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Not Safe For Work Review

Not Safe for Work is a 2015 television series from the United Kingdom. The series debuted on June 30, 2015. Each episode is right around 37 or 38 minutes. The series aired on Channel 4 and stars Zawe Ashton as Katherine. Katherine is a recently divorce woman, with lots of problems. She works for a major firm, during the show’s premiere, she is sent out of London to work for an immigration office in Northampton.

Not Safe For Work TV Show

Jeffries (Anastasia Hille) sends Katherine away, without a care in the world. Despite the move, Katherine encounters many familiar faces, including her former colleague, Danny (Sacha Dhawan). Miraculously, the stoner, drunk, brash loser has managed to snuggle his way into a manager position. She also encounters her former sex partner, Anthony (Tom Weston-Jones, Copper). As it turns out, Anthony is partly to blame for Katherine’s divorce.

Zawe Ashton Not Safe for Work

We’re also introduced to the overzealous and highly energetic Jenny (Sophie Rundle, Peaky Blinders). Jenny is the happy-go-lucky colleague, who brings in food, gifts and always maintains a smile. Aside from that, everyone practically hates her, except for Nathanial (Samuel Barnett). Nathanial is the borderline virgin, who is a little naive to the world.

Not Safe for Work Anastasia Hille

Soon, Jeffries is sent to Northampton to join the group. Angela (Jo Hartley) is the group’s final member. She gets along with Danny and the pair frequently hit the club, while they’re supposed to be working. Each episode is a complete disaster for all of the characters. Jeffries is hated by her children, Danny and Angela cannot pull themselves away from drugs, and Jenny receives her pink slip.

Not Safe for Work Sophie Rundle

Katherine attempts to rekindle her relationship with Anthony, but fails. Then, he attempts to do the same. The chaos continues throughout the 6 episodes, as the characters and their troubles are explored. Each character is unique and realistic, yet outlandish and over-the-top. Each episode has a storyline, which is silly, but the series manages to take itself seriously every so often. When it does, the viewer will be able to connect with the characters and grow sympathetic towards each.

Tom Weston-Jones Not Safe for Work

Despite the craziness of the series, the acting is surprisingly great. Zawe Asthon and Tom Weston-Jones share a tremendous amount of chemistry. Sophie Rundle and Sacha Dhawan become the most sympathetic characters of the series and actually turn the laughter into tears near the end of the season.


Not Safe for Work might not be for everyone and it definitely takes a little time to develop, but it is a fun ride for as long as it lasts. The laughter is great and the writing is good enough to successfully develop the characters. The workplace environment and the personalities feel genuine and most individuals will know someone like Jenny or Nathanial or Danny.


It was also great to see Tom Weston-Jones once again! Where has he been? I could easily see Tom in Peaky Blinders! Maybe they can resurrect Detective Kevin Corcoran? All in all, I enjoyed the Not Safe For Work TV show. The first season definitely deserves an 8 out of 10. It is hilarious, fresh and charming. We can only hope a second season is picked up. What did you think? Be sure to let me know!

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