Peaky Blinders Season 3 Finale Recap

At the beginning of the finale, Thomas (Cillian Murphy) joins his family got the opening of the Shelby Institute. Polly (Helen McCrory) says a few works, before Tommy is given his opportunity to speak. He does so and insists the children will be safe within their care. Once the ceremony ends, Tommy mourns the passing of his wife, before he is interrupted by Father Hughes (Paddy Considine). The priest tells him that he is moving in and has already picked out a room. He also orders Tommy to stick with the original plan and not deviate from it in any way. The priest exits with the kids and Michael (Finn Cole) enters. Michael passes along information that the Lord Mayor would like to sit down with Tommy for cake and tea.

peaky blinders s3 finale

After he returns to the party, Tommy is confronted by Arthur (Paul Anderson) and John (Joe Cole). His brothers tell him that the diggers have hit clay and will need a few extra days to break into the treasury. Tommy is interrupted by several woman and forced to take pictures for the newspaper. During the chaos, he passes Charlie off to a friend and he winds up going missing. A furious hunt begins, but it is discovers that Charlie was taken out the backdoor by a nurse of sorts. Tommy returns to headquarters and tells Polly that it is them. Ada (Sophie Rundle) enters moments later and tells Tommy a priest is waiting out. Tommy heads out and speaks with Father Hughes, who insists Tommy deviated from the plan. Now, he orders Tommy to blow up the train, kill at least 6 people and scatter evidence throughout the scene. With his son in potential danger, Tommy has no choice, but to cooperate.

father john hughes and tommy

Tommy is given a deadline and also ordered to turn over the jewels, after the robbery. Tommy heads inside and immediately places the blame on his family members. Eventually, he turns his attention to Polly and Ruben. He insists Ruben and one other are their only loose ends. Tommy meets up with Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy) and receives a list of potential buyers for the jewelry. Tommy questions why a specific name is missing from the list. He puts two and two together and concluded that Alfie is the rat. Guns are pulled, before Michael arrives and kills Alfie’s bodyguard. Alfie eventually admits to the betrayal and insists he didn’t know the boy would be involved. Nonetheless, he tells Tommy that he has done far worse and killed many more. Tommy and Michael make their exit, while leaving Alfie behind. Ruben arrives at the office and discovers his painting destroyed.

peaky blinders painting


Polly confronts him with a gun, before he confesses his innocence. Polly quickly believes him and the two embrace. Next, Tommy meets up with Johnny Dogs (Packy Lee) and insists the game plan has changed, since he only has until midnight to finish the job. He joins the men in the tunnel. Michael joins up with the others and tells them about his first kill. He learns that the men have discovered Charlie’s location. He is given permission to be allowed to watch the death of Hughes, but isn’t given permission to pull the trigger. Arthur tells the men that they’ll have to blow up the train. He admits four of them men inside were hand picked by him and John, so they’ll pull the switch. The men prepare the explosive, while Tommy continues to dig. The tunnel becomes unstable, but Tommy continues plowing forward anyway. At the same time, Michael breaks into the priest’s place and prepares to attack.

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Michael confronts the priest and a fight ensues, while Tommy manages to break into the treasury. The priest begins choking Michael, but he manages to fight back and knock the priest to the ground. The others enter and Michael insists the priest is his. Meanwhile, Tommy grabs the jewels and rushes out, while the train begins rolling. Michael tells the men to inform Finn, so he can stop Arthur and John. Unfortunately, it is too late. Arthur and John blow the train, just as Finn arrives and Michael kills the priest. Tommy climbs out of the tunnel with the jewels. Arthur and John spread the evidence, while Michael returns with Charlie. Polly notices the blood on Michael and immediately knows what has happened.

peaky blinders john and arthur

Next, Tommy rushes to a payphone and calls Charlie. He then returns home, rushes upstairs and embraces his son. Afterwards, Tommy meets with Tatiana and sells her the jewels. As it turns out, the pair has been working together all along. Tommy takes his money and Tatiana plans to leave the area. Next, Tommy gets everyone together and begins apologizing to all. He also begins hanging out money to everyone involved. Polly intervenes when Michael takes his share. However, Tommy stands up to her and insists taking money from the king means you kill for the king. Michael agrees, before Polly proposes a different type of business, but holds her tongue, until another time. Eventually, Tommy and Linda prepare to leave for America. Before they can, Tommy reveals that Arthur, John, Michael, and Polly are wanted by the police.

He insists he has made a deal to bring down their enemies. He admits they owe the police and judges, juries, and jails, but not the elected government. He insists they’ll give evidence against their enemies and he has made a deal with people more powerful than their enemies. Nonetheless, nobody is happy. The police rush in and carry out Tommy’s family, as he watches from a distance.


Peaky Blinders Review

The finale of Peaky Blinders was undoubtedly effective. The finale wrapped up the robbery storyline and transformed Michael into a killer. Father Hughes has been eliminated for good. Still, not everything is said and done. Tommy has apparently sold his family, in order to escape the clutches of his enemies. Will they be forgiving and understanding or will they hold a grudge? And will Tommy’s plan even work out in their favor? All in all, a great finale and a good season despite a lackluster premiere.

A 9 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Peaky Blinders right now.

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