Moone Boy Season 3 Review

Moone Boy is an Irish sitcom, which was co-written by Chris O’Dowd, who also plays Sean in the series. The series’s first season debuted in September of 2012 and the current 3 seasons are available on Hulu. The television show focuses on young Martin Moone (David Rawle), his imaginary friend, Sean Murphy (Chris O’Dowd), and the Moone family.


If you’re familiar with the series, you should already know all of the characters, including Martin’s chubby friend, Padraic O’Dwyer (Ian O’Reilly), his father, Liam (Peter McDonald), and mother, Debra (Deirdre O’Kane). Martin has three sisters, as well. The television sitcom is mostly comedic, but it does have some emotion aspects every so often. The series won an International Emmy for Best Comedy and the 2014 IFTA Award for best entertainment program.


The American television network, ABC, announced that they’ll be remaking the show in October of 2014. Although Chris O’Dowd will write and produce the series, he won’t star, as the imaginary friend. Hopefully it works out well, but American remakes tend to be horrible.


Anyway, the 3rd season of Moone Boy is very similar to the rest. It follows the shenanigans of Martin, his family and his friend. Martin and Padraic become thieves, make their own hilarious home videos and attempt to make contact with aliens. Martin’s mother and father continue their craziness, as well. Debra gives up her Weight Wishers business and takes up marriage counseling. Don’t worry, because she is equally bad at that as well.


Liam is forced to offend and defend Martin in all new hilarious ways. Grandad Joe (Tom Hickey) becomes an integral part of the series, as it is acknowledged that he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. His illness becomes a primary storyline of the season and helps to add a little emotion to the show. The finale, which stars Paul Rudd, as Joe’s imaginary friend, George Gershwin, is great and offers an uplifting view of Alzheimer’s disease.


So, how is the new season? Lets just put it this way, it is truly unfortunate that the series is only 6 episodes! It has also been reported that this season will be the last, because David Rawle is growing too old for the role. This is definitely a shame, because the series is wonderful, hilarious and full of family fun. Although the show has a few jokes that don’t hit the bulls-eye, it doesn’t matter.


The show makes up for it with pure adorability and fun. Each episode is something old, but something new and will keep you laughing throughout the entire journey! Everyone should definitely check out the entire series, which is available on Hulu! An 8 out of 10 for this series is well deserved!

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