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Poldark Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

At the beginning of the 3rd episode, Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) goes for a stroll. He observes his mine from the clifftop. Tankard (Sebastian Armesto) pays a visit to George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) and finds him honing his boxing skills. Tankard applauds his efforts and admits he needs to be prepared for an encounter with Ross. However, he also insists there are other ways to choke a man. Ross returns home and looks over the map of his land. He is rudely interrupted by Jud (Phil Davis), who passes him a letter. The letter reminds Ross of his one thousand pound loan and the payment, which will soon be due. Dwight (Luke Norris) receives a visit from Caroline (Gabriella Wilde), while Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) heads to the shore. She seems to be distraught due to her pregnancy and Ross’ admission that he doesn’t want another child.

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Next, Ross meets with the shareholders of Wheal Leisure. Tankard invites himself in and announces that he will be acting on Mr. Coke’s behalf. During this time, Francis (Kyle Soller) seems to have been reinvigorated. He plays with his son, before learning he and his wife has been invited to George’s mansion. Elizabeth (Heida Reed) tries to refuse the invitation in the most polite manner, but Francis sends George’s servant away on a sour note. Ross explains the mine’s current situation to the shareholders. He also lays out his plan to expand towards Trevorgie. A vote is taken and everyone, except for Tankard, accepts the proposal. Demelza returns home with firewood. Her trip is interrupted by Captain McNeil (Henry Garrett). They speak briefly about Ross and his trial, before McNeil is invited inside for a drink. Ross exits the shareholder meeting. He tells Zacky Martin (Tristan Sturrock) and the others than George finally has a spy in their camp.

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Ross remains adamant that they can remain in control as long as the shareholders remain firm. However, the others seem concerned about Poldark’s current financial problems. Prudie (Beatie Edney) serves drinks for Demelza and the Captain at home. The Captain finally reveals his reason for visiting the Poldarks. He admits he needs Demelza’s assistance with a sick cow. She is urged to visit Hugh Bodrugan’s (Patrick Ryecart) farm, but she is hesitant to do so. Ross enters moments later and has no trouble sending his wife to assist. Meanwhile, Caroline and Unwin (Hugh Skinner) tour the town. Caroline makes it known that she despises the place aside from one particular person. George receives the refusal and quickly blames Francis. He and Tankard discuss Unwin and his inability to help their cause. George urges Tankard to summon Tom Harry (Turlough Convery) to deal with Poldark’s servant. Meanwhile, Jud is shown at the bar boasting about his testimony on Ross’ behalf.

francis poldark season 2Meanwhile, Demelza ridicules Ross for sending her away, without even considering her opinion. They argue and she rushes off in a fit of anger. She runs into Elizabeth and insists she is only trying to track down Garrick. They speak about Demelza’s pregnancy and she admits she has yet to tell Ross. Elizabeth blames herself for Julia’s demise. Demelza continues her search moments later. Jud exits the club and is spotted by Tankard and Tom. He rushes away and manages to evade capture. That night, Ross works the mine, while Demelza tosses and turns in bed. In the morning, Ross confirms he will head home for breakfast and then set off for Truro to settle his finances. He returns home and apologizes to Demelza, while finally telling her the truth about his financial troubles. He instructs her to look around and see what she will be willing to sell. She looks out the window and spots the cows. She then visits Hugh about his cow. She convinces him that he may be better off starting fresh and offers to sell one of her prized crows to him at a substantial price.

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Ross speaks with his accountant and learns that the loan has been extended for another year. Unfortunately though, he will need to pay up four hundred pounds as soon as possible. Hugh attempts to have his way with Demelza, before the Captain steps in. Hugh is set on his way, while the Captain offers to protect Demelza should be agree to meet Hugh again in the future. Later, Ross and Demelza go for a stroll and speaks about the items they can sell. Ross makes a joke about putting Garrick up for auction, but they seem to agree he wouldn’t be worth much. The pair sets out and begins selling the belongings shortly thereafter. Caroline encounters Dwight on the street and tells him about her sore throat. They observe Ross and Demelza bringing more items into town. During their trip, Ross is confronted by George. Ross asks George whether or not he was disappointed by the outcome. George denies any involvement. Ross threatens George and insists his disappointment may be yet to come.

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Ross and Demelza pay off the debt, before heading home. Meanwhile, Francis spends time with his son. He tells his child that George is not their friend, but Ross could be in time. Dwight pays a visit to Elizabeth, who asks about his stay with Francis during the trial. Elizabeth somewhat learns the truth, but is comforted by Dwight, who insists whatever happened has changed Francis for the better. Jud is confronted by Tom and Tankard. He attempts to repay the money he was given, but is instead beaten viciously. That night, Demelza tries to tell Ross about her pregnancy, but is interrupted by Dwight. He invites the pair to Trenwith as requested by Elizabeth. In private, Ross tells Demelza that they cannot go, but she tries to convince him otherwise. Prudie rushes in and exclaims that Jud has been killed. His body is brought in and places on a table. The others contemplate how it could’ve happened and Ross quickly connects the attack to Jud’s testimony. Money is found in Jud’s possession and Prudie decides to use it to throw a funeral party.

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Afterwards, Demelza and Ross speaks about George and his intention to create a wedge between Francis and Ross. Ross agrees to accept Elizabeth’s invite, so they might be able to overcome such an attempt. The pair arrives the next day. Francis is thrilled to see the couple. They all begin to celebrate the harvest, while Elizabeth’s mother ridicules the servants. Meanwhile, Caroline’s ailment worsens. It is decided that they’ll send for Dwight. Back at the other party, Francis tells Dwight and Ross how he finally stood up to George. Dwight receives a note and is forced to depart. During this time, Elizabeth’s mother continues to be a Debby Downer. She aims her attack at Demelza, who holds her tongue. Unwin arrives at George’s party. He returns into George and the pair learn that Jud has been killed. Back at the Poldark home, Prudie and the others enjoy a feast, while mourning Jud’s death. It is discovered Jud’s body has disappeared. Prudie rushes over to Francis’ place and tells Demelza right away.

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Demelza returns home, while Dwight arrives at Caroline’s door. He inspects her throat and quickly diagnoses the problem. Downstairs, George tells Unwin to stop messing around make and secure his wife, before spending her fortune. George speaks with Aukitt about his shares in Wheal Leisure. Meanwhile, Francis tells Ross about his desire to return to mining. He also admits he has a little money stored away for the venture. Dwight pulls a bone from Caroline’s mouth and she immediately begins feeling better. Ross and Francis seem to be rekindling their relationship, while Prudie and Demelza returns home. They’re caught off guard when Jud comes rushing through the door. Dwight tells Ross about his visit and also tells him that Aukitt may have agreed to give his shares to the Warleggans. Jud ridicules the others for using his money and leaving him nothing. Next, Elizabeth and Ross get stuck in a private room. Their conversation quickly turns flirty with Ross contemplating what life could’ve been. Demelza returns and overhears their conversation. Elizabeth stops Ross’ advances and makes her departure.

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Demelza rushes home and is soon joined by Ross. Demelza tells her husband about Jud. They speak about their last visit to Francis’ place, before Demelza finally tells the truth about her pregnancy. Ross admits he doesn’t want a child and is afraid of losing another. However, he agrees to open his heart, if Demelza can.


Poldark Review

The 3rd episode of Poldark’s 2nd season was great. Ross and Demelza hit rock bottom financially, but still managed to scrap together enough money to pay their expenses. Their hard work and determination knows no bounds. Meanwhile, both became friendly with members of the opposite sex, yet neither acted upon the opportunity. Despite their difficulties, they remained loyal to one another. And, Francis seems to have finally come around.

He is much more tolerable and could prove to be a valuable asset to Ross in the future. Jud’s “death” was funny and I am convinced Ross may be able to use his passing to his advantage. A good episode, which scores an 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Poldark right now!

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