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Poldark Series 3 Episode 3 Recap

As the episode begins, Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) waits for Ross to return from France. During the same time, Ross (Aidan Turner) arrives in France alongside Tholly Tregirls (Sean Gilder). They’re quickly met by brutally, as the French soldiers attack the townsfolk. Back home, Demelza tries to give Caroline (Gabriella Wilde) comfort and reassurance that Dwight will be fine. The soldiers continue their brutality. Tholly tells Ross that they need to find Jacques Clisson. Elizabeth (Heida Reed) tells George (Jack Farthing) that they need to remain on good terms with the locals. Ross receives a note providing him with a meeting place. Drake (Harry Richardson) and Sam (Tom York) stand outside of the church with their group singing. This obviously upsets George.

poldark series 3 episode 3 titleDemelza speaks with Zacky (Tristan Sturrock) about her brothers being blocked from attending the church. He doesn’t have a solution. They venture over to the old Grambler meeting house and decide to use it temporarily. The building was gifted by Francis to the villagers and therefore should be a good option. Drake meets with Geoffrey (Harry Marcus) and Morwenna (Ellise Chappell) on the beach. Cary (Pip Torrens) and George plot their next move. George makes it clear that they need to be careful how they treat the locals. Ross and Tholly meet a woman at the pub. She seems to be suspicious of their behavior. Aunt Agatha (Caroline Blakiston) makes it clear that she is aware that Geoffrey and Morwenna have been traveling to the beach. Elizabeth overhears the conversation. Elizabeth tells them to not return there again.

poldark s3 e3 recap geoffreyDemelza and her brothers begin working on the makeshift chapel, while Ross waits to speak with Jacques. Jacques (Nicolas Carpentier) finally arrives. Ross strikes a deal with the man in return for a list of the names of the soldiers captured by the French. Meanwhile, George learns about the Methodists moving into the old meeting house. That night. Jacques returns and requests more money. He also encourages Ross to return home, until the list can be made. Moments later, George prepares for his first day on the bench. Elizabeth refuses to join her husband. While George is sworn into the role, Ross and Tholly watch a public execution. Next, the pub woman inquires about Ross’ reason for being in town. He tells her a lie, which he is unable to prove. George sentences a man to a public flogging. His actions are cheered and booed.

poldark series 3 episode 3 georgeCaroline speaks with George and tries to gain information about the war. He admits Dwight’s name is not on any lists of prisoners or survivors. Sam learns that they’ve been kicked out of the chapel by George. Demelza encourages Sam and Drake to speak with Elizabeth. Zacky joins them. Zacky and Sam are allowed inside, while Drake chats outside with Geoffrey. Ross is captured by a French soldier. He is asked about his intentions for being in the area. Ross manages to negotiate his release, but he is told to leave immediately. The conversation with Elizabeth goes well. Also, Drake chats with Morwenna outside. That night, Morwenna asks Elizabeth about her visitors. She tells her about the meeting house and the church. Geoffrey admits he things the miners should have free use of the building. Demelza is surprised things went so well.

demelza poldark episode 3 s3Then, Elizabeth tells George about the visitors. He tells her that the boys are kin to Demelza. This quickly changes Elizabeth’s mind, since she believes Ross put them up to it. They both agree that the boys will not be able to use the property. Ross and Tholly prepare to leave France. Ross changes his mind at the last minute and jumps overboard. Tholly returns Ross’ hat to Demelza. Demelza and Prudie (Beatie Edney) attempt to relieve their frustrations. George convinces Elizabeth to move to Truro. They leave Geoffrey behind with Agatha and Morwenna. Sam returns to Demelza with the news. She immediately realizes that their relationship changed Elizabeth’s mind. To solve the problem, she decides to let her brothers use the storage shed, without Ross’ approval.

poldark demelza and tholly s3e3Ross meets up with Jacques again. He gets the note, but is immediately approached by French soldiers. A fight ensues. After a scuffle, Ross manages to escape town. Meanwhile, George gets an invitation from Lord Godolphin. He learns that the man’s nephew has been accused of assaulting a servant girl. It is clear Godolphin wants to sway George’s upcoming ruling. During the hearing, George rules against the victim while calling her a liar. Demelza tells Caroline what she heard from Tholly. She admits Dwight and Ross may never return. Elizabeth begins taking medication to cope with George’s new job. Drake continues winning points with Morwenna. She admits she would dare him to kiss her, if Geoffrey wasn’t around. Finally, Ross returns home. Meanwhile, we see Dwight (Luke Norris) locked in the prison.

george magistrate poldarkThe note confirms that Dwight is still alive. Dwight begins caring for a new prisoner, Hugh Armitage (Josh Whitehouse). Ross learns about his store house. He has no choice, but to accept Demelza’s decision. Armitage asks Dwight if he is still alive. Dwight admits he is, but will wish he wasn’t soon enough.


Poldark Review

The 3rd episode of Poldark’s 3rd season was good. The romance between Ross and Elizabeth continues to fade and that is a good thing. Instead, it appears that Elizabeth is out to get vengeance. Her entire attitude has changed and she has now separated herself from Geoffrey. We now know that Dwight Enys is still alive. Will Ross somehow be able to save his pal? What role will Hugh Armitage play in the upcoming episodes?

The church problem has been solved thanks to Demelza and her desire to show her independence. Nevertheless, it is highly likely that the bickering between Demelza’s brothers and George will continue. The episode was well rounded with plenty of action, romance and a little humor. The 3rd episode scores an 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Poldark now!

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