Rectify: Shows to Watch

Rectify is a television series that was developed by Ray McKinnon. He has done a fabulous job showing the world how Daniel Holden, an exoneree,  is fairing in today’s society after spending ninteen years on death row. This is a slow progressing tv series but it is scripted with prefection. The entire family is supportive of Daniel, except for Ted Jr. who is skeptive about Daniel’s innocence.

Ray also threw a little love and passion into the series with lovely Tawney, Jr.’s wife. She is a very religious individual that has done everything that she can to keep her faith in God and her marriage. Daniel and Tawney are deeply in love but do not know how to deal with their current situation. So she takes off in a flurry to escape reality to who knows where. We patiently await her return to see how their relationship will or will not progress.

This series is just like reading a book because we get to watch how Daniel deals with everything that life has to throw at him at a very slow pace. He still continues to struggle with the reality of being released from death row. His emotions go from being scared, shocked, unsure, angry, and sad. 

McKinnon continues to lead us forward and keeps the suspense of Daniel’s innocence a secret. I look forward to the next season of this riveting drama. Aden Young should have won an Emmy Award for his performance as Daniel Holden. This series airs on the Sundance Channel and we look forward to next season?

Mockie likie this series and gives it ten stars

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