Moone Boy Review

Moone Boy is a comedic television series that aired on SKY 1 in the United Kingdom and PBS in the United States.

When the series’ first episode opens, we are introduced to the Irish Moone family. The youngest Moone, twelve year old Martin (David Rawe), omnipresence is soon known, along with his whimsical imaginary friend, Sean Murphy (Chris O’Dowd, Family Tree). 

Young Martin is obviously bored, being the only male child and not many friends to play with. His sisters, Trisha (Aoife Duffin), Sinead (Sarah White), and Fidelma (Clare Monnelly) are not interested in playing kiddie games with Martin because they have own individual interests. This is possibly why Martin concoted Sean.

Martin leans on Sean to help him make important decisions, clean up his messes, and contrive some uproarious schemes to keep him entertained. Whenever Martin is in trouble, Sean is always there to aid and assist, even though his advice is not always first rate. 

The older Martin becomes the more he is convinced that he no longer needs his banjo playing, imaginary friend. After his first tingle of an adolescent sexual arousal, Martin wishes Sean away to where all supererogatory imaginary friends go.

Martin’s eccentric parents’, Liam (Peter McDonald) and Debra (Deirdre O’Kane) are so busy raising their four children that they find time to devote one on one time with their children. They are goofing their way through parenthood, quite well.

Will young Martin invite Sean back into his imagination or has he truly outgrown him? 


You will laugh your way through the entire first and second season of Moone Boy. This cleverly written show is a prime example of how a young man must feel when he is alone most of the time. With three sisters that pay very little attention to Martin and two parents that are obviously distracted, Martin is certainly lonely and in need of a source of guidance, so he cleverly creates his own.


If you want a little dose of reality and comedy you should definitely devote some family time to watching this television series. While the accents take a little getting used to, the dialogue is comfortably amusing and will leave you feeling like you are having a good old time with the Moones. The scene is perfect for the little town of Boyle with the vast landscapes and beautiful scenery, it fits in perfectly.

David Rawe does an excellent job playing young Martin and Chris O’Dowd comedy genius is on full display again. I love Peter McDonald’s portrayal of the slightly brain dead father, Liam. Oh Balls!!!!!! This series deserves an 8 out of 10. I cannot wait for Moone Boy Season 3!

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