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Poldark Series 3 Episode 2 Recap

As the 2nd episode gets underway, we see that Drake Carne (Harry Richardson) has joined the guys at the mine. He seems to be fitting in just fine. Meanwhile, it seems like Elizabeth (Heida Reed) is growing jealous of the budding relationship between Geoffrey (Harry Marcus) and Morwenna (Ellise Chappell). Elizabeth reminds George (Jack Farthing) that Verity will be joining them for the Christening. Morwenna asks if the other Poldarks will be invited. George admits they will not. Ross (Aidan Turner) and Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) share dinner with Sam (Tom York) and Drake. Sam speaks about his mission and his desire to restore his home. The following day, Prudie (Beatie Edney) spots Drake bathing. She makes him feel uncomfortable and sends him away in a hurry.

poldark season 3 episode 2 rossCaroline (Gabriella Wilde) visits Ray’s grave. She speaks with Ross and Demelza about missing Dwight. She remains hopeful that Dwight will return to her. Meanwhile, we see Dwight (Luke Norris) writing a letter to his wife about an impending battle with the French. George sits down with Sir Francis Basset (John Hopkins). George makes sure to compliment the man. George tells the man about his beliefs in justice and superiority of intellect. It becomes clear that George is trying to wiggle his way into the magistrate role left empty by Ray’s death. Sam and Drake try to convert Demelza into a good Christian girl. Elizabeth’s jealousy of Morwenna continues to deepen. Moments later, Ross runs into an old friend of his father, Tholly Tregirls (Sean Gilder). Tholly admits he is somewhat of a pirate smuggler now. He also believes Ross will be tempted to join him soon enough. George returns home and tells Elizabeth about his ambitions.

morwenna and geoffrey poldarkThe following day, Verity (Ruby Bentall) arrives in town. She learns about the current bickering between George and Ross. Meanwhile, Ross finds a piece of wood belonging to a ship. He gives it to Drake and Sam for their house. He tells them to keep it a secret, so it doesn’t cause an uproar in the village. Ross and Demelza work, while Valentine is christened. Drake and Sam pass by the church with their wood. They discuss the potential of becoming members of the church. During the after party, Verity and Caroline learn that there was a battle on the sea. Both rush off, while thinking the worst for their lovers. Prudie rushes a note to Ross, who immediately begins investigating. Sam and Drake eventually make it to George’s land. They contemplate going around, but Drake convinces his brother to cross through George’s property. This gives Drake the opportunity to chat with Morwenna once again.

verity poldark s3 e2He manages to win a few points by picking the girl some flowers. Meanwhile, George gives Elizabeth an expensive necklace. She seems baffled by Verity and Caroline’s behavior. Ross returns with very little news. While a few ships have gone missing, it is unknown what happened to their occupants. In the morning, Ross discusses his next move with Zacky (Tristan Sturrock). Sam and Drake visit the local church. Reverend Odgers (Jason Squibb) is not happy with their presence. When George finally arrives, he seems upset as well. After the session ends, George tells Odgers to deal with the two. Verity returns and discusses her situation with Elizabeth and Aunt Agatha (Caroline Blakiston). Verity pleads with Elizabeth to put an end to the fighting between Ross and George. She admits she has to stick by her husband now.

poldark season 3 episode 2 demelzaRoss returns and tells Demelza about a recent ship wreck. Some of the men survived, but were taken captive. Ross contemplates heading to France to look for Dwight. He agrees to stay long enough to join Sir Basset at the upcoming dinner. In the morning, Verity finds the baby crying. Elizabeth seems distance and doesn’t want to hold the child. Drake meets Geoffrey and Morwenna on the beach. He shows them a mysterious well nearby. She also gives Morwenna a bracelet he has made. Ross and Demelza arrive at Basset’s house. They try to use the occasion to gain information about Dwight and Verity’s husband. Ross speaks with Basset. It is clear that the man is fond of Ross. Then, Ross is confronted by Reverend Halse (Robin Ellis). The man makes it clear that Basset wants Ross to be the magistrate. Despite the offer and the potential of George getting the spot otherwise, Ross turns it down.

poldark season 3 morwenna geoffreyDemelza speaks with Verity. Verity makes it clear that she is happy to have had 6 good years with her husband. She admits Caroline’s predicament is far worse. Then, Verity tries to convince Demelza to make nice with Elizabeth. It seems she has no intention of doing that anytime soon. Caroline interrupts and tells Verity about the Esmeralda ship. She explains that it has been moved to the port in Lisbon. Verity decides to visit Lisbon to see her husband right away. Later, Ross tells Demelza that Dwight’s fate is looking grim. George returns home as the Justice of Peace. Ross tells Demelza about his smuggling contacts. He admits he is going to have to head to France to look for Dwight. Verity packs up and leaves.

caroline poldark s3 e2We see soldiers gunning down their captives. One man holds a gun to Dwight’s face. The screen flashes black and the gun fires. Demelza watches from the cliff side as Ross and Tholly push the boat out into the water.


Poldark Review

While this is only the second episode, the third season this far in has been far better than the second. The show hasn’t focused too much on the love triangle with George, Elizabeth and Ross. That has been a blessing. Simultaneously, the introduction of Morwenna, Sam, Drake, and an older Geoffrey has been great. It seems the series has moved along at a good pace too. A lot has happened in just two episodes.

The episode was scary for Verity, but everything turned out well for her. How about Caroline and Dwight? Will their romance end prematurely? I sure hope not. Dwight was one of the only likable characters last season. We can only hope he doesn’t die this soon or at all. The episode was excellent. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Poldark now!

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