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Poldark Season 2 Finale Recap

At the beginning of Poldark’s second season finale, Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) goes for a stroll while Ross (Aidan Turner) works in the mine. The mine has now become profitable and Ross has been able to pay his workers. Captain Henshawe (John Hollingworth) interrupts payday and tells Ross that the army has been looking for new recruits. Back at his new home, George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) instructs the butler to remove the portrait of Francis. Elizabeth (Heida Reed) doesn’t bother putting up a fight. Once George departs, Elizabeth’s son asks how long George will be staying. She is forced to break the bad news that the arrangement is now permanent.

poldark season 2 finale

Paul Daniel (Ed Browning) and a few of the other miners venture too close to George’s home, which is now sealed off by a fence. Tankard (Sebastian Armesto) and George watch the encounter from a distance. The miner is bashed and sent running away. Tankard tells George he thinks he is making a grave mistake and could face backlash for his actions. The miners visit Dwight Enys (Luke Norris) for treatment. Jud (Phil Davis) scowls and insists George needs to be punished. Zacky Martin (Tristan Sturrock) disagrees and admits there is nothing they can do, since George owns half of the county. Back at home, Ross dumps coins into Demelza’s hand. She is not impressed and she doesn’t attempt to hide her true feelings. Dwight visits Caroline’s uncle and gives him a full examination. During their conversation, Dwight learns that Caroline is on the verge of getting married.

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Dwight is visibly distraught after leaving. He immediately heads to the recruitment office and signs up for the navy. Meanwhile, George asks Elizabeth about her son’s shares. George admits he believes the transaction was illegal. He sends several letters to Ross inquiring further. They argue back and forth in writing, before Ross agrees to meet with his nemesis. Ross is told George is now in charge. Elizabeth hides away and doesn’t show herself during his visit. Ross admits he bought the shares and is accused of ripping Elizabeth off. Eventually, their conversation becomes heated. George ridicules Demelza, so Ross punches him in the face. Ross gets the better of George, before his allies arrive and escort Ross out. During this time, Dwight examines Jeremy.

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Dwight agrees to stick around until Ross returns. During their wait, Dwight tells Demelza about his enlistment. He admits his decision was due in part to Caroline’s marriage. He tries to come to grips with the situation by insisting he and Caroline were too dissimilar. Ross enters and surprises everyone with his bloody face. Elizabeth helps George clean the blood from his face. Ross attempts to explain his actions to Demelza, before he contemplates joining Dwight in the army. They argue about Elizabeth, before Demelza gives Ross a piece of her mind. In the morning, Demelza receives a letter from Verity (Ruby Bentall). She learns that the baby’s birth is right around the corner. Ross meets with his accountant and inquires about his anonymous savior. He finally learns that it was Caroline.

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He returns home and tells Demelza. He asks her how long it will take to forgive him. She counters by asking the same and also telling about her encounter with Captain McNeil. After a brief argument, Demelza ponders why they’re still together if they cannot trust one another. Ross returns to his room and pulls out his old army gear. In the morning, Demelza arrives at Verity’s place. We see that Verity has grown closer with Andrew’s daughter. Dwight visits Ross and finds him wearing his army uniform. Ross explains his decision to enlist, before telling his friend about Carolina’s involvement. Ross thanks Dwight for telling Caroline about his troubles. Meanwhile, Demelza and Verity talk about Demelza’s situation. Verity has a cramp and soon goes into labor. Prudie (Beatie Edney) is scared to death and nearly shot when walking near George’s land.

ross poldark with sword

Ross pays a surprise visit to Caroline (Gabriella Wilde). Ross thanks Caroline, before learning that she has turned down several marriage proposals. Verity successfully gives birth, with Demelza by her side. Dwight meets up with the other soldiers, while Ross speaks to Caroline about her true feelings. Verity tries to calm Demelza, before she returns home. Jud returns alone and gets an earful from Prudie. Demelza sneaks onto Elizabeth’s land and confronts her directly. During this time, Ross meets up with Dwight and tells him that Caroline isn’t actually engaged. Dwight is pleasantly shocked to discover that Caroline is standing behind him. Demelza speaks with Elizabeth. She admits she feels sorry for her. She also tells Elizabeth that Ross is hers, if she wants him. Ross tries to teach Caroline and Dwight a lesson, while using Demelza’s words.

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His own speech awakens something in Ross. He leaves the pair with haste. Dwight and Caroline kiss shortly after Ross leaves. They both profess their love for one another, but Dwight breaks the news that he has enlisted in the navy and must depart the following day. Meanwhile, Demelza nearly gets shot by Tom, while learning Elizabeth’s property. She returns home and the right of Demelza’s wound enrages Jud. Dwight gives Carolina a makeshift ring, before they agree to return to his room. Jud heads to the bar and riles up his allies. They agree to riot and burn Trenwith to the ground. Demelza learns about their decision and quickly rushes to Trenwith. She enters Elizabeth’s home and warns the pair. Nonetheless, they scoff at her. They only begin to take her serious when they look outside and see their fence burning. George calls for Tom and Tankard, while Demelza heads outside and tries to turn everyone away.

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George and his allies confront Jud and the others. Demelza comes between the two groups and tries to talk some sense into both. A gunshot rings out and Ross appears in the distance. He convinces Jud to take his men home. George asks Ross why he didn’t join his army comrades. Ross admits he had something to come back for. He turns to Demelza and they ride off together. Caroline pays a visit to her uncle. He tells her about Dwight’s visit and she admits she hasn’t thought about him. Later, George tells Elizabeth he intends to send Geoffrey Charles to Harrow. Elizabeth doesn’t like the ideal of being away from her son, but she has little choice but to obey. Demelza and Ross chat about Elizabeth and her pregnancy. Demelza packs her belongings and prepares to leave. Demelza insists she will not be second best.

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Ross explains that his night with Elizabeth changes his mind. He exclaims that Demelza is the only one he wants even if she is imperfect. Ross promises she will never come between them again. Aunt Agatha (Caroline Blakiston) asks Elizabeth what she thought she would get when she made a pact with the devil. Elizabeth insists everything will change when the child is born in March. Agatha ponders whether or not it may come sooner than that. Elizabeth looks frightened at the prospect of the baby belonging to Ross. The following day, Ross and Demelza share a kiss on the cliff’s edge.


Poldark Finale Review

The finale of Poldark’s second season was great. Things ended on a good note for almost everyone, including Verity, Ross, Demelza, Dwight, and Caroline. Verity has managed to win over Andrew’s daughter and she has given birth to a healthy child. Dwight and Caroline rekindled their relationship, while Ross and Demelza apparently did the same. Nonetheless, the finale left a lot in the air.

Poldark doesn’t remain joyful for too long. Does Elizabeth’s child belong to Ross? Will Andrew and Dwight return from the war? Will the mine continue to prosper? Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for the 3rd season to find out. The finale deserves a 9 out of 10. Be sure to read our older Poldark recaps right now.

  1. Lee Jones says:

    I had a lot of problems with this episode. One, there was no mob threatening Trenwith in the novel. It was a mere creation to restore Ross’ “heroic standing” with the viewers after what happened in Episode 8. The 1975 producers had pulled this same stunt. Two, George did not send Geoffrey Charles to school right after his marriage to Elizabeth in the novel. The latter’s cousin became Geoffrey Charles’ governess in the next novel. Three, there was no confrontation between Demelza and Elizabeth in the novel. I suspect Debbie Horsfield had created the scene for one of those “let’s cheer Demelza for her spunk” moments. I found this rather fake, considering that Ross had barged into Trenwith and forced Elizabeth on the bed before she eventually “consented”. In fact, I believe he would have raped her – as he had done in the novel – if she had not consented. So . . . I couldn’t drum up any sympathy for Demelza, because the entire scene struck me as contrived.

    • ReelMockery says:

      Hmmm, I have not read the novels nor have I watched the old Poldark. I must admit I liked Dwight more than Ross this season. They did seem to let him get away with the affair a little too easy. Thanks for the insight. Definitely changes my perspective.

  2. Lee Jones says:

    I must admit I liked Dwight more than Ross this season. They did seem to let him get away with the affair a little too easy.

    You can thank Winston Graham for that.

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