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Poldark Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

As the episode gets underway, George (Jack Farthing) wakes up alongside Elizabeth (Heida Reed). Drake (Harry Richardson) tells Ross and Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) that he plans to leave as soon as his wounds are healed. Ross (Aidan Turner) visits Aunt Agatha (Caroline Blakiston). He doesn’t realize that George is home, until it is too late. Ross manages to escape without a confrontation, before George spots him through the window. George also learns that the toads have returned to his pond. Dwight (Luke Norris) has flashbacks to his time in the prison. Caroline (Gabriella Wilde) offers him breakfast, but Dwight remains withdrawn. Demelza visits and tells the couple about Drake’s decision to leave town.

george and elizabeth poldarkAt the mine, Ross informs the miners that Zacky Martin (Tristan Sturrock) will be taking over as Captain. George and Elizabeth agree to punish someone for allowing Ross to visit. They set their sights on Morwenna (Ellise Chappell). George makes it clear that Morwenna will prepare for a visit with Whitworth. We see that Ossie Whitworth (Christian Brassington) has a passion for harlots and feet. As he leaves, he runs into Demelza and Ross. Of course, Whitworth pretends to be in the area to attempt to save the girls. Tom Harry (Turlough Convery) is scolded by George for not clearing the pond. As Ross and Demelza tour the town, it is clear that Ross has gained the respect of the locals. Drake visits Morwenna and Geoffrey (Harry Marcus). He lets them know that he is responsible for the toads. He admits he would do anything to make Morwenna happy.

poldark horse season 3 episode 6When confronted, Morwenna makes it clear she has feelings for Drake. She encourages him to be careful with the toads. Drake immediately begins capturing more toads. Caroline tries to get romantic with Dwight, but he is not interested. Back at home, Ross and Demelza speak about the couple. Ross admits that war takes a man places where no one can follow. He believes he might have a solution to Dwight’s problem. Harry informs George that the toads have returned. He suggests that someone is placing them there. George immediately places the blame on Ross. George sets up a plan to capture the culprit. Meanwhile, Morwenna tells Drake about the event and George’s anger. Ross puts the locals to work on his land. Sam (Tom York) tells his sister that he is worried about Drake. When Morwenna returns home, she is reminded of her upcoming meeting with Whitworth.

drake toads poldark season 3Caroline tries to play a friendly prank on Dwight, but it goes wrong. He becomes frightened. Ross arrives moments later with Hugh Armitage (Josh Whitehouse). Hugh spends time chatting with Dwight about their experiences. Ross tells Caroline to be patient with her husband. Agatha speaks with George about his childhood and his son’s rickets. She also tells George that the other kids picked on him, because he refused to accept his blacksmith grandfather. When Demelza returns home that night, she receives a message from Geoffrey Charles. She is forced to rush over to the Warleggan property to save Drake from capture. While Drake is bruised in the escape, both manage to get away. Back at home, Ross admits that he used to put toads in George’ trousers. George is angry once again in the morning. He tells Elizabeth that Geoffrey will be leaving to start his school session next term.

ross demelza whitworth poldark s3 e6Geoffrey visits Drake and tells him the bad news. He also reveals Morwenna’s relationship with Whitworth. Before leaving, Geoffrey gives Drake a gift, which is not opened. Agatha manages to convince Elizabeth that George is trying to get rid of Geoffrey, so she will spend more time with Valentine. Morwenna meets with Drake. She learns about his bruise and admits she loves him. A happy Drake returns to work, while Morwenna tells Elizabeth and George that she has no intention of marrying Whitworth. Of course, Tom Harry was watching their encounter. He reports it to George and Morwenna is scolded. Armitage and Dwight speak about their family members. Armitage reminds his friend that their loved ones haven’t been in their situation and couldn’t understand it. During dinner, Elizabeth asks Geoffrey about his Bible. George immediately suspects that it has been stolen. In the morning, Tom Harry searches Sam and Drake’s house.

dwight poldark season 3 episode 6The Bible is found still wrapped. Demelza and Drake try to explain that it was given as a gift. Nevertheless, Drake is hauled off to jail. Ross reminds Demelza that stealing something of such value could result in a capital punishment. Ross decides to speak with George. He tells him that there would be an uprising should Drake be hung. Nevertheless, the negotiations fall short of the mark. Dwight and Hugh continue their chats. Caroline watches from a distance. Ross decides to speak with an attorney to see what else he can do for Drake. He chats with Dwight, who agrees to testify. He also encourages Dwight to tell Caroline the truth. Elizabeth tries to talk George out of hanging Drake. Seconds later, Whitworth enters and George quickly concocts a plan. Morwenna is brought in and told of the situation. Moments later, Drake is released.

dwight and caroline poldark s3 e6Drake immediately begins planning to get a job, so he can marry Morwenna. Dwight sits with Caroline and tells her the truth. He explains that he doesn’t know how to return to a normal life. Nevertheless, he admits he believes he has gotten a start. Agatha writes a letter to Ross. He is instructed to visit the church. Drake and Demelza tag along. When they enter, they see that Morwenna and Whitworth have gotten married.


Poldark Review

The 6th episode of Poldark was definitely a little predictable. It also feels like the George and Ross feud is a little overdone at times. Nevertheless, the episode was good. The show did a great job of examining Dwight’s struggle to return to a normal life. The Drake and Morwenna relationship has been the highlight of the season.

I not so sure Elizabeth has ascended into complete darkness just yet. It feels like she is on the verge of betraying her husband. What will push her over the edge? Will it be the potential departure of Geoffrey Charles? Or has she gone too far to turn back now?

The episode wasn’t perfect, but it was very enjoyable nonetheless. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Poldark right away!

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