Peaky Blinders Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

At the beginning of the first episode, we relive Thomas Shelby’s (Cillian Murphy) near death experience at the end of season 2. After the quick segment, we jump into the present and find out that Thomas is getting wed to Grace (Annabelle Wallis). Although Grace arrives late, she eventually arrives and Jeremiah Jesus (Benjamin Zephaniah) performs the ceremony. While the ceremony is carried out, we’re shown an overview of the new Shelby house, which is a spectacular mansion. Once Grace and Thomas return home, Thomas speaks with Aunt Polly (Helen McCrory) and tells her that some of the individuals at the party weren’t involved. Meanwhile, Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson) rounds up the boys and instructs them to meet in the kitchen in 5 minutes.

peaky blinders season 3 episode 1

Thomas quickly tells the boys to be good tonight and that fighting will not be tolerated. After putting everyone in their places, Thomas returns to his wife and is questioned about his attitude and concerns. Thomas hides his true worries and insists he is only worried about Arthur’s upcoming best man speech. Thomas and Grace have a little fun, while keeping the others waiting for dinner to be served. Arthur grows tired of waiting and eventually hunts for the pair. Once he manages to track them down, he drags Thomas downstairs. During this time, Ada (Sophie Rundle) complains about the government, while Polly is confronted by a gentleman. Polly learns that the man is a refugee from Russia. He also confesses that Thomas has gained a business interest in the country. On the way back downstairs, Arthur is forced to help John (Joe Cole) deal with a disgruntled Lizzie (Natasha O’Keeffe).

peaky blinders season 3 grace shelby

Lizzie accuses the men of setting a fire and scaring off her boyfriend. Of course, they deny it and eventually put her in her place. After the craziness settles down, Arthur is finally allowed to give his speech. Once he attempts to deviate from the speech Thomas wrote for him, Thomas shuts him up and Arthur rushes out angrily. Thomas confronts Arthur outside and attempts to calm him down. He insists they need to keep the suicide of Grace’s husband a secret. Arthur insists he has only had 3 shots. Thomas wakes him up, by admitting the Russians have made contact and they need to figure out how they operate. He insists family is a weakness for the Russians, but a strength for the Shelbys. He tells Arthur to get John, so they can smoke the Russians out. He also attempts to convince Arthur that he may be a bad idea to always listen to Linda (Kate Phillips).

arthur shelby peaky blinders s3 e1

Back inside, Polly speaks with the Russian, Anton Kaledin (Richard Brake) once more. This time, Polly tells Anton to give her the code. After a brief back and forth, Anton says the code is Constantine. Meanwhile, John, Johnny (Packy Lee) and the boys prepare for a race and also prepare to swindle the Calvary out of a little money. The men learn that the money will be going directly to charity. Charlie Strong (Ned Dennehy) questions whether or not Thomas’s foundation is actually legit. Meanwhile, Kaledin confronts Arthur and insists he wants to speak with Thomas. Before he is given the opportunity to do so, he insults the men, because they receive less information from Thomas than Polly.

peaky blinders recap s3 e1

Kaledin tells Thomas that he has powerful enemies within the Soviet Embassy and his own government. He also reveals that Thomas is being watched, before admitting the Duke’s niece is bringing in the money in exchange for the guns. Since the woman is alone and only has a revolver, Tommy says he’ll have her picked up. Tommy shells out orders to prepare, while Michael meets up with a woman in private. Back at the party, Grace and Polly bicker back and forth a bit, before Grace manages to pry information from Polly about the Russians buying weapons for their ongoing battle with the Bolsheviks in Georgia. Tommy arrives moments later and dances with his new wife. During their dance, Grace attempts to convince Tommy to get out of the business. Eventually, he promises to do so, while also agreeing to keep everyone safe.

tommy and grace peaky blinders

Afterwards, Tommy and the boys meet up with the money woman, Duchess Tatiana Petrovna (Gaite Jansen). Tommy manages to get the money from the woman. He also confirms that Kaledin gave the wrong code word and Tatiana provides additional evidence against the man. She admits she knew Mr. Kaledin from Tbilisi and his hair was dark. Finn (Harry Kirton) collects and counts the money, before the men make their departure. Meanwhile, Polly speaks with the portrait artist, Ruben Oliver (Alexander Siddig). He admits the soldiers stopped trusting him, after he slept with one of men’s wives. He admits they do not believe in forgiveness and Polly says the Shelbys do not either. Arthur and Tommy admit they need to kill the man. Unfortunately, Arthur isn’t interested in being the pushover man once again. Nonetheless, he has very little choice.

arthur and tommy peaky blinders

Eventually, Arthur succumbs, after Tommy insists the King, Churchill and half of the Tory party would come after them otherwise. Tommy returns inside and brushes off the artist, while telling Polly to keep everyone entertained. Arthur contemplates his future actions, while looking over his potential murder weapon. Anton chats with Ada about politics, before Arthur enters and escorts Anton towards the stables. Anton attempts to stop and use the bathroom, but Arthur refuses and insists he can use the bathroom outside. They begin fighting, while Thomas and General Curran (Richard Dillane) watch their own fight outside. As Grace’s uncle, Curran admits he doesn’t like the ideal of Grace being with Tommy and the corruption that he is involved in. The battle between Anton and Arthur escalates.

peaky blinders recap s3 e1

After a back and forth fight, Arthur kills Anton against his own wishes. That night, Grace and Tommy spend time together and admit it’ll be just them tomorrow. Ruben also pays a visit to Polly and attempts to swindle his way inside. Polly refuses, but she does take his champagne. Arthur heads to the church and finds Linda there. Arthur attempts to reflect and get over his sins. Anton’s body is burned and buried. In the morning, the Shelby’s head to the old headquarters. Tommy opens a vault and unveils a massive sum of money. Polly asks Tommy, if he is really willing to gamble it all on one robbery. He admits he is a gambling man, as the episode ends.


Peaky Blinders Review

Well, it is definitely nice to see Peaky Blinders back and I sincerely hope the show is able to do something with the magnificent Ned Dennehy. Although I felt the episode did a good job of setting up the season and foreshadowing many potential outcomes, it felt like somewhat of a rehash of the previous season.

Arthur is again at odds and he feels like a loose cannon. He isn’t drugged up this time around, but it still seems like he is in danger and the whole episode felt like a close parallel of the second season. Nonetheless, the episode was a good start and I feel it’ll get better now that the wedding fiasco is over. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Peaky Blinders right now.

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