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Poldark Recap Season 2 Episode 7

At the beginning of the 7th episode, Jud (Phil Davis) receives a message to pass along to Ross (Aidan Turner). Jim Vercoe (Marc Danbury) and Captain McNeil (Henry Garrett) watch the exchange from a distance. They discuss their informer and the upcoming exchange of smuggled goods. Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) receives a visit from the smugglers. They finally pick up the goods, which have been sitting in storage for far too long. Down inside Wheal Grace, Zacky Martin (Tristan Sturrock) and Ross discuss their next move. Ross admits the situation is now dire and they’ll be forced to delve deeper. Ross also mentions Mark (Matthew Wilson) and remains adamant that he believes the man’s tale. Next, Ross pays a visit to Elizabeth (Heida Reed). She expresses her disappointment that she no longer has an interest in the mine and that Ross will no longer has a reason to visit.

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Ross offers to visit frequently and Elizabeth admits she would like that. George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) speaks with Tankard (Sebastian Armesto) about his plan for bringing a bank to the city. He insists he will buy the properties of the poor and substantially increase their rent. Once they’ve been forced to vacate, they’ll tear down the buildings to make room for the bank. Doctor Dwight Enys (Luke Norris) meets with Charlie (Ross Green). Charlie tells the doctor about his engagement to Rosina (Amelia Clarkson). Rosina’s father, Jacka (John MacNeill), is visibly upset by the news. They encourage Dwight to become the next to settle down. Back at the Poldark house, a commotion is heard outside. This gives Demelza and the others a fright. Much to their surprise, it is only Jud.

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Jud fights with Prudie (Beatie Edney) briefly, before Ross enters and interrupts. Jud tells Ross that Mr. Trencrom (Richard McCabe) has been able to find Mark. Trencrom has agreed to pass a message along. However, Ross has other ideas. He intends to travel to see Mark personally. When Dwight returns home, he finds Caroline (Gabriella Wilde) in his house. She has come up with a new plan to escape her uncle’s grasp. She plans to run away with Dwight and get married only to return after a year or two. Dwight doesn’t like the arrangement, but he seems willing to do anything for Caroline. Elizabeth and Aunt Agatha (Caroline Blakiston) invite the Reverend and his family over for lunch. Agatha insults the man and his family from afar. Agatha admits she wishes Ross was around, but Elizabeth seems convinced they can make do without him. Meanwhile, Ross tells Demelza about his plan. He tells her that he will be traveling with Henshawe and Paul. The pair shares a kiss, before Ross sets sail.

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During this time, Dwight examines the customs officer’s son. Dwight also asks about Vercoe’s health. During their conversation, Dwight learns that the guards are close to snagging the smugglers. While Ross is away, George tells Tankard to warn Elizabeth of possible unrest, due to the uprising of the French. Tankard does as he is told. Elizabeth seems concerned about her family’s current situation, but Agatha does not. She fetches her pistol and prepares to protect herself. Dwight visits the Poldark house only to discover that Ross has left. He speaks with Demelza about his current situation instead. He tells her about his proposition with Caroline. Demelza admits Dwight’s absence will hurt the locals, but she encourages him to follow his heart. Ross and the others arrive at their destination. They visit the pub and wait for Mark’s arrival. Next, Demelza gets a visit from Caroline. Caroline admits she thought Dwight would’ve already changed his mind.

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They discuss marriage briefly, before sharing tea. Caroline also receives an update about Wheal Grace. That night, Elizabeth locks her windows, while Demelza stares into the sea. Mark finally arrives. After a quick celebration, the men get down to business. During this time, Dwight receives a letter from Caroline. He is told they will need to meet in the morning. The conversation with Mark is uneventful. After it concludes, Ross admits they have already checked the location mention and found nothing of interest. The men board their boat and begin their journey back home. Caroline meets with Dwight and tells him they’ll need to leave a day earlier than initially expected. Dwight agrees and promises to meet Caroline, before she leaves to London with her uncle. Tankard returns to Elizabeth and again expresses George’s concern for her safety. Demelza receives a visit from Elizabeth, who asks whether or not Ross got her letter.

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Prudie seems to tell a fib by insisting she passed the letter to Ross. Demelza sends Elizabeth away in a very unpleasant manner. Demelza heads into town and finds Rosina on the ground. It seems her knee has taken a turn for the worse. Rosina is transported home. Demelza insists they should call on Charlie to notify Dwight. However, Jacka reveals Charlie has been sick and will be unable to help. Therefore, Demelza fetches Dwight. Demelza discovers Dwight packing his belongings. She learns about his shortened schedule, but Dwight agrees to help nonetheless. Meanwhile, Ross contemplates his life. He tells the others he feels old and should probably give up on mining. Dwight mends Rosina’s leg. Outside, he discusses his suspicions with Demelza. Dwight agrees to visit Charlie and to obtain the truth. During this time, Caroline attempts to coax her uncle, Ray (John Nettles), into going to bed so she can sneak out of the house and meet with Dwight.

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Dwight speaks with Charlie, while Demelza runs into a guard on her way home. Dwight accuses Charlie of being the informant, but he denied the accusations. However, the doctor obtains definite proof when he discovers the book the customs officer’s son had earlier. Dwight prepares to leave, but is attacked from behind. Ross and the others prepare to make landfall. Captain McNeil forces his way into the Poldark house and orders a guard to watch Demelza. Caroline heads upstairs and writes a goodbye letter to her uncle, while Dwight is forced to defend his life. Dwight manages to overpower Charlie and make his escape. He rushes to the Poldark house only to discover the guards inside. He heads for the cliff in hopes of alerting Ross and the others about the ambush. Caroline makes her way outside and jumps in the carriage.

poldark series 2 smuggling

Ross and the others make landfall and begin unloading the loot. Ted (Lewis Peek) notices Dwight’s fire and the group begins to panic. The guards head for the shore, while the boat is pushed back to sea. Ross takes his chances and runs towards the cliff. Meanwhile, Demelza manages to outsmart the guard and make her way outside. Ross makes his escape, but Dwight is knocked to the ground by a soldier. Caroline gives up hope and returns inside with her dog, Horace. Demelza finds Ross and they make a run for it together. At this time, Elizabeth gets a visit and learns about the soldiers outside. She complains about Ross ignoring her letter, before seeking help from George. Demelza heads back into the house, while Ross disappears. The guards force their way inside and demand to search the hidden stash.

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They find nothing of interest. In the morning, Dwight is released by the guards. He speaks with Demelza, who admits she has no idea where Ross has gone. Dwight sets out to speak with Caroline. Jud and the others go looking for Charlie. He isn’t home, so they spread out and begin searching for him. Dwight makes it to Caroline’s house too late. He receives a letter, which admits Caroline feels rejected by the doctor. Caroline makes it clear they will never see one another ever again. George visits Elizabeth and tells her about Ross and his smuggling activities. He also reveals Ross is on the run from justice, but will eventually be captured. Demelza becomes concerned about her husband, but there is very little she can do. Charlie’s body is found on the beach. George returns home and makes it clear he intends to marry Elizabeth. Ross finally emerges from a hidden cubbyhole in the storage area and surprises Demelza. They embrace, as the episode ends.


Poldark Review

The 7th episode of Poldark’s 2nd season was undeniably a disaster for the Poldarks and their allies. Everyone experienced turmoil. The guards were finally able to track down their smugglers with the help of Charlie. Poldark might’ve made a brazen escape, but he will not be able to hide forever. And Ross’s failure has also hurt Dwight. Caroline is now gone and may never return.

And dear Elizabeth has fallen right into George’s trap. Will he really make her his wife? Or does he have something more sinister in store? Well, at least Charlie met his maker. A good, but very bleak episode. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Check out previous recaps of Poldark right away.

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