The Missing Review: Pilot

The show opens with Tony Hughes (James Nesbitt, Jekyll) in France. Tony is attempting to retrace his family’s steps, during their trip to France, which resulted in […]

Jig Review

Jig is a documentary that invites into the world of Irish dancing. The children range from the young age of eleven to the adult age of twenty-one. […]

Thin Documentary Review

Thin is a documentary that is based on the everyday struggles of four young women; Polly, Alisa, Brittany, and Shelly, along with other patients that were institutionalized […]

The Code Review: Pilot

The Code is a smart, political thriller that debuted on September 21, 2014 on ABC1 in Australia. The six episode series follows two brothers, Jesse (Ashley Zukerman) […]

Olive Kitteridge Review

Olive Kitteridge is a four episode mini-series that aired on HBO from November the 2nd to November the 3rd of 2014. The television series is based on […]