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Poldark Series 3 Episode 7 Recap

As the 7th episode begins, Ross (Aidan Turner) and his buddies dance and celebrate. Tholly (Sean Gilder) arrives and announces that he is the new gravedigger. Tholly introduces Sam (Tom York) to his daughter, Emma (Ciara Charteris). The couple does not see eye to eye on religion and other matters. George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) informs Tom (Turlough Convery) to tighten the security on their grain storages. They come across Sir Francis Basset (John Hopkins). George makes sure Francis knows about his elevation to the rank of Burgess. In return, Francis tells George about the passing of Sir Piers Arthur. George sees an opportunity in the man’s passing. Morwenna (Ellise Chappell) does her best to avoid Ossie (Christian Brassington).

francis basset poldarkNevertheless, Ossie forces her to perform her duties. That night, Ross and Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) chat about Sam and Drake (Harry Richardson). In the morning, Elizabeth (Heida Reed) helps Aunt Agatha (Caroline Blakiston) prepare for her upcoming birthday party. George isn’t thrilled with the arrangement and sees no personal benefit from it. Demelza tells Ross that Drake still yearns for Morwenna. Ross admits he was a fool for trying to negotiate with George. He insists those days are behind him. Next, Ross gives Drake a blacksmith business. Drake is hesitant to accept the gift, but he does so. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and George speak about Valentine’s diagnosis and treatment. They eventually agree to accept a second opinion from Dwight (Luke Norris).

ross and demelza poldark s3 e7Dwight offers a completely different treatment. Next, Dwight and Caroline (Gabriella Wilde) prepare for their next wedding. Before they leave, Dwight reveals that the army has found him unfit to resume his duties. Whitworth gets violent with Morwenna. He leaves her frightened. Seconds later, everyone gathers for Caroline and Dwight’s wedding. Dwight takes the floor and gives a speech. He praises and thanks Ross for saving him. George isn’t happy. Lord Falmouth (James Wilby) thanks Ross for saving Hugh (Josh Whitehouse). Demelza notices Morwenna’s odd behavior. Then, she speaks with Hugh. Francis Basset speaks with Ross about lending out his land to the miners. He also discusses his desire to rectify the corrupt political system. Demelza speaks with Morwenna outside and learns that Whitworth is a monster.

actress gabriella wilde poldarkBack at home, George complains that he was ignored by Falmouth. He gets into a brief argument with Agatha about his ambitions to become MP. Whitworth tells Morwenna that he would like her sister to come and stay with them. When he falls asleep, she tells him that she doesn’t love him. She loves Drake Carne. Demelza tells Ross about Hugh showering her with attention. Ross seems too self absorbed to care. Drake works at the blacksmith shop, while being lectured by his brother. Emma arrives and Sam tries to save her soul. She makes it clear she isn’t interested. Demelza arrives and tells Drake about Morwenna being pregnant. She tells her brother that he must move on. George tells the servants to search the property and find something belonging to Agatha.

actor luke norris poldark season 3Demelza tells Ross about Valentine having rickets. Ross insists that is no concern of theirs. Ross leaves to visit with Harris Pascoe (Richard Hope). He also runs into Basset and is invited to dinner. Morwenna’s sister, Rowella (Esme Coy), arrives. Drake makes a piece of jewelry with the Virgin and the Holy Child. Sam is impressed. George manages to find Agatha’s possession he was looking for. George tells Elizabeth that he plans to drop in on Basset. While he leaves home, Ross and his group have already arrived at the Basset house. Rowella asks her sister why she would ever marry such a man. Morwenna admits she did so to save the life of the man she loved. She confesses she will love him till her dying breath. Hugh manages to wiggle his way into Basset’s dinner, so he can speak with Demelza.

actor ellise chappell poldarkHugh draws in his sketchbook during the dinner. When asked about becoming the next MP, Hugh admits he is not interested. He insists he is nothing more than a bad poet and artist. George arrives and waits for a meeting with Basset. He waits, while the others enjoy a little entertainment. Hugh takes the opportunity to speak with Demelza. He also shows her his drawing of her. He encourages her to visit, so he can draw her again. George overhears the conversation between Ross and Basset. He makes a hasty departure. Demelza speaks with Caroline and admits she doesn’t believe Ross even notices her. When George returns home, he immediately gets into an argument with Agatha. He pulls out the item he recently retrieved. It is the Poldark family bible.

ciara charteris poldark s3 e7He tells Agatha that she isn’t turning 100. She will only be 98 years old. Elizabeth enters and interrupts. Before Ross leaves, he declines Basset’s offer. Rowella shows off her foot to Whitworth and manages to scare him away. Meanwhile, Demelza tells Ross that he could do plenty of good as MP. He remains uninterested. George speaks with Agatha alone. He tells her that there will be no party. In return, she tells him that the child might not be his. George returns to Elizabeth, but remains mum. Then, he gets a visit from Basset and manages to sweet talk him into getting his backing to become MP. Elizabeth speaks with Agatha. She learns that Agatha told George something bad. Before she can say what, Agatha passes away. Elizabeth alerts George, who seems happy for a change.

agatha poldark season 3 episode 7Drake and Sam both admit their thoughts are not entirely pure. Ross gets a letter notifying him of Agatha’s death. Demelza reads the letter and follows him to the beach. Demelza tells Ross that the letter also confirmed that George has gotten Basset’s backing to become MP. They get into an argument and Ross insists he cannot be Demelza’s pet. Ross heads to the cemetery. He is left alone with Agatha’s casket and Tholly. Ross finishes digging the grave, while insisting George will pay.


Poldark Review

The 7th episode of season 3 was pretty good. The series has again taken a bleak turn. Morwenna has gotten herself into more trouble than she could’ve ever imagined. George seems to be well on his way to becoming MP and Elizabeth may soon become a target of his anger. Ross and Demelza have returned to bickering with one another. Sadly, Aunt Agatha has passed away.

Recently, the relationship between Agatha and George was excellent and far more tolerable than Ross and George. From this point forward, it feels like we’re stepping into something reminiscent of last season. Demelza has a possible love interest and Ross seems eager to throw himself back into Elizabeth’s arms. Hopefully we do not get a repeat of last season. The episode was good. It scores an 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Poldark now!

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