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Peaky Blinders Series 4 Episode 3 Recap

As the 3rd episode begins, Thomas (Cillian Murphy) brings in new workers to cover for those on strike. Nevertheless, there is still chaos outside of the factory. Michael (Finn Cole) receives a visit from his mother. His mom tries to encourage him to return home. Michael shows no interest in doing that. He also learns that his father has passed away. When Michael mentions Tommy, his mother admits she doesn’t want to be in the same room as that man. Polly (Helen McCrory) and Ada (Sophie Rundle) prepare to meet with Tommy. Polly learns that Isaiah and two Lee boys will be accompanying them. Polly tells Ada about her resolution to get laid. Outside, Ada tries to change Polly’s mind. She insists that Polly needs to remain on the straight and narrow now that she is back on the company’s payroll. Seconds later, the girls meet with Michael and Tommy. Everyone is surprise that Arthur (Paul Anderson) is nowhere to be found.

michael gray peaky blinders season 4Linda (Kate Phillips) meets with Arthur at the factory. She aims to take his mind off of his troubles. She removes her coat and flaunts her new Japanese silk. One thing leads to another and they get frisky. The meeting goes forward without Arthur. Tommy prepares to talk real business, but he doesn’t want to continue without Arthur. Arthur gets a visit from the man in charge of the factory, but he ignores him for the time being. Linda gives Arthur some alcohol and tells him that it is her job to help him resist his temptations. Meanwhile, Polly and Tommy tell the group that Luca (Adrien Brody) visited Birmingham six years ago for a wedding. They have a picture of Luca thanks to that event. They contemplate putting the pictures into pubs and on street corners. Tommy suggests a reward for information about the men in the picture may help. They also want to give a copy to Mr. Gold. Ada doesn’t seem satisfied with the last suggestion. Nevertheless, everyone agrees to go through with Tommy’s plan.

actress sophie rundle peaky blindersMeanwhile, Arthur heads downstairs to deal with those throwing paint everywhere. He takes care of them, but is soon approached by two of Luca’s men. He manages to take them both down, before burning their bodies. Meanwhile, Luca scans through old documents about Tommy. He meets with two men. He complains about Arthur still being alive. He tells the men to change their clothing and dress more like Peaky Blinders. Then, Luca learns about Arthur killing a woman’s son in the boxing ring four years ago. The woman seems willing to help Luca and his men. Tommy heads to the office and speaks with Arthur. Arthur becomes suspicious that Linda distracted him at Polly’s request, so they could put someone else in charge of killing Luca. Arthur isn’t happy. Tommy wants to know how the men got into the factory. Arthur explains that they strolled through the back door, which was supposed to be locked and bolted.

peaky blinders tommy shelby picturesThat night, a distraught Arthur returns home. He is not happy with Linda. She encourages him to get rid of the bullet with Luca’s name on it. He tells Linda to tell Polly that there must be rules between men and women. He insists he needs to do it for John. Meanwhile, Tommy meets with the factory manager. He wants to know whether it was fear or hatred that forced him to hand over the keys. The man maintains his innocence. He admits his family has already fled from the city, because of the union uprising. He also confirms that he clocks in every single day, because he is afraid of Tommy. Tommy is told that he has lots of enemies. The man tells Tommy of two Italians attending a Community Party meeting before the strike. Tommy promises that Mr. Devlin’s house will be guarded by police. Seconds later, Tommy meets with Jessie Eden (Charlie Murphy).

paul anderson peaky blinders s04e03Tommy pretends he wants to chat about Union matters. Tommy pulls out the picture and asks Jessie if she knows anyone. She refuses to look at it. He tells her that she might know someone from her Communist meetings. Then, Jessie admits that she has been doing research on Tommy as well. She asks him about his relationship with Greta Jurossi before the war. She explains that Greta’s parents were Italian and did not approve of Tommy, but he managed to win them over. Tommy is given a photograph of himself and Greta. Jessie tells Tommy that he went to war after Greta passed. She also accuses Tommy of being a Communist party member before the war. Tommy turns the tables and asks Jessie about her sweetheart at Passchendaele. He was listed among the shell shocked and blew his own brains out. Tommy apologizes for interrupting. He leaves the picture behind. Jessie burns it after Tommy leaves.

charlie murphy peaky blindersTommy looks at the picture Jessie gave him. Meanwhile, Linda tries to calm Arthur. She tells him that the world is changing. She encourages him to listen to the sweet voice of Jesus. In the morning, Arthur heads outside and fires his handgun. Tommy rushes over to make sure that everything is fine. It becomes clear that Linda has managed to change Arthur’s mind. Polly heads to the hideout. She learns that Linda has decided to work there as well. Finn (Harry Kirton) enters and reveals that Tommy has put him in charge for the day. Lizzie (Natasha O’Keeffe) visits Tommy and tells him that they’ve learned Finn is a virgin. They’re already looking for a woman for him. Tommy and Lizzie leave moments later. They head down to the pier. Tommy explains that he used to meet Greta there. He makes love to Lizzie moments later. Afterwards, Thomas tells Lizzie that he wants to start two new charities.

arthur peaky blinders s04e03Tommy returns and chats with Finn. He learns that Finn was told to be a man. Tommy encourages him to be a man as well. At the end of the episode, Polly meets with Luca. Polly tries to arrange a deal with Luca to spare Michael and Arthur. She seems willing to give up Tommy. When Polly leaves, Luca tells himself that Polly is dancing with him.


Peaky Blinders Review

This episode of Peaky Blinders was really good. There were a few questionable moments, but this season has been excellent. It has become clear that the gang no longer trusts one another. Nobody seems to trust Tommy and Polly only seems interested in protecting herself and Michael. Someone is likely playing both sides, but I doubt it is Polly. There is a pretty good chance that Luca is getting the old bait and switch. It seems that he is fully aware of that.

Again, this season has been excellent. Peaky Blinders is back at its best and I am finally eager to watch each episode again. This episode scores a solid 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Peaky Blinders now!

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