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During the show’s opening, we flash forward 9 months and witness the aftermath of an explosion. Next, we jump back and see Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) entering her home and retrieving something from under the carpet. She jumps on a plane and heads to Washington, D.C. On the plane, she meets with Ryan Booth. She reveals she is with Doctors Without Borders and Ryan is returning to his family. The show jumps around several different states and introduces us to several different people.

Quantico Review

Alex and Ryan get off of the plane and have sex in Ryan’s vehicle. Alex debunks Ryan’s previous claims and leaves him behind. All of the previous individuals we met arrive at Quantico and give their oaths. We flash forward and see that Alex has survived the explosion, which has destroyed Grand Central Terminal in New York. She is pinned down by other agents, before her identity is confirmed. A flashback shows Alex’s first day at Quantico. At this time, we learn the names of Simon (Tate Ellington) and Shelby Wyatt (Johanna Braddy).


Ryan Booth and Simon end up being roommates, while Alex rooms with Shelby. Meanwhile, Eric Packer (Brian J. Smith) reveals he is a mormon. The group speakers about the devout Muslim, Nimah (Yasmine Al Massri), who has her own private room. Simon intrudes on Nimah, announces he is gay and is kicked out. Afterwards, the group is tasked with their first mission. They’re required to pick a teammate and uncover their secret. Caleb Haas (Graham Rodgers) picks Eric and belittles him over his mormon religion. Again, the show flashes forward and reveals the explosion was set off near the Democratic National Convention.

Quantico TV Series

Alex is declared a witness, despite not remembering anything. She is told that the attack was an inside job and she is taken to a room with pictures of all of her old comrades. She is tasked with figuring out who it is, so they can be stopped, before they act again. Alex continues walking Agent Jimenez (Anthony Ruivivar) through her time at Quantico. She walks him through day 2. Liam (Josh Hopkins) and Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis) speak about Liam’s previous mishap and his move to Quantico, so he could keep his pension, while they enter. They argue about their successes and failures.

Eric Quantico

Simon apologizes Nimah, before he questions about her hijab and receives a smile. Alex focuses on Simon, who is constantly on his phone. The group continues trying to uncover one another’s secrets. Caleb discovers information on Eric. Caleb questions how Eric passed his background check, before the pair are split up. During class, Simon interviews Shelby. Simon brings up the death of Shelby’s parents and the piece of plane she carries with her. She reveals it is a piece of a plane from 9/11. Next, Nimah interviews Simon. She uncovers that Simon is a Zionist Jew, who traveled to Gaza and never told anyone.

Shelby Quantico

Next, Alex is interviewed by Ryan. Ryan brings up Alex’s nonexistent father. A flashback shows Alex’s mother and father arguing. The pair wind up fighting over a gun and Alex’s mother killed her father in self-defense. Next, Eric is interviewed by Caleb. Eric locks the door and shoots a lab, before aiming at Caleb. Caleb admits he didn’t uncover anything and was hoping Eric would let his secret slip. Back in the future, Alex receives a note, which tells her to keep stalling. Eric insists he never thought she would die, before he kills himself.

Alex Parrish

Miranda tells Liam that Eric got a 14 year old pregnant and forced her to have an abortion. He lost control, after she died, during the abortion. Meanwhile, Shelby and Simon attempt to console Caleb. Miranda groups all of the students together and insists they must be honest with themselves, if they wish to be a part of the team. Caleb is forced to stay behind and is potentially removed all together. Simon attempts to smooth things over with Nimah. It is shown that Nimah is actually two different people!


In the future, Liam and the others attempt to discover a suspect. They insist Alex will give up the suspect soon. They watch foot of a raid in Grand Central, which finds Ryan Booth dead. In the past, Alex tells Liam that she was responsible for shooting her father and not her mother. She also reveals that her father was an agent. Liam agrees to look into her father’s history. Next, Ryan Booth speaks with Liam and insists he didn’t expect to be in his current position, when he agreed to go undercover. Liam tells him to stay close to Alex and keep him informed about her actions.


Back in the present, Alex is arrested and Liam blames the attack on her. Miranda commandeers the FBI transport van and rescues Alex. Miranda insists only Alex can fix things now. She sets Alex free and gives her an FBI uniform. They attempt to flee in the van, but Miranda gets left behind. Alex makes her mistake into the city, as the episode ends.


Quantico Review

Quantico attempted to do something somewhat original, which should be commended. Unfortunately, their bold approach isn’t very effective. The acting wasn’t anything to write home about and the story is ultimately too scattered to be comprehensive. Also, the majority of the characters are unrealistic and unlikeable. The show attempts to be so politically correct that it turns out to be incorrect in realism and probability.

The erratic and ludicrous action is laughable and feels like a terribly scripted Big Brother spin off. For that, the show deserves a 4.5 out of 10.

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