frankie bell pulse s1 e1 recap

Pulse Series 1 Episode 1 Recap

As the series gets started, we see Frankie Bell (Claire van der Boom) undergoing an operation. Chad Berger (Owen Teale) performs the operation. Seconds later, Frankie wakes up. She takes several medications and gets ready for the day. Frankie rides her bike to the hospital, where she starts her new job. In the parking lot, Frankie runs into Zoe Mendosa (Melissa Bonne). The woman is ill. Frankie helps the woman and gets her rushed into the hospital. Inside the hospital, Frankie speaks with her friend, Lou Tannis (Andrea Demetriades). Both are starting their first day. Tabb Patel (Arka Das) enters and admits he is nervous. Frankie promises that he will be okay. Seconds later, Frankie is introduced to Tanya Kalchuri (Pallavi Sharda).

frankie bell pulse s1 e1 recapFrankie’s phone begins to ring. Chad takes it and dumps it into the trashcan. Lou meets her superior Maggie Cutter (Susie Porter). It is clear that Cutter doesn’t like new doctors. Rowan Mitri (Blessing Mokgohloa) chimes in and somewhat takes up for Lou. Lou promises to do whatever it takes. Cutter tells her to buy some knee pads. Seconds later, Frankie learns that the hospital believes that Zoe has TB. Eli Nader (Liam McIntyre) is put in charge of the patient. Chad pulls Frankie aside and scolds her for treating a TB patient in the parking lot without a mask. He makes it clear that he is concerned about her health. Nevertheless, Frankie promises that she can handle it. Meanwhile, Lou freaks out during an operation and nearly faints.

lou tannis pulse tv showThen, Frankie is introduced to Shawn. The man missed his opportunity to get a replacement kidney. He is told to stay close, because another one might appear out of nowhere. He is also scheduled for dialysis. Shawn makes a comment that he remembers Frankie from somewhere. Frankie tells Eli that Zoe might be suffering from myocarditis. He seems annoyed with her. Shawn tells Frankie that he wants to leave and return when dialysis is open. She relents and lets him go. Frankie visits Zoe and finds Patel annoying her. Rupert Steele (Dalip Sondhi) enters and reveals that Frankie was right. The woman is suffering from myocarditis and not TB. He agrees to treat it with medicine to prevent it from progressing. The doctors work to find her a heart transplant.

tanya pulse tv showThen, Eli scolds Frankie for being too blunt with Zoe. Frankie meets with Lou outside. She gives her a pep talk and tells her to return to the operating room. Frankie finds that Shawn has gone missing. She is forced to rush over to his home. When she does, she finds him out on the floor. Lou returns to Cutter and apologizes. She gets right back to work. Frankie is ridiculed by Chad. Chad orders Frankie and Tanya to make sure that Shawn gets his dialysis treatment. He tells Shawn about another patient that he used to play hangman with. Frankie admits that it was her. Then, Franky runs into Lucia (Zoe Carides) and Pedro (Franko Milostnik). The couple’s son was injured in an accident.

maggie cutter pulse episode 1The son wanted to donate his organs. Lucia isn’t so eager to allow that to happen. Frankie tries to avoid making their decision for them. Rupert reveals that the hospital has been granted a heart and a kidney. Eli tells Zoe and asks her if she wants to take the heart. She is given little time to make a decision, but ultimately accepts. Zoe gets prepared for surgery. Before the prep can get started, Steele enters and reveals that they’ve lost the heart to another hospital. Frankie argues with him, but he admits it wasn’t his decision to make. Cutter, Rowan and Lou remove the man’s heart. They find the kidney, but it is not in good shape. It appears a little grey. Nevertheless, Frankie suggests that they should take it anyway. Chad eventually sides with her.

owen teale pulse s1 e1 recapChad becomes concerned, because Shawn didn’t finish the dialysis treatment. Frankie visits Carlos and puts flowers on his bed. Then, his parents enter. Shawn undergoes surgery. The surgery is a success. Then, Lou and Rowan become flirty with one another in the locker room. They head to a room and have intercourse seconds later. The doctors continue to monitor Shawn carefully after the surgery. On the way home, Frankie learns about Lou’s new friend. Then, she shows her Shawn’s dog. Unfortunately, Patel doesn’t like dogs. It seems that Frankie is becoming ill. She has developed a nasty cough. That night, Frankie visits Shawn in the hospital and spends the night playing hangman with him. In the morning, Chad wakes her up.

frankie and tanya pulseChad notices Frankie’s cough. He inspects her and then tells her that there is a conflict of interest with him being her boss and doctor. He recommends that he visits another physician. Seconds later, Frankie learns that Shawn has written a letter to his donor’s family. She makes sure that they receive it. Shawn recovers, while Zoe remains in the hospital. Frankie spends time with her friends that night.


Pulse Review

Pulse has been shafted by viewers and I can see why. The first episode wasn’t necessarily terrible, but it wasn’t anything to write home about either. It was just mediocre. That is a shame, since the casting is actually pretty good. We have Liam McIntyre, Susie Porter, Andrea Demetriades, and Claire van der Boom. Sadly, the opener was lifeless and emotionless.

It was really difficult to connect with the characters. Plus, the political correctness is over the top. I am hoping it will get better with time, but I have low expectations. The opener was bland. A 6 out of 10 is deserved.

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