ross and demelza poldark episode 4

Poldark S2 Episode 4 Recap

At the beginning of the 4th episode, Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) confronts a group of prisoners near Wheal Leisure. He speaks with their guard and learns the group has been arrested for smuggling items. Ross makes a snarky comment, before the guard leads the prisoners away. Ross heads into the mine, while telling the visibly pregnant Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) to return home. Ross and his men discover that they’re very close to reaching Trevorgie. They believe another blast should do the trick, but they’ll first need to obtain permission from the other shareholders. George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) is shown perfecting his fighting skills, while Ross discovers his men are suffering from some type of ailment. Caroline (Gabriella Wilde) writes a letter to Dwight (Luke Norris) and subtly ridicules him for not checking on her. Of course, Dwight is forced to attend to the miners and has little time for his admirer.

ross and demelza poldark episode 4

Dwight examines his patients, but is unable to discover the source of the problem. Meanwhile, Demelza hits the sea and collect fish. She runs into Elizabeth (Heida Reed) on the way home and is asked about her activities. Demelza admits Ross probably won’t be happy, but also confirms she has no intention of telling him. She makes it home and Prudie (Beatie Edney) begins preparing dinner. Back at the mine, Dwight manages to uncover the problem with the help of Ross. Unfortunately, he has a new problem on his hands. He needs fruits and vegetables to counteract the scurvy. Ross encounters George on the road. George is asked about the assault on Jud (Phil Davis), yet he denies being involved. A nervous George returns home and places the gun near his bed. In the morning, Ross learns about Demelza’s fishing. He lashes out at his wife and ridicules her judgment. Meanwhile, Francis (Kyle Soller) experiments with dowsing rods. Elizabeth speaks with Aunt Agatha (Caroline Blakiston) and is told she needs to keep George on her good side.

poldark demelza and elizabeth series 2

Verity (Ruby Bentall) meets with her husband, Andrew Blamey (Richard Harrington), as he returns to the city. He tells Verity that his daughter and son will soon visit. Verity contemplates whether or not the price of their relationship was worth it. Andrew doesn’t seem to mind. Next, Verity meets with Demelza and they discuss Francis and his hatred for Andrew. Caroline receives a return letter from Dwight. She responds and invites Dwight to visit her. Verity contemplates visiting Elizabeth without Francis knowing. They spot Francis on the street and Verity insists he will never reconcile. Dwight arrives at Caroline’s place and she ridicules his poor patients. The doctor leaves her money behind and departs with haste. Meanwhile, Tankard (Sebastian Armesto) and the others arrive for the shareholder’s meeting. Henshawe (John Hollingworth) provides the men with an update and also discusses their future intentions. Ross asks for the men’s approval for one more blast. Tankard quickly dismisses the idea and calls for a vote.

Caroline Penvenen Poldark

Unfortunately, Ross and his comrades are defeated. After the vote, Tankard makes it known that he and George has obtained a greater quantity of shares in Wheal Leisure. Meanwhile, George finds Elizabeth stalking around his property. He invites her inside for refreshments and she obliges. Ross returns home and finds Mr. Trencrom (Richard McCabe) in his living room. Trencrom makes him an offer, so he can begin using the nearby cove to smuggle goods into the city. George attempts to force Elizabeth to rekindle their relationship, while threatening Francis if she refuses. Regardless of the threats, Elizabeth departs and tells George no. Ross strikes a deal for 200 pounds and salt for access to his beach. Trencrom has no choice, but to accept the offer. Demelza doesn’t like the arrangement in the least and lets Ross know about her feelings right away. Ross attempts to reassure his wife that he will not return to jail, but his words carry little weight. The next day, Ross and Zacky Martin (Tristan Sturrock) discuss their progress and their current stalemate.

zacky and ross poldark season 2

They observe Wheal Grace in the distance and notice its close vicinity to Trevorgie. Ross recalls what Mark told him, before he escaped to France. Zacky reveals Wheal Grace is under water and that they’ll need a pumping engine. Despite the obstacles, Ross has already formed another half-baked scheme. He visits Wheal Grace and encounter his brother. They speak about their father and his mine, while Francis admits he has been thinking about returning to mining. During this time, Caroline visits Dwight. Dwight has collected fruits for his patients. Caroline asks if his patients will enjoy worms and mold. Dwight shoots back that beggars cannot be choosers. Andrew tells Verity that his children will be arriving sooner than expected. Caroline speaks with Ray (John Nettles) and tries to convince him to give her a share of her money. Ray tries to urge her to wed Unwin (Hugh Skinner), but she shuts the idea down quickly. Nonetheless, Caroline secures 50 pounds. Back at home, Francis tells Elizabeth about his desire to return to mining.

Actor Kyle Soller Poldark

Ross discusses his plan with Zacky and Henshawe. He then prepares to meet with Trencrom’s men against Demelza wishes. She tries to talk him out of it, but is unable to do so. Demelza and the others remain at home, while Ross manages to successfully get the cargo. When Ross returns home, Demelza lets him have it. She admits she is tired of being told what to do, while Ross has free reign. Andrew leaves Verity to go and collect his son James. Meanwhile, Caroline watches as Dwight receives a load of oranges. Ross speaks with Caroline briefly, before joining Dwight. Ross tells Dwight he is not responsible for the gift. Dwight quickly comes to the conclusion that he will need to thank Caroline for her generosity. He meets her at home and gives his thanks, while also admitting he likes her a great deal. Caroline insists Dwight is now under obligation to her. He laughs at the idea, before Unwin and George interrupts. George insults Dwight and scares Caroline, before we jump to the Red Lion.

andrew and verity poldark season 2

Ross meets with the other shareholders. George arrives in Tankard’s place. He announces himself as principal shareholder and makes it known he intends to prevent their progress. Ross seethes as she exits. He return homes and tells the others they cannot do anything without George’ say so. Ross puts his plan into action. He speaks with his accountant and instructs him to sell his shares in Wheal Leisure at an inflated price. Then, he meets with Francis and insists they should open Wheal Grace together. They put their money together and end up with 1,200 pound to put into the venture. Francis prepares to tell Ross something important, but Ross admits the past should be forgotten. They agree and shake on it. Demelza tells her servant she is heading to the cove and tells her to remain silent. Esther arrives at Verity’s door. The girl is awkward and very unwelcoming of Verity. Ross and Francis meet with the accountant. Francis has the shares put into his son’s name, so they will be untouchable to George. Meanwhile, Demelza gets in her boat and rows out to sea.

poldark caroline and dwight

George encounters Ross at the bar and tells him how Francis got the money. Ross lashes out when he learns Francis gave up the names of the Carnmore Copper Company shareholders. They fight briefly. George puts up a fight, but is left on the ground. Ross meets with Dwight and gets patched up. He also ponders whether his business is now ruined, due to Francis and his involvement. Captain Blamey arrives and speaks with Ross. Francis arrives moments later and Ross uses his secret past to force him to forgive Andrew. Despite his reluctance, Francis comes around and forgives Andrew. Meanwhile, Demelza begins to go into labor. She attempts to row the boat back to land. Blamey returns home and finds Verity is complete mess. James is invited inside and he is the exact opposite of his sister. Francis returns home and tells Elizabeth about Blamey. Ross makes it home and learns about Demelza. He is forced to save her, while belittling her every step of the way.

george and ross fight

Demelza is taken home. Dwight delivers a baby boy. The group celebrates, before George arrives at Wheal Leisure. Caroline stops and speaks with Dwight. She confirms she has ordered more oranges, before revealing her intention to leave the city. The Poldark family celebrates outside of Wheal Grace, while Ross showers his wife with compliments.


Poldark Review

The 4th episode of Poldark’s 2nd season saw Ross outmaneuver George at every turn. He reunited with his brother, while also forcing Francis to forgive Verity’s husband. Despite a few arguments between husband and wife, Ross and Demelza ended the episode on good terms and their family grew by one. Elizabeth was able to shut down George’ advance for now, but things seem to be going a little too good for the Poldarks.

It is highly likely something bad is awaiting in the future. George continues to grow more desperate and will be likely to try anything to regain the upper hand. What will he do? Only time will tell. A solid 8.5 out of 10 for the 4th episode. Catch up with previous recaps of Poldark right away!

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