Nebraska Review

Nebraska is a comedic drama that debuted on November 15, 2013.

When the show opens, we are introduced to the eccentric Woodrow T. Grant, Woody (Bruce Dern, Big Love), who thinks he just won a million dollar sweepstakes. Woody has been unemployed and a drunk almost his entire life according to his vociferous wife, Kate (June Squibb, Young & The Restless). 

Woody admits to his youngest son, David (Will Forte, Conan), that he never loved Kate but they like to “screw” and that is why they had children. David has experienced a breakup with his girlfriend, but has been given a second chance, which he hopes will turn out well.

Woody has decided to beat the odds and drive to Lincoln, Nebraska in his old beat up pickup truck, that hasn’t run in eight years. He tinkered around with his truck until he got it running and starts off on his adventure, but David immediately intervenes.

Woody is so persistent in going to Lincoln to retrieve his check that David decides to take him, himself. They take off on their road trip and stopped for a quick look at the Mount Rushmore national monument. There next stop is Hawthorne, where they stay with his brother, Ray (Rance Howard) and his sister-n-law, Martha, (Mary Louis Wilson, Sopranos), and meet with some old friends, enemies, and other family members. 

Everyone is coming out of the wood work, to claim that Woody owes them money, for some reason or another and they are demanding to be repaid. Others just feel that they deserve some type of monumental reward just for being friends or kin to him. Some people even went so far as to threaten David in order to get their hands on some of Woody’s money. 

Woody is beginning to show signs of dementia during the trip and he refuses to keep his big win a secret any longer. Kate decides to take the public transportation to Hawthorne where she meets up with Woody and David. During the their visit in Hawthorne, Woody got to take a trip down memory lane. They visited the old home place, an old garage that Woody once owned, an old restaurant, and an old bar. All of which have drastically changed since the last time he was there.

David tries to explain to everyone that his father has not won any money and that he just has dementia and is confused, but no one is having any of that nonsense. 

Woody accidentally looses his sweepstake check and Ed Pegram (Stacy Keach) finds it. They all begin to laugh at Woody because they know that the fake check was just a gimmick to get him to buy a magazine subscription. David socks Ed in the nose and goes outside to cheer his father up. 

Woody explains to David why he wanted to win the money so badly and he agrees with him that he knows he did not win a million dollars. Woody faints from exhaustion and ends up hospitalized. Kate shows Woody some sign of affection before she heads back to the bus terminal, where her and the oldest son, Ross (Bob Odenkirk, Breaking Bad) plan to return home.

David falls to sleep and Woody slips out of the hospital to continue his trip to Lincoln on foot. Well, this convinces David to take him the rest of the way. When they get there a receptionist runs his sweepstake numbers and she tells him that he did not win, but she gives him a free hat, for all his trouble.

They head back home and David surprises Woody with a five year old truck and a brand new air compressor. Woody drives down the street of his old neighborhood and everyone sees him. Do you think they thought Woody really won his million dollar fortune?


This black and white film is definitely a gem. It is a pleasure to watch a son attempt to make his elderly father a happy old man before he dies. 


If you are looking for a great family movie, you should definitely sit down and watch Nebraska. If you can get used to the black and white film you will enjoy every second of it. This movie deserves an 8 out of 10. 

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