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Pulse Series 1 Episode 2 Recap

As the episode begins, Frankie (Claire van der Boom) chats with Tabb Patel (Arka Das). During this time, Lou Tannis (Andrea Demetriades) sleeps with Rowan (Blessing Mokgohloa). Frankie’s conversation with Tabb ends and she chats with Zoe (Melissa Bonne). Zoe complains about her condition. Eli (Liam McIntyre) enters and reminds Zoe of her upcoming operation. Eli makes sure Frankie is aware that Zoe is his patient and not hers. They argue briefly, before the intro begins. After it ends, Maggie Cutter (Susie Porter) discovers the affair Rowan is having with Lou. It is clear that she is not happy with Lou. Tabb is introduced to Abe (Ray Chong Nee) and his brother. Abe’s brother complains frequently. Tabb tries to smooth things over, but he is unable to do so.

frankie and eli pulse s1 e2Frankie and Chad (Owen Teale) speak with Kelly Reid (Jelena Milinkovic). The girl has suffered from kidney failure, but was lucky enough to find a donor. Eli speaks with Abe. He is forced to tell the couple that the hospital cannot give Abe an upgrade. However, he promises to get Abe moved, as soon as a bed becomes available. Zoe says goodbye to Zac (Lawrence Scurfield) and Sam (Troy Harrison), before she heads into surgery. Meanwhile, Frankie chats with Kelly. She explains that the ultrasounds showed no sign of infection or obstruction. Frankie quickly learns that Kelly is lying about her weekend’s partying. Tabb tells Eli about his concerns. Eli agrees that Abe has had a prior MI and it has probably gone unnoticed. Abe tells Tabb that he wants to attend his cousin’s communion.

tabb patel pulse tv seriesMeanwhile, Lou operates with Maggie. Lou does well at first, but Maggie quickly picks at her mistakes. Afterwards, Maggie tells Rupert Steele (Dalip Sondhi) that Zoe needs a transplant urgently. Frankie checks out Kelly’s social media then confronts her about the partying. Kelly denies partying and taking drugs. Abe’s condition worsens. Tabb tries to give him CPR, but it doesn’t work. Despite their best attempt, Abe passes away. Afterwards, Eli ridicules Tabb’s decision. He tells him to learn to have more concise patient history. Lou speaks with Zoe, after she awakes from her operation. Lou is unable to tell her that the operation was a complete success. She explains that Zoe had an aneurysm on the ascending aorta. During this time, Frankie consoles Tabb and promises that these things happen all the time.

lou pulse s1 e2Frankie learns that her biopsy still hasn’t been completed. Then, she learns about Zoe too. Frankie goes over her boss and begins anti-rejection therapy for Kelly. Frankie tells Kelly, but she doesn’t seem interested in treatment. She seemingly agrees to let Frankie help. Tabb is forced to tell Abe’s brother about his passing. He takes it surprisingly well, but does break down and sob. Zoe gets a visit from Frankie. Zoe wants to know how long she has, if she cannot get a donor. Frankie doesn’t want to answer. Tabb is warned that Abe’s brother, Felipe (JR Laveta), is causing a scene. He agrees to speak with him. Tabb does his best to console him. The family joins them moments later and sings a song for Abe. Then, Lou comforts Tabb outside.

pulse tv series 1 episode 2 recapNext, Tanya (Pallavia Sharda) confronts Frankie about ordering drugs for a patient, without asking her. Then, Tanya tells Steele. Frankie admit she didn’t get authority. Steele chats with Chad and tells him that he wants Frankie gone. Chad manages to talk him out of it. However, Steele still wants her punished in some way. Then, Steele learns that they’ve found a heart for Zoe. Zoe prepares for her transplant. She refuses to go, until she is allowed to talk to her son. Eventually, Frankie finds him outside and lets him chat with Zoe through her cell phone. The operation is a success. Afterwards, Rowan ridicules Lou for something she did wrong during the operation. She tells him that their relationship must end. She also learns that Rowan is still with the mother of his children. Meanwhile, Frankie gives Kelly her necklace. Kelly makes it clear that she doesn’t want Frankie’s help.

kelly reid pulse tv showFrankie reminds her that it is entirely up to her. Afterwards, Chad speaks with Frankie in private. He tells that she needs to obey by the rules. Then, he shows of x-rays of a brain with a tumor. She admits she wouldn’t give the patient long to life. It becomes clear that the x-rays belong to Chad. The couple laughs about the affair rumor going around about them. Kelly is shown hitching a ride. Tabb plays with Zac in the waiting area. Lou watches Rowan leave with another woman. At the end of the episode, Lou consoles Frankie, who admits it has been a terrible day.


Pulse Review

I really cannot get into Pulse. To be completely honest, I find it a little bit obnoxious. It is overly clichĂ©. It might be high on diversity, but it is low on quality. I think someone forgot to tell Liam McIntyre that Spartacus ended. I like him as an actor, but he doesn’t feel right for this role. I actually enjoy Frankie. I think the character has a good story to tell. However, it is overshadowed by the terrible side stories.

The show might’ve been great had they put more emphasis on Claire van der Boom’s character. Sadly, they didn’t. If there are errors or mistakes above, sue me. It has been a long day, so I was forced to rush this a bit. Sorry. This episode scores a 5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Pulse now!

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