peaky blinders s3 e5 recap

Peaky Blinders Recap S3 E5

When the 5th episode of Peaky Blinders season 3 begins, Tommy (Cillian Murphy) is shown recovering at the hospital. He receives a visit from Michael, who tells him about his past relationship with Father Hughes and his desire to kill the priest. Tommy seems to have no objections and tells the boy to simply point and pull the trigger. Afterwards, Tommy returns home and gets rid of the rest of his morphine. He scares Mary with the tale of his horrendous nightmares, before returning back to work. Next, Arthur heads to the vehicle factory, where he learns the men have found a way to make the guns useless during the robbery. This helps to prevent the trains from being blown to smithereens by the British. Back at home, Johnny Dogs (Packy Lee) speaks with Tommy and learns about his new mission.

peaky blinders s3 e5 recap

Tommy explains that Johnny needs to join up with three families of the Lees and set up camp 100 yards from the gates of the Hampton Court Palace. He admits they won’t be removed, since he now owns the land. Johnny is told he will be joined by some of Tommy’s old friends, who will open a hole underneath the tents. Johnny is told he will be paid 5,000 pounds for his assistance. Johnny learns quickly not to ask any questions and agrees to the arrangement without objections. Mary comes outside and interrupts. She tells Tommy his brothers are inside, as well as the Wandering Jew. Tommy heads inside and speaks with Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy) first. Tommy is questioned about his injuries, but insists he only needs a pair of glasses. Alfie admits he knows a man, who can create glasses and also happens to be a magician, so his glasses allow the wearer to see into the future. Alfie immediately turns his attention to the Russians.

tom hardy peaky blinders season 3

Meanwhile, Michael (Finn Cole) seeks advice from the others, while admitting his girlfriend is pregnant, but wants to keep it a secret to her parents. Arthur (Paul Anderson) tells him about a woman within the area that performs abortions. They join Tommy and Alfie moments later. Arthur receives an apology from Alfie, but the pair clearly aren’t going to get along. Nonetheless, Tommy manages to calm the men and end their potential squabble, so they can finish their final job. He explains the plan, which he formulated in the hospital. He admits they need Solomons, so they can find out what is inside of the Russian’s treasury. With that, Tommy, Arthur and John (Joe Cole) head to the Russian’s mansion and meet up with Princess Tatiana (Gaite Jansen). This time, the house is tightly guarded by Russian soldiers. Once inside, John and Arthur are forced to strip and show their skin to prove they’re not enemies.

peaky blinders s3

Tatiana gets flirty with Arthur and uses the opportunity to make Tommy jealous. Meanwhile, Michael joins Polly (Helen McCrory), and Ada (Sophie Rundle) for business. Michael manages to excuse himself, so he can use the phone. He calls the nurse and sets up an appointment for the abortion. While he is gone, Ada attempts to convince Polly that they can take control together and straighten out the company. Ada signs the paperwork and becomes the Head of Property and Acquisitions for the company. Michael returns, signs off and immediately asks for whiskey. Polly shows her angst and admits she is concerned for Michael. Once Michael heads to his room to sleep, Polly tells Ada about her relationship with Ruben and admits she was planning to head their tonight. Ada agrees to keep the relationship a secret from the boys. Meanwhile, the Russians throw a massive party.

peaky blinders gang season 3

During the party, John manages to speak with the gang’s Russian spy, Stefan (Josef Altin). Stefan insists the place is a madhouse and the Prince is interested in a little sexual favor. He also tells John that the  strong room isn’t guarded at night and that they’ve planning to kill three brothers in the “uglya dvor” or coal yard. He confesses the Duke intended to use a sword, but the woman spoke about machine guns. John reassured Stefan and tells him about the pub, before returning to the party. Meanwhile, Tommy and Tatiana head down the cellar underneath the River Thames and join with Solomons, who has his hands tied together. Solomons is released and he begins belittling the Russians for hunting down and killing his mother. He also scours through the Russian’s belongings, while collecting enough for the gang’s pay. They eventually end the collections with a massive Faberge egg.

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Next, Polly returns to Ruben and checks out the finished painting, which she loves. Ruben admits it is the best work he has ever done, before the pair finally have intercourse. Back at the mansion, Arthur finds a lady, while Tatiana and Tommy prepare to get down to business of their own. In private, Tatiana introduces Tommy to erotic asphyxiation. Tommy tries it out and the experience allows him to see Grace once more. Meanwhile, Polly tells Ruben about the murder of the policeman. In the morning, the Peaky Blinders boys prepare to return home. They make a pit stop and ridicule Arthur for having a good time. Once they return back to headquarters, Tommy meets up with the Tipton Clay-Kickers and his old comrade, William Letso, who is hailed at the best tunneller Tommy has ever met. Tommy takes the men to a private location and tells them about his plan to tunnel into the treasury.

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Afterwards, Polly heads into Michael’s office and breaks into his desk. She discover the bullet, which has the name Hughes engraved on it. Tommy enters and Polly immediately demands to know answers. Despite Tommy trying to keep the secret, he is eventually forced to tell Polly about Michael’s mistreatment at the hands of Father Hughes, as well as Michael’s desire to kill the man. Polly tells Tommy that he better not let Michael pull the trigger or she’ll bring the whole company down around his ears.


Peaky Blinders Review

The 5th episode of Peaky Blinders 3rd season was an excellent setup for the finale, which should be explosive. It seems all gangster shows wind up transforming the female characters into annoyances and Polly is beginning to sway in that direction. She talks excessively and it’ll wind up backfiring on the gang, if they’re not careful. With the robbery all planned and ready to go, we can only sit back and watch it unfold in the upcoming finale.

Will everything go smoothly for the Peaky Blinders? A solid 9 out of 10 is deserved for the 5th episode. Catch up with previous recaps of Peaky Blinders right now.

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