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Newton’s Law Series 1 Episode 3 Recap

As the 3rd episode begins, we see a fitness studio commercial featuring Lana Devries (Ella Scott Lynch). It appears that one of those involved is attacked from behind. Then, Josephine (Claudia Karvan) and Lewis (Toby Schmitz) meet with Lana. They are now representing her. She has been accused of killing Dylan (Matthew Theodorou). Lana admits she wanted to do what she wanted to do and end her contract, but denies killing Dylan. Afterwards, Josephine and Lewis chat about the case. They both agree that gyms are dangerous. When they enter the elevator, they run into Craig (Willian Ewing). He is ready to join Josephine in her office. As soon as Craig enters the office, Josephine heads in the opposite direction with Lewis. They chat with Lana’s husband, Andrew Devries (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor).

lana newtons law episode 3Andrew insists that Lana would never harm anyone. Nevertheless, he admits that she was depressed a little while back. Meanwhile, Johnny (Sean Keenan) and Helena (Georgina Naidu) clean up the shop. They argue about the office’s printer cartridge. Johnny refilled it and didn’t buy a new one. Then, Skye (Miranda Tapsell) arrives with her father. She explains that her father has been accused of assault and needs a lawyer. Helena agrees to take him on as a client. Johnny is order to get the paperwork copied. He decided to use Eric’s (Andrew McFarlane) law firm. He runs into the receptionist and informs her that he is attached to Josephine. Lewis and Josephine visit the gym and speak with Dylan’s wife. She is flirty with the attendees, but seems innocent enough at the time. Helena speaks with Josephine and asks her for assistance. She wants Josephine to handle the case in the court room.

johnny newtons law episode 3Josephine doesn’t seem interested. However, Craig needs work. It looks like he may eventually take up the offer. Meanwhile, Lewis and Josephine begin trying to create reasonable doubt. They wonder if Madison (Maia Thomas) might not be as happy as she pretends. They speak with Lana, who admits she stopped Dylan in his tracks. She explains that Madison called her a bad name afterwards. Madison is questioned in the court room. Madison is asked whether she accused of Lana of having an affair with her husband. The recording is played again in court. In the record, we hear Madison say something about taking care of her husband. Lewis believes that this may speak volumes as to what happened. Josephine and Lewis chat about their previous time in court and their visit to the gym.

josephine and lewis newtons lawBack in the court room, we learn that GPS shows that Lana’s vehicle was moving around the Total Control Fitness studio at the time of Dylan’s death. The following day, Lewis and Josephine scour through the evidence against Lana. Meanwhile, Johnny and Skye decide to investigate her dad’s case. During the investigation, Skye notices a noisy stranger. Johnny scours around inside, while the victim learns about Skye and tries to scare her away. Eventually, Skye is allowed inside. Skye plays a puzzle on the woman’s iPad. The victim eventually enters the room and Skye is forced to flee. She makes her escape with Johnny. Craig begins helping Helena with her case. Meanwhile, Eric gets his shoes fixed. Next, Lana and her husband chat with Josephine and Lewis. Josephine explains that Lana wasn’t mental stable, because she was off of her meds.

skye newtons law episode 3Meanwhile, Josephine and Lewis work on the case. Zareb (Makwaya Masudi) enters moments later. Josephine visits Madison the following day. Madison admits that Lana was always swayed by the strongest voice. Later, Johnny negotiates with Zareb to get a new ink cartridge for the shop. Later, Josephine learns more about Lana’s heart rate. She wonders whether she could be in a trance. Craig presents the case for Skye’s father. Skye and Johnny return to the noisy neighbor. They tell her that she has been overcharged for internet. Skye’s father gets go to home, while the victim gets in trouble for other stuff. Meanwhile, Lana learns that her husband was responsible all along. She is also set free.


Newton’s Law Review

Sadly, I couldn’t get into this episode of Newton’s Law. I was also extremely drunk and couldn’t follow it. If the above recap is chaotic and incoherent, please forgive me. I felt that the episode was tedious and boring. I love Sean Keenan, Andrew McFarlane and Jeremy Lindsay Taylor. Nevertheless, this episode didn’t do it for me. It was dull and cheesy. I’d give it a low 6 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Newton’s Law right now!

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