Peaky Blinders Season 1 Review

Peaky Blinders is a drama television series, which focuses on the criminal activities of the criminal organization known as the Peaky Blinders. The gang gets their name, due to the fact that they sew razor blades into the brims of their hats. The series, which debuted in September 2013 on BBC Two, focuses on the members of the Shelby family.

The main focus of the show is Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy), who is the mastermind behind the Peaky Blinders operations. Of course, each and every member of the Shelby family is important in their own right. Despite his somewhat poor skills at a mathematician, Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson) keeps the group’s books. On the other hand, John Shelby (Joe Cole) is the group’s youngest boy and is somewhat of a hothead.

Unlike many gangster dramas, the women of the Shelby clan are actually useful and resourceful. Aunt Polly Shebly (Helen McCrory) maintains the backbone of the family and ensures that the men don’t get in over their heads. Ada Shelby (Sophie Rundle) is somewhat of a Romantic trouble, but breaks out and becomes a powerful figure deep into the first season.

At the beginning of the first season, Tommy, who happens to be a veteran of the war like many of his comrades, commissions the the robbery of some motorcycles. When his team pick up the wrong crates, they undercover some extremely powerful weaponry. In order to prevent the high-powered machine guns from falling into the hands of the IRA and Freddie Thorne (Iddo Goldberg), Winston Churchill (Andy Nyman) sends Chester Campbell (Sam Neill) to head the investigation.

While attempting to keep the weapons hidden, Tommy also tries to improve the Peaky Blinder’s operations, by becoming legitimate bookmakers. Only one problem stands in their way, the current head of the horse racing gambling scheme, Billy Kimber (Charlie Creed-Miles).

Can Tommy maintain control over his family, while flying under Chester Campbell’s ruthless radar? Or will Billy Kimber put an end to the rise of the Peaky Blinders? Can the brothers stick together? Or will Ada’s relationship with IRA bad boy Freddie Throne tear them apart for good? Can Campbell carefully infiltrate the Peaky Blinders using the attractive, intelligent Grace Burgess (Annabelle Wallis) to tempt Tommy?

You must watch this intriguing series to find out exactly what happens!


Peaky Blinders is a crime drama, unlike others, because it is highly intelligent and sophisticated.  Everything about this show feels like a high-budget Hollywood movie, which begins with the stylish introduction, which is accompanied by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ “Red Right Hand”. Of course, it is the powerful performances from the cast that really brings the show to life. Cillian Murphy is absolutely brilliant as the cold, calculated Tommy Shelby.

Everything flows together perfectly to create an amazing period drama, with criminal elements. When something big is about to go down, you’ll feel the excitement. The same can be said for the bleak aspects of the show. As you follow the show’s narrative, you will develop a care for each of the characters and will ultimately care about each of their futures.

While many similar shows result in brutal conflict and death to solve problems, Tommy Shelby is too clever for all of that. The writers should be credited for avoiding unnecessary bloodshed, when possible, as this only adds to the surprise, when blood is actually shed. For that, the first season of Peaky Blinders is brilliant and deserves a 9.5 out of 10. With season 2 currently airing and season 3 commissioned, this is definitely a show to binge watch!

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