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Rectify Recap Season 4 Episode 5

At the beginning of the 5th episode, Daniel (Aden Young) speaks with Manny. He tries to relay his feelings to his roommate. He also tries to convince Manny to stop pleasuring himself when he is around. Manny remains argumentative. We jump to the Talbot home. Janet (J. Smith-Cameron) speaks with Amantha (Abigail Spencer), while simultaneously preparing for her trip. Jared (Jake Austin Walker) enters carrying some of Daniel’s old belongings. Jared contemplates sending the items to Nashville. Janet reveals she brought the items back inside, after Daniel threw them out. After the intro, Janet and Ted Senior (Bruce McKinnon) begin their journey. They speak about the store and Childers’ offer.

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Janet alludes to the fact she would like to reopen the shop outside of Paulie. Ted is asked whether or not he even wants to run another tire store. He admits he probably wouldn’t have wanted to run a tire shop in the first place. Janet reveals she believes selling the store would be a good idea. Ted contemplates what would happen, if he didn’t want to sell the store. They stop for food, while discussing the store further. Ted Senior ponders what he would do if the store was in his name. Janet desperately tries to gain more information from Ted, but he clams up and refuses to answer. Tawney (Adelaide Clemens) makes muffins before Ted Jr. (Clayne Crawford) arrives. The conversation turns awkward very quickly. Tawney tries to reassure Ted that Janet wouldn’t sell the store without his input.

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Ted asks about the grill, before turning the conversation to the couple’s marriage. Teddy forces himself to ask Tawney for a divorce. She seems startled by the question, but agrees to give Ted what he wants. Next, Daniel joins the others for a meeting. Daniel expresses his troubles with Manny (Stephen Louis Grush), who pretends everything is a joke. Daniel unleashes his anger and insist Manny doesn’t understand how much his behavior upsets him. Pickle (John Marshall Jones) and the others chime in and try to convince Manny it is about respect. Nonetheless, Daniel storms off moments later. Ted Jr. returns home and begins to drown his sorrows in alcohol. He discovers Daniel’s old belongings nearby.

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Teddy finds the mix tape for Daniel. He is interrupted by a visit from Bobby Dean (Linds Edwards). They venture inside and prepare for a long conversation. Bobby tells Teddy about George Melton visiting his house after Hannah’s murder. He reveals that George became his best friend for a brief period of time. However, he reveals that George eventually had a private conversation with his mother and told him he couldn’t visit anymore. He also recalls the last thing George told him. He confirms that George told him Trey (Sean Bridgers) went back. He admits he doesn’t know what George was talking about at the time. Before leaving, Bobby pleads with Ted to apologize to Daniel for attacking him at Hannah’s grave.

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Meanwhile, Jon Stern (Luke Kirby) visits Sheriff Daggett (JD Evermore). They chat momentarily, before Stern asks why Daggett wanted to see him. The Sheriff tells him he is leaving and will return in 30 minutes or so. He leaves behind a little reading material. Stern scours through the files and finds the sworn affidavit of Christopher Nelms. During this time, Tawney gets a call from work. She refuses to answer. Meanwhile, Daniel visits Chloe (Caitlin FitzGerald). He tells her about his troubles and reveals he was sexually assaulted multiple times in prison. Chloe brings him back to reality and admits she cannot save him. However, she does agree to hold him. That night, Ted Jr. tells Amantha and Jared about Bobby’s visit. Amantha tries to convince Teddy to spend the night, but he stumbles off into the night with a steak in hand.

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Also, Janet and Ted Sr. continue to chat about the store and what they want out of life. Ted tries to change the subject, but Janet doesn’t allow it. She continues pressing about his dreams, before he settled for selling tires. Ted insists Janet always sets landmines. He is eventually forced to admit he has some resentment for Janet. When Tawney returns to work, she learns that Zeke (Buck Taylor) didn’t wake up. It is revealed that he is unconscious and likely close to death. Tawney visits the man’s room and speaks to him. She tells him she never got his plaque, despite getting his address. When Daniel returns home, he finds Pickle and Nate (Charles Halford) speaking with Janet and Ted. Pickle compliments Daniel’s parents, before telling him the others have left for the night. Daniel quickly begins to give Janet and Ted a tour of his room.

rectify season 4 pickle and nate

Meanwhile, Ted Jr. returns home. He fires up the grill and begins cooking the steak. He breaks into the house and the alarm begins to sound. He rushes over to the control panel only to discover the code has been changed. Nonetheless, he manages to convince the alarm company to shut off the alarm. Later, Daniel learns that Pickle will now be his roommate. They both agree it would be a good idea to change the bedsheets. Ted eats the steak and cleans up, before grabbing his hunting and fishing equipment. He grabs alcohol and sits everything by the door. The episode ends with Ted staring at his old bed.


Rectify Review

The 5th episode was very intense and immensely dramatic. Daniel tried to nicely convince Manny to change his pleasure schedule, but failed to do so. Sadly, you cannot be nice to some people and Daniel learned this firsthand. He angrily lashed out at his roommate, before visiting Chloe. It has become clear at this point that Daniel has found a support system in Chloe and his friends at the New Canaan Project.

Meanwhile, Tawney and Teddy have found themselves in a difficult situation. Tawney’s encounter with Zeke made her fearful of being lonely and this pushed her to try and rekindle her relationship with Teddy, even though she probably didn’t want to. Nonetheless, Teddy has finally put an end to it. The reuniting of Daniel and Janet was very effective. And finally, Jon Stern is very, very slowly unraveling the truth about Chris Nelms.

With only a few episodes left, I sincerely hope he speeds things up so we can know the truth. A good episode. A 9 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous Rectify recaps right now!

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