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Peaky Blinders Series 4 Episode 2 Recap

As the episode gets started, Thomas (Cillian Murphy) grieves for John. Polly (Helen McCrory) rushes to the hospital to be by Michael’s side. Thomas meets with Arthur (Paul Anderson) at the morgue. Together, they say a prayer for John (Joe Cole). Esme (Aimee-Ffion Edwards) enters and tells the men to leave. She curses them as they go. Everyone gets together and Thomas gives them a rundown of the current situation. John is dead and Esme has hit the road with the Lees. Thomas lets his gang know that Luca (Adrien Brody) is there to kill them. Finn (Harry Kirton) and the others agree to put their differences aside, until they’re able to kill Luca and his men. Then, the group meets at Charlie Strong’s (Ned Dennehy) yard. The soldiers are given guns and ammunition.

thomas shelby peaky blindersThen, Thomas and the family hold a funeral for John. Thomas explains that he, John and Arthur nearly died in the war. They were spared and now believe that the rest of their lives has been extra time. During the funeral, the Peaky Blinders are nearly attacked by Luca’s men. They’re saved by Aberama (Aidan Gillen) and Bonnie Gold (Jack Rowan). Thomas admits he used the funeral as a way to lure out their enemies. Polly isn’t happy with the move. Linda (Kate Phillips) tries to go home on her own. Ada (Sophie Rundle) talks her out of it and explains that she would be putting herself in danger. Polly meets with Michael at the hospital. The boy has recovered well. Polly offers to take him to Australia. Michael isn’t ready to go yet. He insists that they need to stick with Thomas, until Luca is dealt with. Aberama tries to convince Charlie to sell his property. Charlie refuses.

arthur shelby peaky blinders s04e02Aberama goes to Thomas. He tells him that he wants to buy the property. Thomas agrees to gamble it on a coin toss. He gets to sleep with Aberama’s daughter if he wins. Aberama backs down at the last minute. Then, Charlie and Johnny Dogs (Packy Lee) prepare food for the group. Johnny admits he wants everything to be perfect for Gold. Polly speaks with Thomas. He confirms that it is eight men from New York and seven from Sicily. Thomas admits he could afford to have them killed, but he needs to do it himself. Polly explains that she is living on extra time now as well. She insists she is free now, before agreeing to follow Michael’s advice and help Thomas. She also tells Thomas to ask Gold what he really wants. Thomas does seconds later. He is told that Gold wants Thomas to take his son under his wings. Bonnie wants to be a boxer.

bonnie gold peaky blindersThat night, Inspector Moss (Tony Pitts) gets in touch with Linda. He reveals that they’ve got a list of people of interest. Ada sits at the top of that list. Linda doesn’t believe that Ada would betray them. In the morning, May (Charlotte Riley) arrives for the horse. Curly (Ian Peck) tells her to be gentle with it. Then, it is loaded into the trailer. Thomas, Arthur and the Golds head to the factory. Thomas sets up a makeshift boxing ring in the center. Thomas finds the former heavyweight champion, Billy Mills (Jamie Kenna). He pits him against Bonnie. Surprisingly, the much smaller Bonnie has no trouble beating Billy. Thomas and Arthur agree to have Bonnie on their side. He is given a cap and made a Peaky Blinder. Then, Thomas speaks with Jessie (Charlie Murphy). Jessie insists it looks like Thomas wants trouble. He admits that it would be beneficial. Then, Thomas speaks with Luca, who pretends to be a businessman from Paris.

michael peaky blinders series 4 episode 2Luca admits he wants to kill Tommy’s entire family. Thomas agrees that it should be between them. They agree to keep children and civilians out of it. Then, Thomas meets with Arthur. They chat about John and where he could be. Thomas admits he doesn’t believe in heaven or hell. Then, Arthur steps aside and begins to sob. Tommy pulls out his gun and fires several shots as the episode ends.


Peaky Blinders Review

All in all, the second episode of Peaky Blinders’ 4th season was great. It had a little bit of everything. There was a little humor, some intrigue and plenty of action. I thought Adrien Brody did okay, but Aidan Gillen was a little awkward. Jack Rowan was great in Born to Kill. Hopefully, he’ll have some significance here too. It was also nice to see the side characters, Johnny Dogs and Charlie Strong, get a little attention.

Both episodes have been great this season. So far, this season is definitely a major improvement over the previous one. The episode scores a solid 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Peaky Blinders right now!

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