Rake Recap S4 E6

When the 6th episode begins, Nicole finally has sex with Bevan and Cleaver prepares for his opening speech for David Potter’s trial. Cleaver intends to ridicule his nemesis relentless. He receives a call from David, who knows exactly what Cleaver is up to and attempts to talk him out of his rash decision. After their fun ends, Nicole tells Bevan she feels terrible since she is having such a good time and Barney is a mess and miserable. In the morning, Cleaver is awaken by a screaming Melissa, who happens to be locking inside Wendy’s room. Moments later, Cal McGregor (Damien Garvey) arrives at the door and attempts to break in. He is obviously impaired and attempts to fight Cleaver, while Fuzz (Keegan Joyce) films the showdown. A weeping Cal is eventually escorted out, while Cleaver and Fuzz prepare to make the video available.

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Their attention turns back to Melissa. Fuzz admits he scored her some cocaine the previous night, because she told him she liked him and gave him a kiss. Wendy screams from inside and Cleaver is forced to unlock the door and head inside. He does and is knocked down by Melissa, who escapes the house. The trio speaks for her around the neighborhood, but is unable to find her. During their search, David Potter (Matt Day) goes for a bike ride and is nearly run down by Barney (Russell Dykstra). Cleaver tells Wendy about her son’s actions and she ridicules both men in her life. Jane (Sonia Todd) runs into the pair and tells them about her intention to campaign in the area. Cleaver belittles his sister and admits he will never vote for her.

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Cleaver gives up the search and prepares for David’s trial. Once he arrives at the courthouse and meets up with Nicole (Kate Box), they encounter Barney and drag him into a private room. They attempt to calm Barney down, convince him to go home, and wait until he is scheduled to testify. Barney leaves and remains angry at Cleaver. The trial begins and the lawyers spar over evidence of Scarlet’s previous hand injury. Cleaver fails to get the evidence tossed out. And, the opening statements are given. During his speech, Cleaver discusses his dislike for David and attempts to convince the jury to make a fair decision and not judge on their hatred for David the politician. David ridicules Cleaver’s decision outside of the courtroom, while Barney looks on in disgust. Fuzz manages to find Melissa and convince her to return to their home. That night, Cleaver and Wendy attempt to set Fuzz straight.

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Fuzz accepts his mother’s insults, but insists Cleaver doesn’t have a right to say anything, since he hasn’t been such a good father. Afterwards, Cleaver attempts to comfort Melissa, but tells her she has become a problem. Later than night, Wendy and Cleaver get a little frisky and nearly have sex, before Wendy puts an end to the insanity. Next, we return to the trial and David takes the stand. The prosecutor attempts to transform him into an angry and jealous individual. She also brings up Scarlet’s kids and their hatred for David. Nonetheless, David remains cool and doesn’t mess things up too badly. Before Cleaver gets his change to question David, we jump to Cal, who has Jane on his show. Together, the pair runs Cleaver into the dirt. Finally, Cleaver asks David about his relationship with Scarlet. David admits he loved her dearly and they didn’t move on their feelings, until Scarlet’s marriage started to fail.

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Cleaver returns home and finds out that Wendy (Caroline Brazier) is heading out for dinner with an old friend, Jack (Tasma Walton). Cleaver immediately gets jealous. He agrees to take care of Melissa during the night, but breaks his promise immediately after Wendy leaves. He enlists Fuzz’s assistance in tracking down Wendy’s location. Cleaver heads to the restaurant and meets up with his old pay, Roy (Michael Denkha). Cleaver sends Roy inside to spy on Jack and Wendy. Roy translates Wendy’s conversation back to Cleaver, who learns about Wendy ridiculing him and her other former husbands. Eventually, Wendy tells Jack she needs to head home, so Cleaver rushes back to keep his actions secret. As soon as he gets home, he checks on Melissa, who is asleep. Unfortunately, he fails to notice the puke all over the bed next to her. When Wendy doesn’t arrive home, Cleaver becomes worried and grabs Fuzz’s phone, so he can track her location.

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He monitors her location for a period of time, before falling asleep at the table. He awakes in the morning, when Wendy returns home. He confronts her about her whereabouts and Wendy admits she returned to Jack’s place for a few drinks and stayed there, since she didn’t think it would safe to drink and drive. Next, she checks on Melissa and finds the puke. This prompts her to tell Cleaver that it is about time he moved out. Meanwhile, Barney speaks with Max (Tom Poulton) and attempts to coax him into changing his testimony to further damage David. Max agrees to tell the court that he actually saw David push Scarlet through the attic access. After their conversation ends, Barney takes the stage and gives his testimony. He lies repeatedly and insists Scarlet told him she was afraid of David. When given the opportunity to question Barney, Cleaver doesn’t ask any questions.

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David speaks with Cleaver in private and belittles his decision not to question Barney. However, Cleaver insists he believes he can win the trial, without hurting his friend any more. Next, Max testifies that he saw David push Scarlet. Cleaver questions the boy about their hide and seek sessions in the past and gets Max to admit he is lying. With that, David is acquitted and set free. David gives a speech outside and insists the trial was purely political. Barney is shown leaving furiously. He heads home to his kids and tells them about the juries decision, before admitting he doesn’t want to cook. Instead, they all jump into the car and head for a drive.


Rake Review

The 6th episode of Rake’s 4th season emphasized the show’s range and ability to exhibit various emotions. Sure, the mass majority of the episode was a hilarious mess, but the little bit of bleakness scattered in between the laughs were effective. The Melissa storyline, despite some of the absurdities, does a good job showcasing the substance abuse problem. And, Barney provides the viewer with insight into sorrow and grief, after the loss of a loved one.

All in all, the episode was great, but I was a little surprised the Potter trial ended so quickly. A 9 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Rake right now!

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