ellise chappell poldark season 3 episode 8

Poldark Series 3 Episode 8 Recap

As the episode begins, Ross (Aidan Turner) and Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) visit Agatha’s grave. Ross makes it clear that he intends to get Agatha a headstone. George (Jack Farthing) continues showing contempt for Elizabeth (Heida Reed). She asks him what is wrong, but George doesn’t give her a straight answer. Moments later, George visits Caroline (Gabriella Wilde) and Dwight (Luke Norris). He speaks with Dwight in private about his baby and the time of its birth. Dwight is unable to give him a precise answer, but he promises to keep the secret. Morwenna (Ellise Chappell) and her sister listen to Ossie preach at the church. During this time, Drake (Harry Richardson) works on something at the blacksmith shop. Caroline visits Elizabeth. She tells her about George’s visit, but is unable to give her any further details.

ross and demelza poldark s3 e8Demelza tosses Hugh’s drawing into the ocean. Dwight visits Morwenna. He asks Ossie (Christian Brassington) about his treatment of Morwenna. Ossie is told to practice abstinence for the sake of Morwenna and his unborn child. Ross speaks with Zacky Martin (Tristan Sturrock). He learns that George has laid off more miners. Dwight arrives and tells Ross about his encounters with George and Whitworth. He doesn’t disclose any further details. Demelza gets a visit from Hugh Armitage (Josh Whitehouse). Hugh gives her a bundle of flowers. Ossie visits George and strikes up another proposal. Ross returns home to find Demelza and Hugh laughing together. Ross invites Hugh to stay for dinner, but he has other arrangements. Hugh tells the couple about Mrs. Teague and her daughters. He admits he is not interested in getting imprisoned by marriage.

actor josh whitehouse poldark season 3Later that night, Ross ridicules Hugh by claiming he lives in a dream. He also makes a snide comment to Demelza, before putting his son to bed. Prudie (Beatie Edney) makes it clear that she is on Demelza’s side. Morwenna continues to struggle with her depression. Demelza visits Drake and Sam (Tom York). They speak about marriage. Emma (Ciara Charteris) arrives moments later. Emma and Sam eyeball one another. Elizabeth tries to invite herself to Truro with George. George reveals he is first heading for Tregothnan. He also makes it clear that he doesn’t want Elizabeth or Valentine tagging along. Cary (Pip Torrens) and George meet with Lord Falmouth (James Wilby). They let him know that George will no longer do his bidding. Falmouth isn’t happy to learn that George has sided with Basset. Ross meets with Harris Pascoe (Richard Hope) and watches the voting. Lord Falmouth tries to use his pull to force the locals to vote for his candidate. Nevertheless, George wins the election.

dwight and harris poldarkDuring this time, Morwenna goes into labor. Dwight rushes to her aid. Ossie prays for a new start without Morwenna. He soon learns that his prayers have not been answered. Morwenna and the baby both survive. Ross gets into a spat with George. They speak about Elizabeth selling her son’s shares. George suggests she did so under pressure. George admits he doesn’t care about Agatha or the headstone. Francis Basset is forced to step in and calm the men down. Emma flirts with Tom Harry (Turlough Convery) at the pub. Then, she turns her attention to Sam. Emma encourages Sam to walk her home. She has a laugh at the expense of the lord. Ossie finds Rowella (Esme Coy) with Arthur Solway (Will Merrick). Arthur has brought Rowella books, but Ossie forbids it. George tells Elizabeth that he will be leaving alone. He insists a little separation will be good for both of them.

ellise chappell poldark season 3 episode 8The carriage is loaded up promptly. Before leaving, George tells Harry to watch Elizabeth. She overhears the order. Ross receives a letter from Falmouth. He has invited Ross and Demelza for dinner, before Falmouth’s nephew returns to sea. Ross and Demelza watch George leave town. Demelza seems upset with Ross for refusing to step up and attempt to become MP. Sam speaks with Emma. He invites her to become his wife. However, Emma turns down the offer while insisting she isn’t good for him. She insists she likes her sin too much. Geoffrey Charles (Harry Marcus) returns home. He is glad to discover that George is not around. Morwenna tells her sister about Ossie’s sexual demands. Ossie has disobeyed Dwight’s six weeks of abstinence rule. Rowella loudly announces that she is going to take a bath. This excites Whitworth. He spies on her from the doorway. Then, he barges in on Morwenna and forces her to sleep with him again.

tom york poldark s3 e8Elizabeth meets with Morwenna in the morning. She is surprised to find her so weak and disheveled. Elizabeth speaks with Ossie and forces him to get Dwight involved. Morwenna speaks with Geoffrey in private. She tells him to tell Drake that she has never forgotten about him and never will. Dwight speaks with Morwenna. Again, Dwight orders Ossie to avoid sex for at least a month. Ross heads to the cemetery. He runs into Elizabeth at the church. At this time, he learns about George’s suspicions. Ross encourages Elizabeth to deny everything. He also suggests having another child with George to eliminate his concerns. Before the conversation ends, Ross gives Elizabeth a kiss. Prudie watches from a distance. Geoffrey visits Drake. He passes along Morwenna’s message. Ross returns and imagines himself telling Demelza about his encounter with Elizabeth, but he does not.

demelza poldark s3 e8Then, the couple ventures to Falmouth’s place. Caroline watches as Hugh quickly chats with Demelza. Ross sits down with Falmouth. Falmouth expresses his wish to bring down George. Ross admits he would like to as well, but he insists he will not sell himself. Hugh expresses his true feelings to Demelza. She is forced to refuse his offer. Ross and Falmouth contemplate striking up a revolution. Once the conversation ends, Ross exits and finds Demelza singing to Hugh and the group outside. Ossie tells Morwenna that she is off the hook for the time being. She receives a gift from Drake. Meanwhile, Rowella flirts with Ossie. Ross and Demelza speak at home. They agree to no more secrets, but Ross keeps his. Demelza does not.

hugh poldark season 3 episode 8Demelza admits she would like to be someone else for a day. She admits she would be content with just a day, but she knows where her heart really belongs. Ross makes a comment about the way Demelza looked at Hugh. She promises she will look at him that way again with time.


Poldark Review

This episode of Poldark was great, but I am slowly beginning to turn against Ross. His stubbornness is starting to grow tiresome. Ross continually finds himself in bad situations that he could have prevented. He has also shown his cowardice. Demelza has been decisive and honest, while Ross and continued to hide from the truth. Simultaneously, I am growing slightly more sympathetic for the slimy George. Jack Farthing plays a great villain.

The good news is that Drake, Sam and Hugh have helped to keep the Ross and Elizabeth romance at bay. These characters have balanced the show while steering it away from becoming a soap opera. The episode scores an 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Poldark right now.

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