Rectify S3 E3 Recap

Rectify Recap

The episode begins with Daniel (Aden Young) meeting with his probation officer and telling her about his new living arrangements. He is told about his weekly drug screens and that he cannot be arrested. He tells her about his new job. Outside, Sheriff Daggett waits for Daniel and insists he wants to speak to him about George Melton and his death. The pair head to the bathroom together, so Daniel can complete his drug test. The Sheriff questions Daniel whether or not he saw George, before he died. Daniel suggests George might’ve been killed, but recants and insists it was a mistake.

Sheriff Daggett asks whose idea it was to go to Florida and Daniel insists it was Trey’s. Daniel exits, after referring to his lawyer. At the Talbot house, Janet has been collecting Daniel’s stuff. She speaks to Ted Sr. about money for Daniel. She suggests some of the store’s money should be Daniels. Ted agrees to speak with the bank about the issue. Ted Sr. reveals Teddy is coming over and will be helping fix the kitchen.

Amantha attends a Thrifty Town conference. She is forced to speak in front of the crowd and eventually tells Daniel’s story. She ridicules Daniel’s decision to plead guilty. After a break, Melvin and Daniel hang out and paint the swimming pool. The pair speak about Daniel’s move and where is going, but he doesn’t know and isn’t used to deciding anything. Daniel playfully insists on Tennessee.

At home, Tawney (Adelaide Clemens) runs into Ted Jr. (Clayne Crawford). The pair speak about their difficulties, before Tawney prepares to leave. Teddy stops her and speaks about the therapist, but Tawney turns him down and admits she has already started seeing the therapist on her own. Afterwards, Trey speaks to Carl Daggett (J.D. Evermore) and insists he was worried about George anyway. The Sheriff catches Trey in a lie, but he manages to play it off.

Trey attempts to blame things on Daniel, but claims his own innocence. Trey spins a good yarn and makes it seem like Daniel is guilty of something. Meanwhile, Tawney and Teddy continue talking. Tawney finally relents and agrees to see the therapist together, but Teddy knows she is insincere and refuses. Trey continues telling the Sheriff about his time with Daniel at the trailer.

He tells about Daniel slamming him into the wall and choking him. He continues blaming Daniel, until the Sheriff questions him about what Daniel was wearing, but Trey cannot remember. When the show returns, Teddy and Ted are seen repairing the kitchen, while speaking about Tawney. Teddy refuses to answer. Janet (J. Smith-Cameron) enters, after hearing them discussing money. She goes off on Ted and suggests getting the cheapest items possible.

A flashback shows Daniel learning about the DNA and his release from Jon Stern (Luke Kirby). Jon tells a stunned Daniel he can go anywhere. After a break, Amantha is shown at a bar exclaiming she missed her bus. She hangs out with Forest, as the pair share a drink. Afterwards, Jon and Daniel enter the police station and speak with the Sheriff. Daniel tells about his trip to Atlanta to see a painting and Kerwin’s family.

He admits to riding to Trey’s house and showing up unexpectedly. Daniel is asked about attacking Trey. He admits it and insists Trey kept giving him pills. He is questioned about killing George and denies the accusations. The pair speak about the fingerprints and Trey leaving Daniel behind. Daniel tells them about Tawney taking him home. He insists he could trust her, before the conversation turns to the attack on Teddy. Jon Stern ends the interview.

Meanwhile, Amantha continues speaking with Forest. Daniel and Jon speak in the car outside of the police station. Jon ridicules Daniel and insists he needs help. After Daniel questions, if going back to prison would be bad, Jon insists it would, because Daniel hasn’t given life outside a chance. Amantha and Forest are shown entering the elevator together. They wind up making out, before it reaches Amantha’s floor, before they proceed to her room.

That night, Daniel is shown painting the pool.



Overall, the episode felt much faster paced and full of more action. More was revealed and we can see exactly where the season is headed. Will Daniel be forced to return to jail for his attack on Teddy and the murder of George? Finally seeing the moment Daniel learned of his release was very gripping.

Typically, I love all Rectify characters, but Amantha took a turn towards annoyance this episode. I can ignore it, as long as the rest remains superb. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved.

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