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Peaky Blinders Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

As the 4th episode begins, Thomas (Cillian Murphy) gets a visit from Mrs. Ross (Erin Shanagher). She tells Thomas that she would like to sit down with Arthur (Paul Anderson), who killed her son in the boxing ring. Tommy agrees to pass along the invitation. Mrs. Ross prepares for the upcoming meeting. Meanwhile, Tommy prepares for an ambush. Charlie Strong (Ned Dennehy) hands out weapons. Finn (Harry Kirton) receives a rifle. Finn is told that he will be responsible for covering the towpath. Johnny Dogs (Packy Lee) and Isiah (Jordan Bolger) will cover the other entrance. Seconds later, the men take up their spots. Tommy watches the street from a window. Arthur heads inside and speaks with Mrs. Ross. Arthur and Mrs. Ross chat briefly about Arthur turning to Jesus. Finn spots several men and takes aim. He is not forced to fire his weapon.

peaky blinders series 4A vehicles arrive near Isiah and Johnny. Seconds later, it backs away. Tommy gives the order to fire and the boys unload on the fleeing vehicle. Arthur soon learns that the meeting was a distraction. Luca Changretta (Adrien Brody) storms the hospital and kills one man. He confronts Michael Gray (Finn Cole). He spares Michael and tells him to tell his mother that they have a deal. Arthur threatens Mrs. Ross. Seconds later, Thomas arrives at the hospital with the others. Michael tells Tommy that the gun misfired. He says nothing about Luca’s comment. Tommy calls Charlie and gives him order to pass along to Aberama (Aidan Gillen) and Bonnie Gold (Jack Rowan). Luca’s vehicle is stopped in the middle of nowhere. Aberama and his men open fire. Several of Luca’s men are killed and the cop is shot in the arm. However, Luca manages to escape.

erin shanagher peaky blindersAunt Polly (Helen McCrory) visits Michael. She admits to making a deal with Luca, so they can escape the country. She doesn’t tell Michael what she offered Luca in exchange. Seconds later, Thomas meets with Aberama and Bonnie. He pays them for their work. May Carleton (Charlotte Riley) arrives at the hideout. Lizzie (Natasha O’Keeffe) is not happy to see her. May speaks with Thomas and tells him that she has decided to name the horse Dangerous. Lizzie enters and changes the subject to the Grace Shelby Institute. May agrees to make a donation. After Lizzie leaves, Thomas invites Grace to stick around and drink with him later. He tells her that the strike has halted all trains to London until tomorrow. Luca calls Polly. He tells her that they can easily get to Michael at any time. She is encouraged to hand over Thomas as promised.

may carleton peaky blindersPolly speaks with Lizzie. After a little back and forth, Polly agrees to read her tea leaves in exchange for Tommy’s planner. Polly learns that Tommy will be free on Friday. She adds a black star to his book. In return, Polly tells Lizzie that she is pregnant or will be pregnant in the near future. Tommy and Aberama find a trainer for Bonnie. He is registered and set up for his first fight against Goliath. Curly (Ian Peck) and Charlie speak with May. Charlie tells her that she is waiting for a man who no longer exists. Then, Charlie gives her some of Tommy’s homebrew. Tommy speaks with Niall Devlin (Graeme Hawley). Tommy learns about the strikes and threats on their men. Niall suggests that they’re traitors to their class. Tommy does not agree. Once the conversation ends, Tommy gets in touch with Ada (Sophie Rundle). Tommy returns and shows May his new business making alcohol.

cillian murphy peaky blinders series 4He tells May how he is sending whisky to Boston and Nova Scotia. Eventually, they begin to kiss. May stops him. She admits she doesn’t like the bad side of Tommy. Arthur takes Finn to his new getaway. Finn tells Arthur that he wouldn’t have been able to shoot the men earlier. Arthur tells him that he needs to trigger a switch and let god take care of the rest. Tommy escorts May out. He admits he lied and she will be able to catch a train after all. Ada meets with Jessie Eden (Charlie Murphy) at a communist party meeting. They head to a bar and Ada shows off her power. Jessie insists she is not impressed. Ada tells Jessie that Thomas wants to make a deal. She also explains that Tommy will want to speak with her about her ideas and the revolution. Moments later, Alfie (Tom Hardy) arrives with Goliath (Dino Kelly). Tommy shows him the whisky production facility.

sophie rundle peaky blindersTommy makes it clear that Alfie needs to work with him against the Italians. He explains that they’ll come after him next, if he falls. Alfie also speaks to Aberama about Goliath. Bonnie doesn’t seem worried, despite being outsized. Lizzie checks out Tommy’s book. It is Friday. Tommy meets with Michael at the hospital. Again, Michael says nothing about Polly or her deal. When Tommy leaves, he is followed by a vehicle containing Luca and his men. Polly watches from the street.


Peaky Blinders Review

This season of Peaky Blinders has been spectacular. Each episode has kept me on my toes and I have been unable to guess what will happen next. At this point, I suspect that Polly is playing Luca to help Tommy. That would be a little cliché, so I hope I am wrong. I find Adrien Brody to be a little odd at times, but I don’t mind too much. I’ve enjoyed each episode equally this season. As long as the quality is maintained, this could be one of the best seasons of Peaky Blinders in quite some time.

The episode scores an 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Peaky Blinders now!

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