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Rake Recap S4 E4

The 4th episode starts off precisely where episode 3 ended. Lydia (Beth Aubrey) remains on the stand accusing Cleaver (Richard Roxburgh) of receiving drugs inside of a vase. Cleaver attempts to defend himself, but refuses to remove himself from the bar table. Huntley-Brown (Miriam Margolyes) stops proceedings to bring Wendy (Caroline Brazier) to the stand, so she can clarify her trip with Cleaver and the vase. During Wendy’s testimony, Melissa (Adrienne Pickering) interrupts and is escorted out by an officer. Once the testimony continues, Wendy remains adamant that Cleaver might’ve been a drug user, but he was no dealer. Eventually, Judge Fuller (Tony Llewellyn-Jones) gets frustrated with the bickering and calls Huntley and Norton (David Roberts) into his chambers. During their private conversation, the Judge confirms they’re being paid by Edgar to throw the case and make Cleaver the scapegoat. He agrees to help for a portion of the earnings.

rake season 4 episode 4 recap

During this time, Cleaver chats with Shirl (Louise Siversen) about the good old days and wanting to go back. They chat briefly, before Edgar (John Waters) and Huntley enters. Cleaver wastes no time figuring out exactly what is up and proceeds to call them out on their behavior. Edgar confesses to the accusations and admits he is going to have Cleaver killed at a time of his choosing. Cleaver is only saved, when Wendy enters with evidence against Edgar. The evidence forces Edgar and Huntley to place nice with Cleaver. At the same time, Melissa is escorted to the Cal-Jazeera study and is prepped for an interview by Cal. Meanwhile, Lydia takes the stand again and changes her testimonial substantially. We jump back to Cal just as her learns about Cleaver’s exoneration and Edgar’s acquittal. Melissa pesters Cal for cocaine and he obliges.

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Edgar gives a short speech outside of the courthouse, while Cleaver attempts to rekindle his relationship with Wendy. Although she shows very little interest, she does agree to allow Cleaver to come to her weekly Thursday dinner with Fuzz (Keegan Joyce), since it is his birthday. She also reveals Fuzz will be moving back in. Also during this time, Melissa snorts all of Cal’s cocaine and forces him to purchase even more. He does so without hesitation. Barney (Russell Dykstra) waits for David Potter (Matt Day) to leave, before approaching his ex, Scarlet (Danielle Cormack). They chat about the possibility of getting back together and Scarlet admits she plans on breaking it off with David. Meanwhile, Cleaver gets a bathroom visit from Fuzz. Fuzz tells his father he will not be at the dinner, since his friend is going away and he has a better party to attend.

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Once Cleaver emerges from the bathroom, he discovers his belongings have been removed from Fuzz’s room and put into the spare bedroom, which is crammed and tiny. During this time, Ruth (Rachael Blake) uses her spy Sgt. Billy James (Henry Nixon) to keep an eye on Edgar. She follows Edgar to a hotel and enters. She discovers Edgar sleeping with Lydia. After pleas from Edgar, Ruth kills both and pones Billy for assistance. Meanwhile, Cleaver and Wendy head to the dinner. Along the way, Cleaver figures out that he is going to a surprise birthday party and quickly begins to hate the idea just as Fuzz and Wendy said he would. Fuzz surprises his father, before dashing off to the other party. Cleaver also discovers Barney waiting inside. Back at home, Scarlet and David talk about their relationship and both admit Scarlet’s kids hate David’s guts.

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Billy helps clean up the murder and offers to take Ruth out for a drink, but she refuses. Instead, she heads to the rooftop and drinks alone, while sobbing. Meanwhile, David attempts to convince Scarlet to give their relationship another chance and that her kids will come around eventually. While they chat, Max fills David’s pockets full of spaghetti. At the party, Cleaver complains to Barney about the type of people he invited. Then, Cleaver complains to Nicole (Kate Box). Moments later, the speeches begin. Barney pulls the bait and switch, by welcoming Lincoln Lincoln (Rhys Muldoon) to the stage. Lincoln sings a song, which everyone enjoys except for Cleaver. Then, Cleaver’s sister takes to the stage and announces her intention to run for Senate. Eventually, Cleaver gets his opportunity to speak. Just when it seems he is going to infuriate everyone, he turns his attention to Wendy and gives her praise.

cleaver birthday season 4 episode 4

After he has finished speaking, Cleaver heads outside and fixes things with Barney, before learning about Barney sleeping with Scarlet. They drink together and joke about Lincoln’s song. Meanwhile, David puts his jacket on and attempts to talk some sense into Scarlet once more. Barney and Cleaver party it up, while David spills his heart out. Cleaver dances with Wendy, while David puts his hand into his pocket. When he does, he knocks Scarlet through the attic access. He rushes down to find Scarlet unconscious and Max staring in his direction.


Rake Review

The 4th episode of Rake was the funniest by far. There was seldom more than two or three minutes when I didn’t find myself laughing. Although Edgar might’ve been prematurely eliminated, whatever remains ahead should be exciting. Will David be the next one on trial for murder? What will Ruth do now that she has killed Edgar? How will Barney and Cleaver wiggle themselves out of their debt?

The episodes ahead should hold the answers we seek. Until then, allow us to enjoy being serenaded by Lincoln Lincoln. This episode of Rake deserves a 9.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Rake right now.

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