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Prime Suspect 1973 Finale Recap

As the building explodes, Clifford (Alun Armstrong) and Silas manage to escape. The others are not so lucky. Danny Mitcham (Nick Nevern) is obliterated. The police rush to the scene and begin looking for survivors. Spencer (Blake Harrison) and Kath (Jessica Gunning) are found injured. Len Bradfield (Sam Reid) dies at the scene. David (Jay Taylor) makes it home. He tells Renee (Ruth Sheen) that he warned the others and escaped. She gives him money and tells him to head to Reggie Barker’s (Mick Wigfall) place. Jane Tennison (Stefanie Martini) returns to the bank and is forced to stay outside. She immediately breaks down after hearing about Len. Clifford returns home with a bag full of valuables.

itv prime suspect 1973 finale

After telling Renee that John isn’t coming back, she decides to remain behind. Clifford explains that he is probably dead, but she still refuses to leave. Kath and Spencer are rushed to the hospital. Back at the station, Sergeant Harris (Andrew Brooke) quickly swings into action. He confirms that uniformed officers are on the hunt for Clifford and David. Edwards (Joshua Hill), Hudson (Tommy McDonnell) and the others join them. Harris tells Jane it is best to keep busy. At the hospital, Spencer sneaks into Kath’s room. Spencer tells Kath about Len. Jane and Edwards speak with Renee. She pretends she knows nothing about the bank job. She nearly jobs when Edwards confirms that John is deceased. Nevertheless, Renee remains adamant that he doesn’t know where Clifford or David went. She is take to the station.

prime suspect 1973 jane finale

Back at the station, Jane speaks with Spencer. At this time, Jane shows Spencer the bracelet she found in the Bentley lock-up. Harris tells the others the next-of-kin visit has been finished. Then, he admits he will probably drop by as well. Jane offers to go. She learns that Harris will be visiting Len’s wife and children. This delivers yet another blow. That night, Jane returns home and drinks. In the morning, Renee is interviewed again. Jane is given permission to question her. This is when Renee is asked about Julie. At first, Renee denies knowing anything about Julie. She eventually admits she found a picture of them together. Nevertheless, Renee refuses to give up David’s whereabouts. The detectives search the lock-up and find a lot of money and a shoe print. They agree Julie could’ve been strangled in the lock-up and drug to the location where her body was located.

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At the station, it is confirmed the money in the lock-up matches the money stolen from Julie’s father. Harris enters seconds later and reveals the Bentley van has been found. Jane also passes a list of Bentley associates to Spencer. During the search of the van, a piece of Julie’s bra is found. Paul (Jordan Long) concludes Julie must’ve been moved in the van. Seconds later, the detectives begin tracking down the Bentley’s associates. Eventually, Jane and Spencer arrive at Reggie’s bar. Spencer spots Reggie inside, but he refuses to answer the door. Spencer finds a way in, while Jane waits out front. Clifford attacks Spencer from behind. Jane watches as Reggie speeds away from the scene. She calls for backup immediately.

prime suspect 1973 finale bentley van

Seconds later, Jane spots David on a rooftop nearby. She makes it to the roof and tries to talk him down. Jane convinces David that he will be blamed for Julie-Ann’s murder, if he commits suicide. Eventually, he confirms that he told Julie about the bank job and John killed her in retaliation. David steps down and prepares to leave, when Clifford enters the pictures with a handgun. David and Clifford wind up struggle and David gets shot. Jane attends to his wound and pleads with Clifford for help. Instead, Clifford hightails it. David dies under Jane’s watch, while Clifford is captured downstairs by Harris, who gives him a beating. Jane visits Kath. During the visit, Kath reveals her mother thought she would die after joining the force. Jane tries to convince Kath to stick around and shoot for the CID spot.

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Next, Len’s funeral is held. Afterwards, Jane receives a visit from her parents. They provide her with comfort. They also try to convince her to come home, but Jane refuses. Clifford returns to the prison. This time, he doesn’t have a single visitor. Renee is allowed to return home. Jane pays her a visit. Jane gives Renee her son’s wallet. When Jane returns to the station, she is confronted by Harris. He complains that he is being investigated for attacking Clifford. Jane quickly agrees to give him an alibi. Jane returns to her duties and watches as the others do the same.


Prime Suspect 1973 Review

The finale of Prime Suspect 1973 was very satisfying. The truth about Julie-Ann’s murder was finally revealed. It wasn’t necessarily jaw-dropping, but it still featured a decent twist. David’s problems cumulated and nearly pushed him over the edge. Nevertheless, it was his father that ended his suffering. David’s demise was very emotional and well done. In the end, Clifford proved he only cared for himself and that is who he was left with.

We can only imagine what happened when Clifford once again faced down Clay. At the end of the episode, Julie realized she was right where she belonged. The finale was very good. An 8.5 out of 10 is well deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Prime Suspect 1973 right now! I would certainly watch a second season should ITV decide to make one.

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