his trip to Paulie, after Daniel’s release. Daggett insists Daniel seems too honest for his own good and Trey is trying to hard to pin it on Daniel. She confirms she got the warrant.


Janet speaks to Ted Jr and confirms Daniel was at the house. Ted Jr insists that is good, which results in Janet going off on him. She again questions Ted about the money. Ted tells her about Teddy not filing charges, before he insists he won’t feel bad about trying to protect his family. Amantha returns home and tells Daniel she is proud of him for trying. She tells him about her chat with Jon. The pair speak about love and Daniel insists he thought he found love once. He suggests he was fooled into believing he had found his savior.


Amantha insists Daniel will get help, but he doesn’t believe it and refers to himself as Humpty Dumpty. After the show returns, Daniel sits in the dark and admires his paint job. At the Talbot house, Janet tells Ted she is going to sleep in Amantha’s room. Teddy and Tawney are shown driving around, before they stop outside Beth’s home. Teddy speaks about their first date, before Tawney breaks down crying. Teddy comforts her, as they embrace and kiss. After they stop, Tawney leaves. Daniel is shown returning to the pool with paint and sabotaging his own paint job.




The 4th episode of Rectify was tremendously better than the last. A lot of details were revealed and Daniel seems to be taking a somewhat sinister turn. I was reading earlier this week about Rectify’s ratings being low. The viewership is low, but no lower or higher than the last season or the season before that. The show is so little known and Sundance Tv isn’t AMC. The channel is lesser known, so this is reasonable. Regardless, the show has been confirmed for a 4th season already.


This is wonderful news and this was a great episode, which deserves a 9 out of 10.

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