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Well, the Orange Is The New Black TV Show is finally back. The first season was by far my favorite with the second being good, but not great. So, how does the Orange Is the New Black series 3 stand up? First and foremost, the first episode threw everything into a whirlwind. Why? Well, it didn’t mesh into the storyline at all. It felt out of place, awkward and disconnected. I get that it is a “Mother’s Day” episode, but it was definitely out of place.


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The next few episodes are filled with flashbacks, which are normally the best aspect of the show. Unfortunately, those here are tremendously unrealistic. The show has definitely upped its political satire and some of it is laughable, but most is just cringeworthy. Just when things couldn’t seem to get worse, Caputo learns about budget constraints and the closing of the prison. This isn’t anything new and seems like a rehash of a rehash.

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The prison gets bug begs and Nicky gets sent to maximum for heroin. Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) and Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) kiss, make out and repeat those steps about 20 or 30 times. At points, it feels like the writers lacked creativity. How many times can these girls make love in the library, before they’re caught or wind up too sore and raw to continue?

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And yet, the writers find another dead horse to beat, Vee. After being completely ignored in the pilot for season three of Orange is the New Black, Vee becomes a constant talking point for the next few episodes. You cannot go two minutes without a reference to Vee! And it is all for naught, because she never reappears.

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Does Caputo save the prison? Yes, obviously. Of course, his success doesn’t come without consequences. An already bloated cast is overloaded even more with new additions.


After watching season three of Orane is The New Black, I can say it is definitely by far the worst of the three. The flashbacks are unbelievable and lame. Some of the political satire misses the mark. Horses are beat to death and beat a little more. There are some excellent moments and laughs to be had, but you’ll have to wade through a whole bunch of rubbish to find them. Unfortunately, for my OITNB review, I can’t get it more than 6 out of 10.

I really hope they can pull it together for OITNB season 4, which is supposedly scheduled for a June release. Wentworth is undoubtedly much better.


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