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Poldark Recap S2 Episode 6

Ross and the others continue to mourn Francis’s death at the beginning of the 6th episode. A portrait of Francis is hung above the fireplace at his home. Verity and Elizabeth comfort one another, while Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) stares out to sea. Ross (Aidan Turner) wastes little time heading back into the mine. Ross speaks with Captain Henshawe (John Hollingworth) about the rock samples, which turned out to be worthless. They express their sorrow for Elizabeth, who is left with nothing but fool’s copper and shares of Wheel Grace. Ross visits Elizabeth (Heida Reed) the following day. She tells Verity (Ruby Bentall) and Aunt Agatha (Caroline Blakiston) that Ross intends to take her to the mine. She confirms she is the trustee of her son’s shares and intends to continue the work Francis left behind. Meanwhile, George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) sets his plan into motion.

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Cary (Pip Torrens) lays out the plan, which forces Ross to pay his debt before the day after Christmas or go to debtor’s prison. Elizabeth and her son spend the day with Ross. Elizabeth admits she will need to grow thicker skin to survive without her husband. Ross doesn’t seem confident in her abilities to adapt. Elizabeth asks Ross about the promissory note, but Ross scoffs while insisting the sum was exaggerated. Back at home, Demelza hides away food items in case of an emergency. Prudie (Beatie Edney) promises to keep the hidden cache a secret. Next, Doctor Enys (Luke Norris) meets with Charlie (Ross Green) and Rosina (Amelia Clarkson) on the beach, where a body was washed ashore. Dwight orders Charlie to take Rosina home, before experimenting on the leg of the corpse. Back at home, Ross tells Demelza he has been instructed to meet with Harris Pascoe (Richard Hope). He tells his wife the Warleggans have made their move. Demelza pleads with her husband to appeal to his wealthier friends, but stubborn Ross refuses to ask for assistance from anyone.

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Dwight takes the corpse home and makes a breakthrough. He returns to Rosina and fixes her leg. Ross visits Pascoe and immediately learns about the soldiers stationed nearby. Ross is given his bill and is told he will need to make the full payment in six weeks or else.  Ross heads to the prison where he speaks with his friend, Richard Tonkin (Rory Wilton). Tonkin is locked away, due to a debt he cannot pay George. Ross tells Tonkin they may soon be switching places, before he makes his exit. Next, Ross runs into Caroline (Gabriela Wilde), who gives her condolences and asks Ross about his ability to continue the mining venture. Ross admits it continues, but not so profitably. During their conversation, Caroline learns about Dwight and his magical hands. Ross joins Dwight for a drink at home. Ross tells the others that Francis’s death was all for naught. George pays a visit to Elizabeth. First however, he manages to get in a few jabs on Aunt Agatha. George gives Elizabeth a treat, while discussing their plans for Christmas. George expresses his concerns for Elizabeth and her enormous debt.

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Ross heads to the mine, where he learns something has gone wrong with the engine. He speaks with Henshawe, who admits it is a shame they were never able to find the lode Mark Daniel told them about. Ross remains adamant that Mark was telling the truth and immediately puts his efforts into reaching his old friend. Verity visits Demelza and the pair speak about Ross and the attention he has been paying to Elizabeth. Demelza admits she believes her husband sometimes. Elizabeth tells her son that she cannot smile, because it will cause lines to appear on her face. She tells him he will understand the importance of beauty for women when he grows older. Dwight meets with Caroline. Caroline confesses she admires Ross greatly and Dwight concurs. Dwight tells her about Ross’s financial problems, before their conversation turns to marriage. Dwight insists marriage will be fine, as long as she is able to find the right man. Dwight tells her about the measly 40 pounds a week he receives for his services. Nonetheless, he admits he would prefer to remain and continue serving the poor. Caroline admits she wants Dwight to think better of himself, before they race through the hillside and along the beach.

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Ross meets with Mr. Trencrom (Richard McCabe) and asks him about contacting Mark. He agrees to help, but uses the opportunity to bargain for more. He convinces Ross to build a hiding spot in his library, so they can keep the smuggled goods stored for several days. Ross foolishly agrees. Ted Carkeek (Lewis Peek) enters and tells Ross about his time doing hard labor. He joins Jacka Hoblyn (John MacNeill), while Ross and Trencrom discuss the identity of the informant. Ross returns to Demelza and tells her about the new arrangement. Demelza obviously doesn’t like it, but Ross insists the money will help him get out of debtor’s prison much sooner. Demelza becomes enraged and throws her broom at Ross, before rushing off. Caroline shares dinner with Ray (John Nettles). Ray persistently attempts to persuade Caroline that marrying Dwight would be a bad idea. Nonetheless, she manages to borrow his carriage for the following day. Afterwards, Ray writes a letter to Dwight to invite him over. Back at Elizabeth’s place, Verity announces she will be leaving for home shortly.

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Agatha doesn’t hide her disapproval. George admits to Cary he intends to invite Elizabeth to his Christmas party. George confirms he could alleviate her poverty, but instead wants her to feel it. Harshly, he lashes out by admitting Elizabeth has made her bed and must now lie in it. Ross speaks with Elizabeth and learns about George’s gift. He also discovers that Elizabeth is struggling to even keep the house warm. Ross visits Pascoe and tells him he wants to sell his shares and make a generous offer for Elizabeth’s son’s. Pascoe thinks he is a fool, but Ross remains stubborn and refuses to budge, until Pascoe agrees to help. Next, Dwight meets Ray. Ray quickly tells the doctor he is no good for Caroline and that he will need his permission to marry the girl. He also blurts out that Caroline’s future husband will receive 6,000 pounds. Dwight doesn’t carry in the least and lets it be known. He departs on unfriendly terms. George speaks with Elizabeth’s mother. It doesn’t take much to get the woman on his side.

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Verity finally leaves Elizabeth and Agatha. That night, the smugglers visit the Poldark house and prepare to dig. Demelza watches with disgust as her husband and the others dig a big hole in the center of their kitchen. Demelza speaks with Prudie about her options. Prudie reminds of her of Ross’ mother. She tells Demelza that his mother would’ve forced her man to know he had met his match. Charlie arrives unexpectedly and tells Ross he has permission to write a letter to Mark. Ross returns to Elizabeth in the morning and she asks for his advice. She informs him an anonymous bidder has offered to buy her son’s shares at an excessive price. Ross doesn’t hesitate to tell her to accept the offer. Ray speaks with Caroline once more and tells her he will not permit her to see him anymore. Caroline makes up a lie and insists she didn’t know his intentions, but does now and will know how to behave in the future. This seems to please Ray. Nonetheless, Caroline heads out and races Dwight once again.

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Caroline praises Dwight’s riding abilities and he admits that isn’t the only skill he possesses. Dwight comments that Caroline cannot stand the thought of marriage. However, she admits she can as long as she marries a man of talent. Dwight remains that nothing is possible without Caroline. Back at home, Ross and Demelza prepare to celebrate Christmas. Ross tells his wife that the military has been called out and that the French are in Antwerp. Elizabeth shares Christmas with her small family. Her mother ridicules her handmade present, before George interrupts. George offers to take Elizabeth to his party, but she refuses. Nonetheless, her mother coaxes her into going. George escorts Elizabeth to his fancy party and tells her about his intention to fund her sun’s education. Elizabeth says no, but George doesn’t give her a choice. George leaves Elizabeth in the care of Cary, while he mingles with the other women. Elizabeth hears the others talk about George’s impending marriage. Meanwhile, Ross tells Demelza he intends to wait until late in the day to tell Cary he cannot day. That will prevent them from arresting him until the following day.

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Ross prepares to visit Pascoe on his own, but Demelza follows Prudie’s advice and refuses to let him leave without her. They visit Pascoe and learn that an offer and come in. An anonymous source, which turns out to be Caroline, has offered to buy the debt. Although initially hesitant, the Poldarks follow Pascoe’s recommendation and accept the offer. They then report the news to George and Cary. The men are not happy. Nonetheless, George tells Cary there are other ways to make Ross suffer. Elizabeth receives a gift basket at home. Ross returns home and catches Prudie going through Demelza’s secret stash. Ross consults with Prudie and confesses he has not given his wife enough attention as of late. That night, Ross surprises Demelza with a gift. They enjoy their night together, as the episode comes to an end.


Poldark Review

The 6th episode of Poldark’s 2nd season was a little predictable, but still good nonetheless. Dwight’s relationship with Caroline gave Ross the ability to escape George’s grasp once more. Caroline and Dwight continue to move their relationship towards marriage against Ray’s wishes. And George has made it clear he intends to inflict pain on Elizabeth. Will he do that by targeting Ross?

The episode ends on a high note, but Ross has still dug himself into a rut. He could very well end up locked away again before the season’s end. Charlie discovered Ross and the others constructing the hidden storage. Is he the informant or has Mr. Trencrom been playing Ross for a fool all along? When things start going this well, something bad is bound to happen. Nonetheless, a good episode. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with our previous Poldark recaps now!

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