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Rake Recap Season 4 Episode 3

When the 3rd episode of Rake’s 4th season begins, Cleaver Greene is taken to the biker gang’s hideout and prepped for torture. Stig (Andrew Ryan) and his pal nearly torture Cleaver (Richard Roxburgh) to death, before he is saved by a phone call. Meanwhile, Edgar Thompson (John Waters) gets a visit from his lawyer, Huntley-Brown (Miriam Margolyes). They chat about the upcoming trial and both agree they need a junior barrister to help overcome the massive quantity of charges looming over Edgar’s head. They also discuss their partners, Shirl (Louise Siversen) and Qi (JayR Tinaco). Huntley admits they only have one choice, Cleaver Greene. Ed doesn’t like the ideal, but they have no choice. Ed places the phone call to Raymond (Ryan Johnson), which effectively saves Cleaver’s life, but sets him up for a bleak future.

cleaver greene rake s4 e3

Cleaver is transported to a motel, where he is introduced to Huntley. They put aside past squabbles and Hunter insists Cleaver will get his life back and will be paid handsomely for his efforts in helping Edgar. Despite the enormous pressure, Hunter seems sure of herself and their ability to win the case. On the other side of town, Cal McGregor (Damien Garvey) watches his own television show and praises himself for belittling a foreigner. The new report then links Cal to Edgar and he becomes frightened. Cleaver is introduced to Shirl and Qi, who happen to be lovers. They go over the charges and insist it is more about money and less about drugs. Meanwhile, Cal gets his team together and shows them the newspaper linking him to Edgar. He tells the Premier (Steven Vidler) and the others that they’ll also go down, if he is forced out. Norton (David Roberts) admits they’ve wittled the charges down as far as they can. The group decides it is time to reach across the aisle and make contact with David Potter (Matt Day).

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Meanwhile, Cleaver receives a ride home from Wendy (Caroline Brazier). She ridicules his decision during the entire trip. When they arrive at Cleaver’s apartment, they discover that the building is being sold. This forces Cleaver to move in with his ex-wife. Nicole (Kate Box) chats with an old friend and receives an update on her ex. Apparently, Bevan has become very wealthy by developing a mobile app. Nicole checks out his website and confirms the rumor, before Barney (Russell Dykstra) enters and interrupts. Barney tells Nicole they’re still on the hook for the cost of the rescue choppers. Meanwhile, Wendy and Cleaver head to the storage locker to collect his belongings, which include a filthy mattress and couch. After an argument and some negotiating back and forth, they decide to only take the necessities.

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Next, David Potter consults with his Advisor, Chris (Louisa Mignone) about the Edgar situation. Chris insists they should call their bluff. David receives a call from the Premier, who attempts to get David on his side. David refuses to give in and insists those on his side of the aisle will be acquitted of any wrongdoing. Cleaver moves into Wendy’s place. David pays a visit to Scarlet (Danielle Cormack) and is pranked by her children. An argument ensues, when the kids refuse to take blame for the stunt. David leaves in a hurry. That night, Melissa Partridge (Adrienne Pickering) finally gets ahold of Cleaver just as he prepares to meet Barney. They agree to meet at the club later. Cleaver and Barney’s conversation does not go well and winds up ending in a scuffle.

rake season 4 barney and cleaver

Their conversation turns to pushing and finger holding, before Melissa enters and attacks them both. The confrontation ends after the group is escorted outside. Barney leaves angrily, while Melissa and Cleaver head to Melissa’s apartment. Melissa immediately attempts to convince Cleaver to help her score drugs, but he refuses and confirms he is clean. When he heads to the bathroom to clean up, Melissa steals his phone. Cleaver leaves moments later, but insists he’ll help Melissa in the morning. Melissa spends the entire night using Cleaver’s phone to try and get ahold of his former dealer. Barney pays a visit to Scarlet and they chat about Scarlet’s fight with David. The pair winds up sleeping together. In the morning, Cleaver frantically searches for his phone, while learning about the nickname Fuzz and Wendy have given him.

Adrienne Pickering Rake Season 4

Cleaver quickly puts two and two together and concludes that Melissa is responsible for his missing phone. After an unanswered call to Melissa, Cleaver meets up with Hunter and has dinner with Cal. Cleaver orders an overly expensive bottle of champagne, which is put on Cal’s tab, while they all discuss Edgar’s upcoming case. Norton admits they’re willing to give up very little to defense. They propose ten years or so and are quickly shot down by Hunter and Cleaver. Cleaver is ordered to head outside and discuss things with Shirl. When he does, he is attacked and accused of trying to move in on Qi. Still, he manages to get an answer to the Liechtenstein question. Qi admits they don’t want Honduras. Cleaver returns the information to Huntley and the negotiations continue.

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Once the conversation comes to an end, Norton is confronted by the admit and forced to account for dropping so many charges. David also speaks to the press and insists very few members of his party were involved and those that got their charges drop regret the chance not to go to trial. Cal has the Premier on his television show and asks him about the political connection to the Edgar case. The Premier plays it off and remains adamant that there is nothing political about it. Cal uses the opportunity to explain away his connection to Edgar, but gets himself into even deeper troubles. Next, Cleaver arrives at the courthouse, as the proceedings get underway. Shirl and Qi handle things on the outside, while Huntley and Cleaver make this case on the inside.

cleaver greene rake season 4

Melissa enters during the proceedings and forces Cleaver to take a recess. Melissa apologizes for her actions and admits she was able to get in touch with Sam. She agrees she needs help and is on the verge of not caring anymore. Back in the courtroom, Lydia (Beth Aubrey) is introduced to the jury. She gives testimony and insists Cleaver attempted to get her to transport drugs in the past. And, the episode ends.


Rake Review

The 3rd episode of Rake was a bloody good one. The show can be a little cheesy and predictable at times, but it truly doesn’t matter. The quality of comedy remains. Cleaver is back in the courtroom where he belongs, but he may wind up being on the wrong side of things this time. Are Huntley and Edgar using Lydia to hurt Cleaver? Will Barney be able to pay off his substantial debts?

Can Melissa overcome her addiction and depression? We’ll have to wait and see. A solid 9 out of 10 is deserved for episode 3. Catch up with previous recaps of ABC’s Rake right now!

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