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Rake Recap Season 4 Episode 5

When the episode begins, we’re introduced to two big stars, Kyle Mannix (Alex Cubis) and his wife, Star (Harriet Dyer). The pair attends a sporting awards show, where Kyle loses. During the awards ceremony, photographer Reggie (Kim Gyngell), sneaks into their mansion and begins staring at a photograph of Star. When Kyle and Star return home, they discover Reggie wanking to Star’s photograph. A scuffle ensues and we jump over to Cleaver (Richard Roxburgh), who is awoken by Wendy (Caroline Brazier). We see Fuzz (Keegan Joyce) having an argument with his girlfriend about his unwillingness to commit and her refusal to have sex. Cleaver joins and has coffee, while Barney (Russell Dykstra) prepares for the kids for school. Once they’re off, we see David Potter (Matt Day) being charged with the murder of Scarlet.

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David gives a speech and resigns for his political post. His lawyer makes it known that they intend to fight the charges strenuously, while Cleaver strolls by and catches the action. Cleaver attempts to speak with David, but is ignored. David returns to a private room with his attorney and admit he wants to fight it to the end. However, his lawyer confesses they’re facing an uphill battle, which will be even harder due to David’s political status. Cleaver returns home and the fighting between Fuzz and his girlfriend continues. Cleaver has a private conversation with Wendy about her desire to begin anew and do something exotic. Barney leaves his home and is hounded by reporters. He refuses to say anything about David’s crime or the upcoming trial. Barney meets with Nicole (Kate Box) and tells her about his fling with Scarlet right before she died.

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They agree to end things and to chat about money. Meanwhile, Cleaver tries to visit Melissa (Adrienne Pickering), but is unable to find her anywhere. Instead, he runs into his buddy Phil (Matthew Sunderland) and nearly gets shanked with a knife. Cleaver manages to talk his way out of the bad situation, but doesn’t learn anything about Melissa’s location. Nicole heads into work and immediately argues with her boss. She quickly quits. Cleaver chats with a client in a local pub, before Nicole enters and demands her job back. Despite some reservations, Cleaver manages to work things out with Nicole. Meanwhile, Barney chats with Reggie about his career and his crime. Reggie admits he is a celebrity paparazzi. He tells Barney about his career and hiring kids to hack celebrities for him. Reggie also insists he wants Cleaver to help him get off on the charges. This leaves Barney with no choice, but to call his dear old friend.

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Cleaver meets with Barney and agrees to help. Still, their relationship is awkward and on shaky ground. Barney also reminds Cleaver about the upcoming hearing for their balloon case. They also chat about David’s trial, with Cleaver insisting it must’ve been an accident. Next, Nicole meets with her old boyfriend, Bevan (Ewan Leslie). They quickly rekindle their relationship, but Bevan admits he is scheduled to fly to the states and won’t be back for an undisclosed period of time. Nonetheless, they share a kiss and Bevan heads on his way. Meanwhile, Fuzz continues arguing with his girlfriend, when Cleaver returns home. Cleaver chats with his son about his trial separation from his girlfriend. Unfortunately, Cleaver is kicked out of his room and forced to sleep on a blowup mattress, in order to accommodate the girl. Nicole is pestered by her mother to have sex with Bevan and to scream loudly. That night, Cleaver is awoken by Fuzz’s girlfriend. The lovebirds wind up keeping him up throughout the night.

cleaver greene rake recap

During the night, Cleaver finds Wendy watching old home videos and living in the past. Eventually, he falls asleep in the bathtub and is awoken by Fuzz. The next day, Nicole pays a visit to a feminine store and gets prepped for her night with Bevan. Cleaver and Barney meet with Reggie and attempt to find out the reasoning behind his stunt. Instead, the conversation ticks off Barney, who rushes out. Cleaver also enlists Reggie’s help finding Melissa, who has been with Cal (Damien Garvey) this entire time. Next, Barney and Cleaver head to the mediation for the balloon fees. Barney tells Cleave to remain humble and contrite. They chat with the government representative and things quickly go awry. Barney ridicules the man harshly and blows their chance to settle. Afterwards, Cleaver chats with Nicole about her relationship with Barney. They run into the woman responsible for prosecuting Reggie and are offered a plea deal. Cleaver refuses and possibly gets himself into even more trouble.

rake s4 e5 recap

Cleaver then pays a visit to Reggie, who refuses to accept the plea deal, while admitting he intends to travel to the states for spring. During their conversation, Cleaver conjures up a game plan for the trial. Bevan sets up a romantic encounter with Nicole and they apparently sleep together. Cleaver returns home and chats with Wendy about Reggie’s case. And finally, the trial begins. Cleaver makes Reggie out to be a whistleblower, who was attempting to get the truth to the people. During Star’s testimony, it is revealed that she was having an affair.  The chaos ensues with Cleaver insisting the Mannix couple wanted privacy on their terms, but gave it up when it paid to do so. The testimony ends and Reggie and Cleaver head outside. Reggie confirms he has managed to find Melissa, before they’re ushered back inside for the jury’s verdict. Much to everyone’s surprise, Reggie is found not guilty on all charges.

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The pair team up and head to Cal’s place, where they rescue Melissa and snap many unflattering pictures of Cal. Cleaver takes Melissa to Wendy’s place and confirms she needs to stay there. Despite not liking the idea, Melissa relents and allows Melissa to stay in her bedroom. During this time, Melissa and Wendy pester Cleaver, while insisting David is innocent of murdering Scarlet. Meanwhile, David meets with his lawyer and agrees to take the manslaughter plea. Fuzz finally manages to convince his girlfriend to have sex with him. Cleaver speaks with Wendy and tells her she needs to give up her exotic fantasy. Before the episode ends, Cleaver pays a visit David and offers to help. Cleaver insists the government will attempt to give him time even if he does plead guilty. David doesn’t give an answer.


Rake Review

The 5th episode of Rake brought the end of Scarlet. Did Danielle Cormack want off of the show or did the writers simply have no further use for her? Nonetheless, her death set up an interesting scenario of Cleaver defending David in the future. And the episode itself with the addition of Reggie was great. The trial perfectly described celebrities and their use of fame to their advantage, yet their desire for privacy. Seeing Cal in his speedos wasn’t the greatest experience, but it was laughable nonetheless.

A solid episode with plenty of laughs. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Rake right now!

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