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Poldark Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

As the 5th episode gets underway, Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) and Ross (Aidan Turner) speak about the upcoming attempt to save the prisoners. Ross doesn’t seem to thrilled with the idea, but Demelza believes they should give it a chance. Dwight (Luke Norris) removes a wedding band from a soldier’s finger. He tells Hugh (Josh Whitehouse) that he promised to take the ring to the man’s wife. Caroline (Gabriella Wilde) explains the plan to Demelza. She believes that the army will be able to release all of the prisoners. That night, Ross tells Demelza that landing in French territory could potentially ignite a slaughter of the prisoners. George (Jack Farthing) learns that his son has rickets. He is not happy. He tells Elizabeth (Heida Reed) that Morwenna (Ellise Chappell) needs to come around with Whitworth.

aidan turner poldark s3 e5Zacky (Tristan Sturrock) tells Ross about a Dutch merchant that knew about the prison. The man did not have good news about the prison or Dwight’s time in captivity. He explains that the man suggested none would survive more than three weeks. Meanwhile, French soldiers storm the room and execute a man standing nearby Dwight. Aunt Agatha (Caroline Blakiston) speaks with Morwenna about her relationship with Drake (Harry Richardson). She is told that she cannot marry Drake for his and her own sakes. Ross tells Demelza he is planning to travel with the army and save Dwight. He visits his aunt and tells her that he will be away. She invites the entire family to her upcoming 100th birthday, before he departs. Drake takes a walk with Morwenna. At this time, she breaks the bad news to him. She does her best to break up the relationship.

drake and morwenna poldarkDrake becomes distraught. Ross puts Demelza in charge, before departing. They agree to keep his activities concealed from Caroline. Demelza consoles her brother. It doesn’t seem to help very much. In the morning, Ross, Henshawe, Zacky, and Tholly (Sean Gilder) meet up with the soldiers. They learn that the war will likely be hopeless. Therefore, they decide to separate and go on their own. On the way to the prison, Drake is found hiding on the ship. They agree to let Drake join them. He promises to follow Ross’ orders. Demelza meets with Morwenna on the beach. She tells the girl about her brother’s decision to leave. Whitworth (Christian Brassington) meets with George. He encourages him to hurry up and convince Morwenna to marry him. George promises to make it happen within the month. Morwenna pleads with Demelza to get word to her, if Drake returns.

poldark s3 e5 shipRoss and the others switch to a smaller ship. Then, they row to land. Back at home, Morwenna is shocked to see Elizabeth and George return home early. George learns about Ross’ adventure from Tom Harry (Turlough Convery). He intends to use it against Ross and to hurt his chances of becoming a member of parliament. Demelza visits Caroline and tries to convince her to stay away from the party. Her attempt is futile. Morwenna is forced to join Elizabeth and George. They arrive at the party and George quickly sets his sights on Lord Falmouth (James Wilby). They’re not happy to see Demelza arrive with Caroline. Ross tells Captain Henshawe (John Hollingworth) and the others that the plan is far more dangerous now that they’re moving in before the army makes their landing. Nevertheless, most of the men agree to continue forward with Ross.

ross and demelza poldark s3 e5The group sneaks up to the prison. Tholly uses Ross as a decoy to get inside. They eventually find a prisoner, who gives them Dwight’s location. Then, they encounter Armitage. He leads them to Dwight. Initially, Dwight doesn’t seem interested in leaving. Armitage encourages him to go. Seconds later, one of the prisoners squeals and the French soldiers begin closing in. George makes his move. He tells Whitworth about Ross’ adventure just loud enough for everyone to hear. Then, Whitworth confronts Morwenna. She tries her best to escape his grasp. Ross and his men manage to escape the fort. However, they’re followed by soldiers. Henshawe is shot. Ross and Drake pull the man to safety. In the process, Drake is also shot. Dwight tells Ross that Henshawe is a goner. Drake agrees to stay behind, but he is drug along with the others.

actor luke norris poldark s3 e5Armitage catches up with Ross and his men. He tells them that the soldiers have made landfall and they only have a short window to escape. At the party, Elizabeth tells George that Lord Falmouth has a nephew imprisoned by the French army. Ross and the others manage to board the boat and sail away. Ross begins to expect the worst. He imagines Demelza and the others ridiculing his actions. Then, he comes to his senses when Tholly spots their boat waiting in the distance. Dwight manages to patch up Drake. Then, he tells Ross that Henshawe wasn’t dead. He might’ve lived another hour. However, Dwight couldn’t take that chance, since it might’ve resulted in Ross dying. Dwight admits he will always question why he was saved and not the others. Sam (Tom York) and Demelza learn about the boat’s arrival. They rush to the beach and meet with Ross and the others. Morwenna watches from a distance. Armitage introduces himself, before Demelza learns about Henshawe.

tholly poldark s3 e5Dwight and Drake are rushed home. Tom Harry tells George about the return of The One & All. He also mentions Armitage. When Tom leaves, Elizabeth tells George that Armitage is the nephew of Lord Falmouth. Caroline is made aware of Dwight’s return. She visits him and the couple embrace. The group gives Henshawe a proper funeral. Armitage promises to use this opportunity to its full advantage.


Poldark Review

The 3rd season of Poldark has been spectacular. This episode was intense and very dramatic. I didn’t think the writers would let Drake die, but you truly never know with Poldark. Instead, it was Captain Henshawe that was struck down. It is sad to see Henshawe go, but it will be nice to see what Drake can do to get under George’s skin. Plus, Ross will likely be in favor with Lord Falmouth. That should give him the upper hand.

It is likely that Dwight will continue to struggle with his imprisonment. Will that drive a wedge between the recently married couple? Despite being a little too easy for Ross and the gang, the episode was great. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Poldark right now!

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    The episode was great. The final song was excellent. I did not catch the song name or producer. Can you give that to us. .

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