mcmafia episode 2 recap

McMafia Series 1 Episode 2 Recap

As the second episode begins, we see a young woman arrive in Cairo. She is picked up by several local men. Then, she is transported to another building and thrown into the back of a van with several other women. After the intro, Alex Godman (James Norton) and his family drive to Boris’s home. Dimitri (Aleskey Serebryakov) believes they’re being followed. He makes a few quick moves to lose the tail. Once they arrive, Alex takes a key and ventures downstairs. He finds a safe, which contains pictures of Vadim (Merab Ninidze). Vadim speaks with Ilya about his decision to spare Dimitri. He also learns that someone has named a dog after him. Then, we jump over to Mumbai. Semiyon Kleiman (David Strathairn) speaks with a local man, Dilly. He tries to give the man money to get him to work with him against Benny Chopra (Atul Kale).

mcmafia episode 2 recapDilly refuses and insists the offer is too low. He leaves and eventually returns. This time, Kleiman agrees to negotiate. Meanwhile, Alex chats with Karin (Kemi-Bo Jacobs) about the new business with Kleiman. Alex explains that he will replace the capital that they’ve lost. He also insists that Kleiman will start a new, smaller fund. Once she leaves his office, Alex transfers money to the Cayman Islands. Dilly has more pep in his step. He quickly tracks down an official and bribes him. The kidnapped women are transported to a makeshift camp out in the desert. Alex and Rebecca (Juliet Rylance) visit Dimitri and Oksana (Mariya Shukshina). It is clear that the couple has been fighting. Alex is forced to console his mother. Katya (Faye Marsay) and her friend, Masha, chat about Alex on the rooftop. Seconds later, Alex interrupts and tells them that he bolted the window, so he father couldn’t get up there. Then, the family shares dinner together. Later, Dimitri tells Alex that Boris wasn’t a threat. He believes that someone was aiming for him.

alex and rebecca mcmafiaThen, Dimitri is asked about Kleiman. He admits that they referred to the man as a cobra. Meanwhile, Kleiman travels to the Prague. He quickly learns that the Russians still continue the city. The former cop gives him a tour of the city. Jan Reznik (Martin Hub) shows off his counterfeit operation. It is clear that the former cop isn’t happy with his boss. Reznik demands 5 million for Kleiman to even be taken serious. Alex transfers the money over right away. Vadim and Natasha visit a dog show. There, Vadim finds Valentin (Zeljko Vukmirica). He takes the dog that has been named after him. One of the kidnapped girls is rapped. She tries to make a run for it, but is chased down and shot in both legs. Then, the other women are rushed away from the scene. Alex and Rebecca attend an event for Sydney Bloom (Tim Ahern). Alex chats with Alan Reynott (Sam Hoare) briefly before getting a call from Kleiman. He finds a private place and calls him back.

alex mcmafia episode 2Kleiman urges Alex to visit Prague with him. He insists that Alex can pretend to be his lawyer and speak with Reznik. The call is ended when Rebecca interrupts. Dilly gets in touch with PJ, who works as a security guard at Chopra’s compound. He shows them a map of an office in South Mumbai. The kidnapped girls are smuggled into Israel. Alex meets with Kleiman in Prague. Karel greets them and reveals that Reznik is out. Karel listens to their business offer. Alex eventually walks him through the details. Vadim and Ilya discuss his assassination attempt. Ilya ponders whether Boris might have been working alone. He agrees to expand the search further anyway. Kleiman shares a drink with Reznik to celebrate. Alex sits with Karel. Karel ridicules his boss and admits he believes Kleiman is wasting his time and money. Then, Karel reveals he knows exactly who Alex is. He insists that Alex would have more luck working directly with Reznik.

mcmafia series 1 episode 2 karelKleiman and Alex prepare to leave. At the airport, Alex speaks with the former policeman once more. He tells him that he and Kleiman believe he is someone they could work with. Tanya (Yuval Scharf) visits the kidnapped girls. She examines them carefully and chooses a 22-year-old Russian woman. Alex makes it home. The following day, Dilly overlooks Chopra’s office. He insists he will show Chopra who is god. That night, Reznik is transported home. Dimitri places a call to someone and tells them to not forget about his love. Then, he makes his way to the rooftop. Reznik is attacked and thrown off of the rooftop just as Dimitri jumps. Reznik dies, but Dimitri does not. At the hospital, Alex speaks with Femi (Clifford Samuel). He admits he cannot get in touch with Alex’s sister. Alex gets a call from Kleiman and learns that Reznik is dead. Kleiman admits that they got exactly what they wanted.

tanya mcmafia episode 2Then, Kleiman is introduced to the kidnapped girl. He promises that things will get better and that he will not make her do anything she doesn’t want to do. He also promises to take care of the girl’s mother, who needs an operation. She is told to talk to the men and listen to what they have to say. Alex’s sister finally arrives at the hospital. Before the episode ends, Dimitri asks Alex what is wrong. He says nothing.


McMafia Review

McMafia is very complex. Despite watching twice, I am still not entirely sure what is going on. I am not sure how the kidnapped girls play into the picture. I am also not sure what is going on with Benny Chopra. I have a pretty good idea though. The characters are continually scheming in hopes of getting an advantage over their rivals. I’ve enjoyed both episodes. The series is a little slow, but intense and gripping.

Now, it seems that Alex has gotten a taste of the power of his family name. Will that go to his head? I can’t wait to find out. The second episode scores a solid 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of McMafia now!

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