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Rectify Recap Season 4 Episode 4

At the beginning of the 4th episode, Amantha (Abigail Spencer) is disturbed from her beauty sleep. She finds Billy (Nathan Darrow) waiting outside. Amantha is reminded of her promise to go hunting. She puts a little resistance, but quickly decides to join her new friend. At the hospital, Tawney (Adelaide Clemens) speaks with Zeke (Buck Taylor). Tawney asks Zeke if she can get him anything. He quickly lashes out at his nurse and insists she won’t get him anything. Tawney apologizes to Zeke. He responds by telling her she is a good girl and should pray. Tawney speaks with her boss, Carlton (Ricky Wayne), about Zeke. She learns he doesn’t get many visitors, before being reprimanded for getting too close to her patients. After the intro, Ted Sr. (Bruce McKinnon) speaks with Janet (J Smith-Cameron) about Amantha’s disappearance.

rectify amantha and billy hunting

Ted also makes it clear he would like to travel with Janet during her visit to Daniel (Aden Young). Janet is a little hesitant to agree. Meanwhile, Daniel and Chloe (Caitlin FitzGerald) go on a trip. Daniel speaks about his first vehicle ride, after being released. He admits to falling asleep during each ride. It is revealed that the pair are going to visit a musician’s house. While the musician will not be home, his assistant Rick (R Keith Harris) will be. They arrive at the man’s house and begin unloading the art he has purchased. Rick receives a phone call and is forced to leave the pair. While he is away, Daniel questions Chloe about an ATV. It is obvious he has no clue what Ricky was talking about. Meanwhile, Ted Jr. (Clayne Crawford), Janet and Ted Sr. wait for Bob Childers (Steve Coulter) to arrive.

tawney and zeke rectify s4 e4

Ted Jr. tells the others about his friend who agreed to run some numbers for them. He insists they shouldn’t accept less than $500,000 for the property. Janet receives a phone call from Bob. Amantha and Billy trek through the woods. Amantha is clearly not interested in hunting. Nonetheless, the pair has a good conversation about Billy’s past marriage and his stubbornness that led to the divorce. While Billy begins to hunt, Daniel and Chloe are left alone. Also, Jon Stern (Luke Kirby) tries to make contact with Sheriff Pickens. He informs the Sheriff he will be in his car, if he wishes to speak. Bob Childers finally arrives and has his tire patched. During the conversation, it is revealed that Bob is working with a pharmacy chain, which is currently evaluating three properties.

Steve Coulter Rectify Season 4

Bob also reveals that the company is willing to offer 5,000 dollars now and 650,000 dollars, if they decide to buy the property. Back at the musician’s house, Daniel stares at a deer head on the wall. He is called downstairs by Chloe, who has luckily discovered gelato in the fridge. Daniel is hesitant to break the rules. Apparently, Chloe has already lied about the motivation behind their visit. With a little persistence, Chloe manages to convince Daniel to enjoy a little gelato. He does and quickly becomes a fan. Jon Stern makes contact with Susan. He asks the woman about Christopher Nelms and whether or not he was at the party on the might of the murder. Susan admits she didn’t see Christopher until the next morning at the police station. Jon is perplexed, since Chris was never officially interviewed.

rectify season 4 episode 4 recap

Jon receives a visit from the Sheriff’s wife. He is informed Pickens has no intention to chat with him. Nonetheless, he is invited to urinate in the yard, if need be. Teddy meets with Tawney for lunch. Teddy complains about the meeting and is depressed that he has no say so in the matter. Teddy quickly becomes angered when Tawney announces she needs to return to work. He lashes out at his wife and claims she needs a saint not a husband. We jump back to the musician’s house and discover that Daniel and Chloe have gone overboard on the man’s edibles. Daniel tells Chloe about the New Canaan people wanting him to see a PTSD specialist. He learns about Chloe’s brother, who died in a vehicle accident many years ago. He attempts to urge him to go, before Ricky calls. They’re forced to clean up and escape hastily. Back at home, Janet tells Ted Sr. that Daniel is fine with him coming along.

janet rectify series 4 episode 4

Janet ventures up into the attic and speaks with Jared (Jake Austin Walker). She gives him a letter and learns about his Furby peddling. Jared reveals he only wants to simply his life. Janet looks around the attic and discovers her ex-husbands jacket. She apologizes to Jared for being a crap mother, before leaving. That night, Amantha returns home with Billy. She tells him she had no intention of sleeping with anyone else from Paulie. Billy offers to take her home, but she agrees to stay for just a little while. At the hospital, Tawney speaks with Zeke and learns he made up his nephew. Tawney learns that the man and his wife preferred a closed off, small life. He admits that life was lonely after his wife passed away.

rectify season 4 tawney and zeke

Zeke admits he is now ready to pass on and reunite with his wife in Heaven. Tawney questions about his faith and what she should do if she has lost hers. Zeke encourages her to determine whether or not she really wants it back. Again, he tells her she is a good girl and should pray. After Tawney leaks Zeke’s room, she calls Teddy and leaves a message. A drunk and depressed Teddy listens to the message moments later. Tawney apologizes for ignoring Teddy’s problem and offers to meet and speak with him the following day. Teddy is visibly elated by the news. Trey Willis (Sean Bridgers) tries to get a beer in a local bar. The bartender refuses to serve him. Trey lashes out at everyone before exiting. Jon follows him out.

trey willis rectify season 4

Trey admits he remembers Jon, before joking about Daniel confessing twice. Jon tries to convince Trey that they’re going to throw the book at him. Jon asks why Chris Nelms never gets dirty. Trey responds that Jon doesn’t understand how this town works. Trey insists Jon should go and ask Roger, while waking away. Trey admits Chris always had the most to lose. Trey also confirms he would make Chris his second suspect after Daniel. Daniel and Chloe arrive back at the New Canaan Project home. They chat about the awkwardness of the situation, but Daniel admits it isn’t unpleasant.

daniel and chloe rectify season 4

Chloe finally admits she is a little freaked out about the baby. Daniel tries to settle her nerves, by insisting her feelings are entirely normal. Together, they admit they’re perfect for one another at least temporarily. Daniel gives Chloe a kiss, before heading inside. In his room, Daniel becomes startled by his roommate’s behavior. Daniel curls up into fetal position, while the man plays with himself.


Rectify Review

Another solid episode of Rectify. I could do with a little less of Billy and Amantha, but this episode wasn’t overloaded with the couple and that was definitely a good thing. I enjoyed the interactions between Janet and Jared. I really wish the show would delve into Jared a little deeper. There is plenty of potential there. Jon Stern’s investigation was definitely the highlight of the episode. Who is Roger and is Trey even telling the truth? Will Jon be able to uncover the truth about Chris?

Meanwhile, Daniel continues to struggle to return to normal. His roommate’s behavior most likely forced him to recall his time in prison. Will he ever be able to escape those memories? Only time will tell. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Rectify right now!

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