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Poldark Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

As the 4th episode begins, Ross (Aidan Turner) speaks with Captain Henshawe (John Hollingworth) about the locals raiding a ship carrying corn. George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) is shown sentencing the suspects to death for the crime. Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) begins experiencing stomach pains. She is rushed upstairs, without Ross knowing. Next, Ross and the Captain venture over to Wheal Leisure. George arrives moments later. He tells Ross that all of the valuable ore has already been stripped from the mine. After a little back and forth, Ross leaves. When Ross returns, he learns that Demelza has given birth to a baby girl, Clowance. Meanwhile, Elizabeth (Heida Reed) continues to ignore her crying baby. George and Elizabeth plan a ball with the intention of inviting the Godolphins.

poldark george s3 e4Next, Drake arrives at Geoffrey’s house with gifts. He has brought flowers for Morwenna and toads for Agatha. Aunt Agatha (Caroline Blakiston) makes sure Ross will know she is being neglected. Meanwhile, Caroline (Gabriella Wilde) shows off the letter she has received from Unwin. It seems he may be able to help get Dwight freed. Dwight (Luke Norris) is shown caring for the soldiers. He has a long line of patients ahead of him. Before Drake (Harry Richardson) leaves, he learns that Morwenna and Geoffrey will be heading to Truro for Christmas. Ross writes a letter to Agatha. Prudie (Beatie Edney) delivers it to the door, but Tom Harry (Turlough Convery) makes sure it never reaches Agatha. Clowance is Christened at the church. Geoffrey and Morwenna (Ellise Chappell) attend the event.

morwenna poldark s3 e4After the event concludes, Demelza pulls Morwenna aside and reminds her of the status difference between herself and Drake. She tells Morwenna that their relationship would not be looked at kindly. Drake follows Morwenna into the church, but she tells him that they have to stop. Caroline remains convinced that Unwin will be able to get Dwight released. She also mistakenly believes that Dwight is receiving the best treatment. Dwight is joined by Hugh Armitage (Josh Whitehouse). The man watches Dwight work on a patient in hopes of learning the skill. Elizabeth continues to take medication. Ross and Caroline visit Agatha. Geoffrey and Morwenna arrive in Truro. Ross finds that Agatha has been neglected. He builds her a fire and threatens the housekeeper. He also invites Agatha to live with him, but she refuses.

aunt agatha poldark s3George’s ball is a disaster. During the event, George overhears Morwenna chatting about Ross’ new baby. He becomes furious and quickly makes plans to remove Morwenna and Geoffrey from his house. George tells Elizabeth about the situation and she agrees with his decision to punish Morwenna. Ossie Whitworth (Christian Brassington) enters and George sees and opportunity. George envisions Whitworth marrying Morwenna in the near future. She is forced to dance with the man seconds later. Ross and the family enjoy a Christmas dinner. After touring the town and handing out food, Ross decides to put a plan into action to get much needed food to the locals. He takes his plan to Mr. Trencrom (Richard McCabe). Ross manages to convince him to go along. One of Dwight’s patients pleads for water, which is doesn’t have.

wheal leisure poldark s3 e4Ross makes plans to hold the supplies in the church against Sam’s (Tom York) wishes. Demelza and Caroline get dressed up and prepare to play their part in the operation. George meets with Whitworth and tries to haggle him down in price. During this same time, Caroline and Demelza pleads with the town’s wealthy for money to be used for the poor. The pair does exceptionally well. In the end, George gets a good deal for Morwenna’s hand in marriage. Drake tries to visit Morwenna. She sees him through the window. George returns and tells Elizabeth about the arrangement. Elizabeth is forced to break the news to Morwenna. She doesn’t bat an eyelash. Also, George is forced to give money to Ross’ cause, but he does so ignorantly. Elizabeth continues taking her medication.

poldark season 3 episode 4 caroline and demelzaThe following day, the ship arrives with the goods. The goods are delivered to the church without trouble. However, Tom Harry does observe the transportation of the goods. He reports it to George. A plan is put into action to raid the church first thing in the morning. George tells Morwenna that Whitworth will be visiting her that day. Then, George Harry ride over to Poldark’s place to watch his arrest. When they arrive, they see the soldiers leaving empty handed. Morwenna makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with Whitworth. Elizabeth finds out, but Whitworth admits he is not disheartened. He insists she will come around soon enough. He tells her to continue with the original plans. Ross tells George that his donation helped to pay for the food, which is being sold to the locals well below market price.

george and tom poldark s3 e4George returns home and exclaims that Ross has overplayed his hand this time. Meanwhile, Armitage offers to watch over the patient to give Dwight time to sleep. Dwight refuses. He also learns that the soldiers are betting on which prisoner will die next. Dwight cares for the man, since he is the unlucky favorite. The man is pulled away from Dwight’s care and shot on the spot. Zacky Martin (Tristan Sturrock) tells Ross that George plans to close Wheal Leisure and lay off 70 workers. It seems Ross’ plan has backfired. Caroline makes plans to travel to London to see if she can negotiate a ransom for Dwight’s release. Ross conjures up a plan to hire more men and flood the market with ore. In return, the price of the ore will decrease.

gabriella wilde poldarkNext, Drake, Demelza and Sam find a carriage stuck in the mud. Drake is delighted to see that it is Geoffrey and Morwenna. Sam helps get the carriage out of the mud, while Drake daydreams. Elizabeth chats with George about Morwenna, while Whitworth gets fitted for a new outfit. Demelza tells Ross about Drake’s relationship with Morwenna. She insists nothing good will come from it. At the end of the episode, Drake and Morwenna meet on the beach. They embrace and kiss.


Poldark Review

This season of Poldark has been fantastic and the 4th episode was no different. There is plenty going on to keep the viewer entertained. Ross continues to play a strategic chess game with George. He will now attempt to employ the workers laid off at Wheal Leisure and that could create a calamity for all local miners. Elizabeth has changed entirely from the previous seasons. She is now heavily medicated and out for vengeance. She is becoming more and more like George with every episode.

Caroline remains hopeful that Dwight will return, but things do not look good for the doctor. Finally, Drake and Morwenna have finally taken their relationship to the next level. Will they be able to make it work against George and Elizabeth’s wishes? The episode was great. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Poldark now!

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