Peaky Blinders Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

At the beginning of the fourth episode, Tommy (Cillian Murphy) and the boys go hunting. Tommy tells Arthur and John about their father passing away, yet nobody seems to care in the least. After their monetary grieving comes an end, Tommy explains his plan to steal the tanks. Meanwhile on Good Friday, Polly heads to the church and confesses her sins regarding the cop killing. Afterwards, she returns to the lockup and cannot work the combination. Lizzie is forced to step in an help. Polly makes off with a wad of money,  before some of the other ladies enter. Meanwhile, Charlie Strong (Ned Dennehy) questions who would want to steal so many armored vehicles. Tommy explains about the war and their potential earnings from the robbery, as well as his intentions to use the money in America for legal business.

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Linda (Kate Phillips) joins the other women and tells them about the female strike. She doesn’t need to say much, as the others agree to join up moments later. Afterwards, Tommy returns home and speaks with Princess Tatiana (Gaite Jansen). He continues to insist the Priest needs to be killed, but Tatiana is adamant that they need solid proof first. They also chat about Tommy’s ruthlessness and he admits it wouldn’t hurt in the least to kill the Priest. Moments later, John Shelby enters and tells Tommy about the strike. He is ordered to slash the tires on Tatiana’s car. After he departs, Tommy tells the Princess he wanted to make sure neither one of them would have an excuse to back out of what was ahead. Afterwards, John returns to Esme (Aimee-Ffin Edwards) and catches her stealing money from the vault. He also tells her to lay off of the cocaine, until the baby arrives. Finally, he tells Esme a little about the upcoming robbery and his intention of buying a mansion with the money.

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That night, Tommy and Tatiana flirt and chat about the Princess’s wealth. Tatiana questions Tommy about his weakness, before she grabs his gun and flees down the hallway. Tommy pursues the woman, while being threatened every step of the way. She is eventually cornered in a room, where she proceeds to play Russian Roulette. Next, she strips off in the hallway and causes a stir with Mary (Wendy Nottingham). After Mary is ushered away, Tatiana insists Tommy is afraid of his own freedom and implies he needs to do whatever he feels is right regarding the Priest. In the morning, Mary tells Tommy that Tatiana took his vehicle and left. She also had Tommy’s men fix up her Bentley for Tommy to use in the mean time. Tommy meets up with Arthur and John next. He is shown layouts of the Duke’s house and plans a way to get inside and steal their money. They also plan to flip one Russian boy onto their side.

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Tommy plans to use the boy as a spy and agrees to offer him a pub for his actions. Next, Tommy chats with Polly and the women. He is asked about the upcoming robbery and grows angry, when he learns that the information has spread so quickly. The rumor spreading is blamed on Arthur and Linda. Tommy immediately speaks with Linda and is told Linda has no intention of stopping Arthur. However, she does negotiate for a higher pay of 41,000 pounds. Linda also lays out her future with Arthur in California. The painting continues with Ruben and Polly. During this time, the Priest learns about Tommy’s intention of killing a holy man. Next, Tommy loads his gun and heads after the priest. He follows him into a bathroom, where he is attacked and taken prisoner. He is then transported to a private location, where he is confronted by Hughes (Paddy Considine) and Patrick Jarvis (Alex Macqueen). Throughout the conversation, Tommy fades in and out.

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The men chat with Tommy and order him to speak with the Duke and Duchess and apologize for making a huge mistake of accusing Father Hughes. Tommy admits he wanted to kill Hughes for passing information and this gives Hughes a stir. Tommy is shot up with some medication and sent on his way. He is told by the Priest that they have people within his life and his son is threatened again, before Tommy is set free. In the morning, Tommy confirms with Mary that he has sacked all of the soldiers and that some men will be coming down from Birmingham. He insists he is paying for bringing the cursed sapphire into his home, before he prepares to leave. He first calls Arthur can tells him that the Priest and his men want the robbery sabotaged. They agree that Gypsies and kin only will be involved, before Tommy hangs up. He next calls Ada (Sophie Rundle) and tells her to speak with one of her comrades and setup a meeting for him with someone at the Soviet Embassy.

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Next, Father Hughes sits down for dinner with the Duke and Duchess. He explains Tommy’s mistake. Outside, Tommy does cocaine and heads into the motel. He joins up with the group and immediately makes his apologize. Father Hughes does his best to humiliate Tommy every step of the way. Next, Tommy heads to Ada and speaks with the Special Advisor to the Soviet Consul. He tells them about Father Hughes and his intention to force the British into committing a brutal act on their own soil. When asked why he would bring the information forward, Tommy admits it would be his family blown up in the trains. After the conversation ends, Ada escorts Tommy out and he crashed to the floor. He tells her to get the car and take him to the hospital. He admits he has a fractured skull and possibly internal bleeding. He also confirms that he is unable to see. Once Ada rushes out to fetch the car, Tommy admits he can only see his father.


Peaky Blinders Review

Another excellent episode of Peaky Blinders. Tommy has been forced to change his business. He once kept everything tight to the chest. Now, his brothers and the women in his lie have forced everything out into the open. This may very well cost him dearly. Also, it seems everyone is betting and planning their futures on a successful robbery. Arthur and Linda plan to flee to America, while John intends to purchase a mansion with more property than Tommy.

Will things really turnout so bright and cheerful for the Peaky Blinders? Looking at Tommy’s state at the end of the episode, it is doubtful. Nonetheless, it’ll be a heck of a ride until the very end. A 9 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Peaky Blinders right now!

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