aden young rectify s4 e3

Rectify Recap Season 4 Episode 3

At the beginning of the episode, Daniel Holden (Aden Young) prepares to head to work. He stops himself and tries to wake his new roommate, Manny (Stephen Louis Grush). After giving Manny’s foot a tickle, the man finally wakes up. Daniel shares an awkward conversation with the man, before leaving for a meeting. Daniel heads to New Canaan where she speaks with Avery (Scott Lawrence) and Maggie (Rebecca Tilney). The pair speak to Daniel about his PTSD and attempt to convince him to meet with a new shrink. Daniel makes no commitment, but does take a brochure. At the tire shop, Ted Jr. (Clayne Crawford) speaks with a client. He tries to strike up a conversation with the man, but Joe (Pete Burris) is simple enamored with his muffin.

aden young rectify s4 e3

Seconds later, Teddy receives a phone call. The caller asks to speak with Janet (J. Smith-Cameron). Once the phone call ends, Ted Sr. (Bruce McKinnon) asks about the conversation. Ted learns that the caller was Bob Childers from Kurry Morris and Associates. Bob wanted to speak with Janet Matthew Holden leading the Teds to believe Janet never changed the ownership record. Teddy admits Bob didn’t say what he wanted. Next, Jon Stern (Luke Kirby) speaks with Sheriff Daggett (JD Evermore). Stern asks the Sheriff what he told his client about George Melton’s semen and Hanna Dean’s panties. Stern also asks about the Sheriff’s suspicion that George, Trey and Chris Nelms raped Hannah. Daggett admits he tells suspects many things during an investigation.

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Stern ridicules the Sheriff, while insisting he doesn’t understand his behavior. He cannot wrap his head around the Sheriff’s motives. After the conversation ends, Daniel receives a call from his mother. She tells him about her plans to visit him soon. Daniel is left with no choice, but to accept Janet’s request. Jared (Jake Austin Walker) is shown scouring through the attic. He lines up several Furby dolls and looks up their value online. Next, Tawney (Adelaide Clemens) sits down with Rebecca. She tells the shrink about her feelings and admits she wonders whether or not she should just get a divorce. Tawney reveals a divorce would feel like a death. Rebecca tells Tawney that it may feel that way, but that it wouldn’t be a death at all. She promises Tawney she would still exist.

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Jared is disturbed by a noise downstairs. He hides the laptop in his backpack and leaves. In the kitchen, Janet and Ted Sr. speak about Bob’s call. Janet admits the man wants to meet and talk about the store. Bob may be interested in making the family an offer. Janet and Ted agree to keep the meeting a secret from the kids for the time being. During this time, Daniel speaks during a group session with Avery and the others. He tells the men about the special event. He admits to Pickle (John Marshall Jones) that he has no intention to make art and only wants to observe. Manny eventually chimes in an tries to invite himself to the party. The others and Daniel manage to convince him otherwise, since he hasn’t been out of jail for long. Ted Sr. quickly breaks his promise, by calling Teddy and telling him about the meeting.

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However, Ted tries to hide many details. Nonetheless, Teddy has already done his research online. He learns the group might be interested in purchasing the property. A knock at the door interrupts the conversation. Teddy answers the door and finds Melvin (John Boyd West) standing outside. Melvin invites himself inside. Teddy signs the required paperwork, before Melvin asks for a beer. At Thrifty Town, Amantha (Abigail Spencer) gets a visit from Billy Harris (Nathan Darrow). Billy invites Amantha out for a drink. At first, she is hesitant, but she eventually accepts the offer. Jon Stern calls Janet and leaves a message telling her he would like to see the family. Melvin asks Teddy about Daniel. He learns about Daniel’s new job, but Teddy is unable to provide him with any more information. Melvin gives his condolences. Later that night, Amantha and Billy enjoy a beer inside of Thrifty Town.

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They speak about their old school mates. Amantha receives a call from Jon and ignores it. Then, Billy mentions one of Amantha’s friends in school. He admits Daniel’s name comes up, but he reveals he doesn’t like to speculate. After several drinks, Teddy Jr. calls Tawney and leaves her a desperate message. Meanwhile, Daniel meets up with Chloe (Caitlin FitzGerald). They speak about the stuck up investors, before discussing Daniel’s boredom. While Daniel prefers a boring life, Chloe admits he hates being bored and will always force change. Daniel also learns Chloe has Googled him. Eventually, they agree to return to Chloe’s apartment. Amantha returns home and finds Janet drunk on the couch. Janet speaks about the business and the upcoming meeting, before mentioning Jon’s call.

daniel and chloe rectify season 4

Janet admits her former husband was a family man and not a tire man. She also expresses her guilt for dragging Ted through so much. Meanwhile, Chloe tells Daniel she has an eye for the provocative. Chloe asks Daniel about his comment about being dangerous. He confirms he is only dangerous to himself mostly. Daniel asks Chloe what her deal is. She promises she isn’t looking for a companion or a sex partner. She eventually reveals she is pregnant and that she drove the father away. Chloe admits she isn’t looking for a man and will probably have the baby with her sister. However, she doesn’t seem convinced she will have the baby at all. She lays on the bed and Daniel asks if she is really pregnant. She allows Daniel to feel the baby for himself.


Rectify Review

This episode was far better than the previous. It was the perfect mixture of Daniel and the rest of the family. Jon Stern has returned to Paulie and he will likely stir up a mess before he leaves. He still seems intent on finding out the truth about Hannah Dean. Each character seems to be facing some type of dilemma. Janet has the business lingering over her head. Teddy Jr. still believes there is hope for his marriage, but Tawney seems to be edging closer towards a divorce.

And, Jared is up to something of his own. He is obviously trying to scrap together money, but what is his motive? Daniel seems to have progressed from the previous episode. He has now opened up during group and has improved his relationship with the others. Nonetheless, his problems still linger. All in all, a good episode. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Rectify right now!

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