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Quacks Series 1 Episode 5 Recap

As the 5th episode gets started, John (Tom Basden) and Caroline (Lydia Leonard) visit a psychic. John attempts to reconnect with his deceased wife. Before too long, Caroline gets upset with the psychic and leaves in a hurry. John follows after her. Outside, Caroline reminds John that it has been four years. Caroline mentions Nicola (Miranda Hennessy), who works at the apothecary. She tries to encourage John to give love another chance with Nicola. Seconds later, William (Mathew Baynton) receives a visit from Mina (Lisa Jackson). She gives him gifts, which she hopes will make him better. He tells her that his feelings for her do not go beyond friendship.

caroline quacks s1 e5Robert (Rory Kinnear) speaks with a possible new patient, the Bishop of Lambeth (Roger Ashton-Griffiths). The Bishop needs his appendix removed, but he refuses to go under the knife. The nurse encourages Robert to find a way to perform surgery on the Bishop no matter what. William’s treatment methods are ridiculed, since his patients have shown no improvements. That night, William tells John and Robert about his problem. He is told to fake some results. They quickly go to work looking for someone to pretend to be mad. Eventually, the bartender, Mr. Hubble, stumbles over. He quickly agrees to help for 2 pounds. Outside, Robert gets John to promise to drug the Bishop.

mathew baynton quacksMeanwhile, William manages to get the bartender into the asylum. John visits with Nicola. He buys some medicine and invites Nicola to join him that afternoon. At the asylum, the bartender is beaten by the guard. William is given a short period of time to show improvements with the man. Robert finds a naughty book about a Turk man. He ridicules Caroline for reading such material. He also complains about her wanting to become a doctor. Robert doesn’t believe that will ever happen. They get into an argument and items are thrown at Robert. John spends time with Nicola. They watch a boxing match and then head back to John’s place.

miranda hennessy quacksShortly after returning, they immediately begin making out. After intercourse, they speak about traveling. Nicola reveals that her father wants her to marry Lord Thornycroft. John tells his friends about Nicola. William is interested in meeting her. John promises to tell Nicola about his prostitutes and Beth soon enough. William finds out that his father has attacked the nursing home staff. He visits him and speaks with his mother. At this time, he learns that his father was ripped off and now they have no money. Lucky for William, Mina has agreed to cover the expenses. William is forced into taking Mina on a date. Robert interrupts Nicola and John. He tells them that it is time to drug the Bishop. They head to the brothel and slip drugs into his drink.

rory kinnear quacks s1 e5The operation is successful. However, John’s fondness for prostitutes is revealed. He is forced to tell Nicola the truth. Meanwhile, the bartender tries to tell the asylum staff the truth about his deal with William. Nobody believes him and William doesn’t say anything different. The man is dunked into a cold bath. Next, Caroline invites William into her carriage. He joins her and the two kiss each other’s hand. William stops and insists that would lead to something bad. Caroline returns home and is standoffish with Robert. The following day, John visits Nicola. He finds her dressed in a fancy wardrobe.

actress lydia leonard quacksJohn learns that Nicola has decided to marry Thornycroft. He tells her that he was writing a poem for her. She isn’t interested in the least.


Quacks Review

The 5th episode of Quacks was all about scheming and love. William and Caroline nearly moved their friendly relationship to the next level. However, William stopped that from happening. Instead, he may be forced into becoming close friends with Mina. As for John, he found love, but it was very short lived. Nevertheless, it was fun while it lasted.

Quacks might not have much of an underlying story, but each episode is fun in its own right. This one scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Quacks today!

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