quacks s01e04 recap

Quacks Series 1 Episode 4 Recap

As the episode gets started, Robert (Rory Kinnear) wakes up after a nightmare. Caroline (Lydia Leonard) asks him about Medusa. He admits he was on the Medusa again in the hammock. After the intro, William (Mathew Baynton) speaks to Caroline. During the conversation, he learns about Robert’s nightmares. William agrees to speak with Robert, before he feels a sharp pain in his stomach. They meet up with John (Tom Basden) at the theater. Caroline asks them about the famous mesmerist, Lantha Kapoor (Kayvan Novak). She seems intrigued with the man’s abilities. John doesn’t believe in the man’s nonsense. After another spasm, Robert enters and inspects William.

rory kinnear quacks s1 e4Robert quickly diagnoses William with a bladder stone. He shows him several strange tools that he believes will be able to break up the stone. John promises that he will not feel a thing with the chloroform. John takes William back to his clinic and shows him the power of chloroform. The woman babbles about sexual activities. William seems worried about doing the same and saying something embarrassing. John tells the men about his experiments, in which Rosie (Dominique Moore) writes down his thoughts while he is high. William returns home and is surprised by his mother and mina (Lisa Jackson). William learns that Mina has inherited her father’s estate. His mother seems interested in pushing them together.

quacks s01e04 recapWilliam doesn’t seem too interested in her. He refuses to go out to dinner with her later that night. John gets high and speaks to Rosie. She wants to stop writing and start having sex. Next, Caroline, John and William meet with Kapoor. The man agrees to put one of them under his spell. He chooses Caroline. It seems that his method works, but William stops it. He doesn’t want Caroline to say something that might hurt her. Kapoor wakes her up seconds later. Then, Robert meets with a patient and prepares to remove the man’s tumor. He is interrupted and is asked to give a student lecture. Robert refuses and lets John do it instead. William arrives for his surgery. William watches as Robert removes the other man’s tumor.

william quacks series 1 episode 4William notices Robert’s hand shaking. He encourages him to tell him about the Medusa problem. Robert begins telling a strange story about being stranded on an isolated island. Meanwhile, John finishes smoking drugs and visits the students. He started telling them about his ether and chloroform experiments, before he goes whacky. Robert’s story continues to travel down the rabbit hole. John drops to the ground and begins laughing. The students admit that John’s lecture is more interesting than Robert’s. Finally, Robert tells William that his story is nothing, but a lie. Then, John enters.

robert lessing quacksJohn offers to give William chloroform. He admits he would rather try Kapoor’s method. John relents and puts him under hypnosis. It seems to have worked. Robert approaches and prepares to go to work. As soon as he makes his first move, William begins screaming.


Quacks Review

I’ve enjoyed each episode of Quacks. I am not sure that this one was as good as the previous, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. The outcome of Robert’s Medusa story was a little predictable, but it was laughable anyway. Quacks isn’t a show to be taken seriously. However, it is a good time killer. This episode scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Quacks right now!

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