abc rake season 4 episode 8

Rake Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

When the 8th episode begins, Cleaver heads into a radio station and gives an interview, in which he says very little. He does admit however that he is simply running out of spite of his sister. Despite saying very little, Cleaver’s twitter follower count skyrockets, after the interview concludes. Outside of the studio, Jack (Tasma Walton) tells Cleaver (Richard Roxburgh) she believes he can now secure the Senate seat. She agrees to speak with candidates and arrange for preference deals to obtain more votes. The pair meets up with one such candidate, Vaughan (Bill Young), who introduces Cleaver to his gun collection. Next, they meet up with woman, who insists there should be more sex in the world. Cleaver agrees to try and make polygamy legal in exchange for votes.

abc rake season 4 episode 8

Then, Cleaver meets with a member of the Green party and learns about the woman’s concern for animals. He agrees meat is murder, milk is a product of rape, and secures the woman’s vote. Afterwards, Jack tells Cleaver he’ll be forced to move to Canberra should he win the election. Cleaver doesn’t like the idea and admits he would prefer to remain at home. Their conversation quickly turns into an argument over Wendy (Caroline Brazier), before they head in opposite direction. Cleaver meets up with Barney (Russell Dykstra) for the hearing regarding the balloon incident. This time, Cleaver takes over and tells those presiding over the case he’ll soon be a Senator. That changes their mind and they wind up paying Cleaver and Barney a large sum of money for their troubles.

cleaver greene rake guns

Meanwhile, David Potter (Matt Day) announces his intention to run for the Senate, as a part of the Green party. This upsets Jane (Sonia Todd), who begins to see her chances of winning slip away. Cal (Damien Garvey) pays her a visit and insists David is nobody. Cleaver returns home and overhears Fuzz (Keegan Joyce) and Melissa (Adrienne Pickering) in the bedroom. He confirms with Wendy that the situation is disgusting. Cleaver tells Wendy about his day and attempts to coax her into going out and celebrating. However, she turns the tables and insists Cleaver has stopped being serious and caring. She admits she is planning on voting for David.

caroline brazier rake

The next day, Cleaver gives an interview with News 8 and attempts to take a serious stance on climate change. After the interview ends, he is ridiculed by Jack for his new seriousness. The pair wind up arguing, before Clever insists the campaign is over. They also belittle one another for helping pedophiles and rapist in the past, before admitting they’re just like one another. Cleaver calls Wendy and tells her about his decision to drop the campaign. Wendy pressures Cleaver into visiting and trying to cheer up Nicole (Kate Box). Cleaver pays her a visit and makes things worse, before leaving about Nicole watching the Australian Story video of Barney. Meanwhile, David goes on the hunt for votes, before he is confronted by Cal. They argue back and forth, before David finally sees things Cal’s way and jumps in his limo.


Afterwards, Cleaver meets up with Barney. They discuss Scarlet, before Cleaver alludes to the fact that someone else out there needs to be happy too. Cleaver returns home an speaks with the owner of Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Poulos. The conversation quickly transforms into a business deal and Cleaver winds up selling the family home. Barney heeds Cleaver’s advice and pays a visit to Nicole. They apologize to one another and play with their son. Next, Cleaver heads inside and finds Jack with a sprained ankle for which he receives the blame. Cleaver quickly deflects and tells Wendy he has sold the home, so they can move away and open an English language bookshop. Initially, Wendy doesn’t like the idea, until she learns Poulos is willing to buy the home for 3 million. Cleaver retreats to the bathroom, where he is confronted by Fuzz.

rake s4 e8 cleaver

Cleaver quickly admits he was only offered 1.3 million for the home. Fuzz insists everything will be okay and he’ll always take care of Wendy. How? Apparently, Fuzz has been programming mobile applications and not wasting away and watching porn as initially expected. After that, Cleaver returns to the kitchen and tells Wendy the truth. Cleaver packs his belongings and leaves. We jump forward to the election day. Cal and Jane record their wedding, which they believe will push Jane up higher in the polls. Meanwhile, Jack begins to freak out, since voters are mistaking Cleaver Greene for the Green party. Wendy receives a text from Cleaver that contains lilies. Wendy calls Cleaver, who admits he sent the lilies photo, because he father hated lilies.

rake s4 e8 cleaver greene suit

Wendy tells Jack about her father passing away on this very day and Jack obviously had no idea. Wendy also asks Jack when he father and mother died and she is unable to answer. Jack goes off and complains she doesn’t have time for such nonsense. Meanwhile, Cleaver attempts to sell property a couple, but fails despite telling them Underbelly was filmed at the location. After they leave, Wendy calls and the pair share a laugh about Cal’s wedding to Jane. Wendy unexpectedly arrives at Cleaver’s place and agrees to leave the city with him. Meanwhile, Fuzz is forced to deal with a sick and hostile Melissa. Cal and Jane watch the election coverage, which portrays Cleaver as victorious. Barney and Nicole, who share a bed, do the same and share a laugh at Cleaver’s expense. Jane lashes out at Cal and blames him for her defeat.

rake season 4 cleaver senator

Cleaver and Wendy finally head home and prepare to tell Jack about their decision. However, once they enter, Fuzz breaks the news that Cleaver is now a Senator. He also reveals that Melissa is pregnant. Cleaver quickly drops the ideal of moving away with Wendy to assume his responsibilities as a Senator. With that, Wendy kicks everyone out of the house. At the end of the episode, Cleaver heads to the Senate and is hounded by reporters.


Rake Review

The 8th episode of Rake was a complete rollercoaster. First, Cleaver manages to win over Wendy and convince her to move away with him. Unfortunately and fortunately, Cleaver won the Senate seat and quickly did away with his original plans. However, he did manage to push Barney and Nicole back together. And, Fuzz is going to be a father, plus he is filthy rich. Who knew?

A solid episode. A 9 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous Rake recaps right now.

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