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Rebellion TV Series Review

Rebellion is a 2016 television, which expands over 5 episodes. The series explores the birth of modern Ireland and is told through the eyes of several individual characters. It closely follows the 1916 Easter Rising. Amongst the main characters, we have Elizabeth Butler (Charlie Murphy), who is on the verge of getting married. Unfortunately, she has a different goal in mind. She desires to help the Irish gain their freedom. Frances O’Flaherty (Ruth Bradley) shares a similar goal, but she also wishes to break the mold and show the men that she is just as capable, if not more, than they are.

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And then, we have Frances’ close friend, May (Sarah Greene), who has gotten herself into a relationship with a married man, Charles Hammond (Tom Turner). Also, Jimmy Mahon (Brian Gleeson) is one of the main characters. Jimmy has joined the rebels and desires to her liberate the Irish. Unfortunately, he will be forced to go to battle against his long-time friend and relative, Arthur Mahon (Barry Ward). The characters are each interesting in their own right. So, how is the series?

Rebellion Sarah Greene

Well, Rebellion hits some strong notes, but they’re unfortunately few and far in between. The series could’ve been something magnificent and truly special, but it ultimately falls flat. Although many of the characters are compelling and easy enough to sympathize with, they’re never given the opportunity to develop. There are simply too many and almost half matter very little to the story’s core. Also, the series truly fails to connect with the struggle and mistreatment of the Irish. Historical accuracy has really been thrown out of the window and replaced with silly affairs and false feministic bravado.

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The biggest downfall of all is the fact that the series has no climax whatsoever. After about the third episode, the show becomes a burden to watch and is really drug out beyond belief. Sadly, it doesn’t pay off in the end. It is fairly obvious the series is meant to go a second season, but it shouldn’t and shouldn’t have been manufactured in this manner. The pace should’ve been sped up and all important events should’ve been covered, within the allotted 5 episodes. Instead, we’re left hanging in the end, with no conclusions for any of our characters.


The series isn’t terrible, but you shouldn’t expect to be blown away either. A 6 might be a little too high, but it did have some good moments. The acting wasn’t bad, the scenery was good and the costumes were excellent, but the series is difficult to recommend.

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