peaky blinders series 4 episode 1

Peaky Blinders Series 4 Episode 1 Recap

As the fourth season gets underway, Michael (Finn Cole), John (Joe Cole), and Arthur (Paul Anderson) are removed from their cells. Polly (Helen McCrory) is escorted from her cell as well. They put up a little resistance, but are ultimately escorted to the hangman’s noose. Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) manages to pull some strings and get his family spared just in time. Then, we see Thomas head to the Midland Hotel. He tells the clerk to find him someone new. Thomas speaks with his assistant and learns what he purchased his son for Christmas. He is also told about a union problem at one of the factories. Lizzie (Natasha O’Keeffe) sits with Thomas and urges him to reunite with his family. He is told that Charlie should be allow to spend time with his cousins. Before too long, Lizzie is gone and Thomas is with a new harlot. Then, Thomas heads to the factory, where Michael is shown snorting blow.

peaky blinders series 4 episode 1Thomas makes it clear that he has little hope that Michael will be able to resolve the union problem. He is told that the Union wants the female wire cutters to be paid equally. He is told that someone named Jessie Eden (Charlie Murphy) is leading the charge. Then, the couple talk about Polly. Michael explains that she has started seeing ghosts. Thomas tells him to believe her and see them as well. Then, he suggests Michael will be able to pull her out of her troubles and help her escape her drugs. Polly is shown at home. She speaks to her imaginary ghosts in her dark home. Next, John is shown shooting at birds. He is interrupted by the arrival of Ada (Sophie Rundle). John invites Ada to stay at his place, but she refuses. She believes that she will be able to return Polly to her senses. Esme (Aimee-Ffion Edwards) interrupts. She lets Ada know that she has no love for Thomas.

thomas shelby peaky blinders s04e01Ada learns that Arthur has changed completely. Arthur and the other family members receive strange letters. Linda (Kate Phillips) doesn’t open Arthur’s. Arthur plays with the baby, while picking up eggs outside. Meanwhile, Tommy meets with Jessie. She makes it clear that her union isn’t afraid of him. Thomas seems convinced that the Union isn’t going to strike so soon after Christmas. Frances (Pauline Turner) gives Thomas his letters. Thomas is asked about the upcoming Christmas dinner. He is told that the new chef wants to know how many guests will be attending. Thomas reveals that he has invited Johnny Dogs (Packy Lee) and his friends over. He also tells Frances that he wants her to sit at the table with them. At first, Frances seems hesitant to accept the offer. When Frances leaves, Tommy opens the letter and finds a black hand from Luca Changretta (Adrian Brody). Ada chats with Arthur and Linda. Arthur gets a call from John who tells him about the letter. John explains that the Sicilian Mafia is after them.

sophie rundle peaky blinders season 4Arthur requests to speak with Ada in private. Linda asks John about the call. She tells him that they should let Thomas take the blame for the murder. John admits that they were all involved and Arthur pulled the trigger on Luca’s father. Ada tells Arthur to go to a hotel. He refuses. She agrees to let him have her gun. She also promises to speak with Thomas. Meanwhile, Luca and his comrades arrive in town. Michael speaks with Polly. He tells her about his conversation with Tommy. Tommy helps his son prepare for Santa, before sending him to bed. He freaks out when Ada arrives outside. It is explained that Changretta is a member of the Spinetti family and will have soldiers with him. Tommy explains that everyone needs to be together near the old Garrison. He suggests meeting at Charlie Strong’s (Ned Dennehy) yard. He admits that everyone is likely on the hit list. Ada is given a gun and is instructed to convince Polly to meet with everyone else.

john shelby peaky blindersJohn prepares for a battle. He gets romantic with Esme. Arthur receives a call from Thomas. He is told about the meeting at Charlie’s. Polly learns that Michael has thrown away her pills. She is not happy. Ada enters and interrupts their argument. Ada tells them about the black hand letter. Thomas gets another visit from Frances. This time, her words click and he becomes suspicious of the new chef and his assistant. He does a little research before heading downstairs. Thomas runs into Antonio (Andreas Munoz). It is clear that the man is different from the others. Thomas gives him a ten pound tip. Then, he steps inside and speaks with the chef. After a little back and forth, Thomas reveals that Antonio didn’t flinch when given the money. This convinced him that someone else is paying him much more. The chef admits that he was ordered to bring him to Thomas’s home. Antonio is lured inside. Thomas easily kills him. Then, he orders the Chef to deliver a message on his behalf to Darby Sabini (Noah Taylor).

peaky blinders series 4 thomas and chefThomas calls in Johnny. He tells him to take the body out and use it to send out a message. Then, Thomas packs the Christmas gifts and prepares to flee with his son. He calls Michael and tells him to get in touch with John. In the morning, Michael visits John. They’re attacked and shot down by gangsters as the episode ends.


Peaky Blinders Review

After last season, I was a little worried that Peaky Blinders wouldn’t live up to the hype. Thankfully, this season’s opener was great. The beginning was a little too easy, but things picked up very quickly. The episode wasted no time setting up a new nemesis for Thomas and the Shelby family. The Peaky Blinders are now pitted against the Sicilian Mafia. It appears that Luca Changretta and his men have struck first. The episode ended with a big cliff hanger, which will definitely leave viewers hungry for more.

Are John and Michael both dead? How will Tommy and the others react to the attack? The episode was fantastic and I am very excited to watch the rest of the season. I couldn’t say that about the previous one. This episode scores a solid 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Peaky Blinders right now!

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