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McMafia Series 1 Episode 4 Recap

As the 4th episode begins, Alex (James Norton) meets with Semiyon Kleiman (David Strathairn). Alex tells him about the meeting with Antonio. Semiyon warns Alex about getting involved. Alex suggests disrupting Vadim’s heroin shipment. Meanwhile, we see a group of men pass drugs from Pakistan to India. Ilya (Kirill Pirogov) chats with Vadim (Merab Ninidze) about the murder of Josef. Ilya insists it was a bad idea, but nothing he cannot handle. Then, the conversation turns to Karel Benes. Vadim wants to know everything about him. Alex spends time with Dimitri (Aleksey Serebryakov), Oksana (Mariya Shukshina) and the family. Oksana remains combative with her husband. Dilly (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) gets a call from Kleiman. He is told to get inside of Chopra’s compound and collect information about the drug shipment.

dilly mcmafia episode 4Dimitri tries to apologize to his wife. He agrees to never see his mistress again. Karin (Kemi-Bo Jacobs) remains suspicious and tries to access information about the global fund. Her username and password are not accepted. Dilly speaks with an informant, who agrees to get him inside of the compound. Karin confronts Alex. He promises that he is not cooking the books. He also agrees to speak with the IT department and get her access to the account. After Karin leaves, Alex takes steps to get in touch with the fired IT guy, Tobe Miller (Joshua James). Dilly gets the message. He heads to Chopra’s compound with his men. They get inside quickly and begin looking for information about the shipment. The accountant arrives and is taken hostage. With his help, Dilly is able to access files from the computer.

james norton mcmafiaDilly transports the accountant away from the scene and shoots him dead. He tells his inside man, Vijay, that the accountant’s death is his fault, since he said nobody would be in Chopra’s office. Alex meets with Tobe, who admits to snooping through the company’s files. However, he reveals that he cannot understand the business lingo, but he is aware that Alex is into something illegal. Alex recruits Tobe to help him hide the evidence from Karin. Dilly and his team scour through the files found on Chopra’s computer. They’re unable to find anything helpful about the shipment. During this time, Vadim tells a man about his plan to smuggle drugs into Europe and America. Rebecca (Juliet Rylance) becomes more suspicious. She finds that Alex has another cell phone. He tells her that the company got new phones for better security. Semiyon contacts Alex and admits they need to find the name of the ship Vadim intends to use.

sunil dilly mcmafiaWith Tobe’s help, Alex manages to hide information from Karin. He gives her access to some of the activities from the global fund, but not all of them. Alex speaks with Tobe about the world of hackers. Tobe promises that Alex is innocent compared to the people he knows. He also admits to knowing people from all around the globe, including India. We jump over to Bangalore. We’re introduced to a family man. When his family goes to sleep, the man jumps onto his computer and signs in using the name Jammy. Meanwhile, Karin tells Rebecca about her suspicions. Now, Karin seems convinced that nothing is wrong. Karin admits that she didn’t get a new phone. In fact, nobody did except for Alex. Vadim and Ilya discuss Karel. Vadim spots a picture of Karel’s daughter and seems to conjure up a plan of sorts. Jammy gets a visit from Dilly. He is given a signed cricket bat as a gift and recruited to Dilly’s team. He admits he wants Jammy’s help hacking into the port and getting information about Chopra’s shipment.

tobe mcmafia episode 4Rebecca speaks with Dimitri about Alex and Kleiman. Dimitri insists that Alex turned down Kleiman’s offer. Meanwhile, Jammy goes to work. He accesses Chopra’s phone log and emails. While he finds the name of the ship, he cannot get the manifest. Meanwhile, Karel’s daughter is picked for drug possession. Ilya listens in as Caroline (Brzobohata Frantiska) makes contact with her father. Karel uses another phone and this finally gives Vadim and Ilya the access they need to find out who Karel might be working with. Jammy meets with a worker at the port. He learns about a chocolate machine, which might be connect to the port’s computer network. In the morning, Rebecca remains home and searches through Alex’s belongings and emails. She learns about his recent trip to Israel. Dilly and his men meet with the company responsible for the chocolate machine. Before too long, they get into the port and obtain an SD card of sorts from the machine.

jammy mcmafia episode 4Jammy manages to use it to gain access to the port’s computer network. Kleiman contacts Alex and tells him that Chopra’s cargo is at the port waiting to be shipped. Alex is told that there will be consequences if Vadim’s heroin is stolen. Alex doesn’t seem to care. He tells Kleiman to let him know how it goes. Jammy manages to find a layout of the port containers and match them with Chopra’s companies. Despite a few hiccups along the way, Jammy and Dilly manage to steal Chopra’s drugs without getting caught. Alex receives the good news, while Vadim learns that things have gone wrong. At home, Alex is confronted by Rebecca. He admits to working with Kleiman. However, he says that he did nothing wrong and is planning to pull out soon. Ilya gives Vadim Karel’s phone long. It proves that he met with Kleiman and an assistant.

ilya mcmafia episode 4Jammy returns home to his wife. Meanwhile, Dilly is led to Chopra’s dead body.


McMafia Review

This was likely the best episode of McMafia to date. However, it wasn’t flawless. The hacking stuff was a little too simplistic and possibly unrealistic. Still, the episode was fantastic. It kept me on the edge of my seat. So far, everything seems to working out well for Alex and Kleiman. There is a good chance that everything will change pretty quickly in the future. When it does, it will be interesting to see how Vadim responds. Will Alex make it out alive?

Only time will tell. This episode scores a solid 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of McMafia right now!

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