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Rectify S4 Episode 2 Recap

At the beginning of the 2nd episode, Janet Talbot (J Smith-Cameron) drags herself out of bed. She finds the attic access open and heads downstairs. Ted Jr (Clayne Crawford) and Ted Sr. (Bruce McKinnon) are downstairs getting ready for the day. Janet heads back to bed, without letting anyone know she is awake. She finally gets up. She stares at the old stove Daniel (Aden Young) bought her and immediately decides to make a cake. Several of her eggs are broken and her fridge is filthy. She decides to clean the fridge to occupy her mind. During this time, Sheriff Daggett (JD Evermore) pays a visit to Bobby Dean (Linds Edwards). He lets him know that Trey (Sean Bridgers) will be released from jail pretty soon.

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Bobby admits he is eventually going to have to stop caring about Hannah’s murder. Hannah’s mother, Judy (Robin Mullins), asks the Sheriff not to put them through this struggle only to tell them that Daniel Holden was innocent all along. Then, we see Janet soaking the fridge trays in the bathtub. She places the call to Daniel and leaves a message. Next, we jump to Amantha Holden (Abigail Spencer), who has apparently gotten a promotion at her job. She finishes making the staffing schedules and lets everyone know. Moments later, she speaks with Alesha (Kimberley Drummond) in private. Alesha complains about the scheduling and also confirms they’ll be smoking weed together in the near future.

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Next, we see Jon Stern (Luke Kirby) fighting for one of his clients. He refuses to take a plea deal and insists his client could get off. He is told they win whenever they help their clients escape the death penalty. We can tell Stern isn’t happy with the situation. Teddy Jr meets with Tawney (Adelaide Clemens) at the local diner. They chat about their situation and Tawney admits she cannot stay long, since she has to be at work early. Tawney also confirms she often feels guilty about the situation and living in the house alone. Teddy tries to convince her that she should use the time to figure out exactly what she wants. Amantha heads out into the middle of nowhere to get stoned, while Jared (Jake Austin Walker) sets up a raggedy tent with the intention of camping out for the night.

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Moments later, we see Tawney at work. Her boss tells her that it is her turn to take care of Zeke (Buck Taylor). Tawney heads to Zeke’s room and the man tells her he wants his plaque. She manages to keep him occupied, while taking his blood pressure. Zeke becomes a little belligerent, but Tawney handles the situation perfectly. She gets the blood pressure and quickly exits. That night, Amantha plows down the road, while swinging along to her radio. She swerves and crashes. She is fine, but is forced to call Ted Sr. for assistance. While she waits for Ted’s arrival, she is approached by a strange vehicle. She is relieved to discover it is Billy Harris (Nathan Darrow).

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Billy inspects the vehicle and decides to wait with Amantha, until Ted arrives. Amantha admits she is single and learns about Billy’s landscaping business. Amantha seems frightened when she learns Billy is packing a firearm. Ted arrives moments later. Back at home, Teddy Jr and Janet speaks with one another. Teddy asks about Daniel, while Janet insists Teddy is doing the honorable thing with Tawney. Teddy offers to help make the cake for Daniel, but his offer is refused. On the way back into town, Ted Sr. convinces Amantha to spend the night at his place. It begins to downpour and Jared’s tent leaks terribly.

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That night, Amantha is awoken by her mother. Janet makes it clear she wishes to speak with Amantha, but she is met with a rude response. They chat briefly about Amantha’s vehicle situation and Trey getting out of jail. In the morning, Teddy Sr. tries to speak with his son. It is becoming clear that Ted Jr is becoming tired of his father’s presence and persistent questions. Amantha learns more about her car problems, before a wet Jared arrives. Moments later, they all sit down for breakfast. Ted Jr arrives to take Amantha to work. Janet eventually tries to convince Amantha to move back in. She doesn’t like the ideal in the least. Once Amantha and Ted Jr leave, Janet tells Ted Sr. she plans to visit Daniel.

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At Amantha’s place, Ted Jr tries to negotiate with her. He coaxes her to moving back in with her parents for a few months, while he pays her rent. He insists it’ll help her get the money she needs for a car, while allowing him to escape his father’s grasp. Meanwhile, Janet heads to the grocery store. She runs into Trey. She waits for him to leave his buggy. She approaches, crushes his eggs and rushes off. Trey looks around and tries to find the culprit, but Janet is long gone.


Rectify Review

I absolutely love Rectify. In fact, it is easily one of my favorite shows. Nonetheless, I am greatly disappointed by this episode. The lack of Daniel cannot be tolerated for an entire episode. Daniel is the heart and soul of the show. Without him, Rectify simply ceases to be. The episode drug on far too long with Amantha getting high and wrecking her vehicle.

It was also very stupid for the writers to use Amantha’s character to attack Billy for his decision to carry a firearm. Rectify is based out of good old southern America. Of course Billy and everyone else in Paulie are packing. Hopefully the next episode gets back to what really matters, Daniel. And please stop trying to shove progressive ideas into the script. They’re unnecessary and simply do not fit into Rectify’s environment.

A 6 out of 10 is earned. Catch up with previous recaps of Rectify right now.

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